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Latest Weblog Post:

11 Is A Palindromic Number, and,
A Recusal

Please celebrate with Neilalien his 11th Blogiversary! Exclesior!

That's 1,111 in internet/weblog/dog years. You won't find a better combination of starting earlier and blogging longer in comics-blogging.

But alas, as of today, Neilalien is officially recusing himself from the news, entertainments, and expectations of the near-daily visitor to his website.

Now is a good time- 11 is a palindromic number, of course...

[25 Feb 02011: More...]

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Overheard in a comic con bathroom:

"We have a new character... named Dr. Strange... Twas Steve's idea."
 - Stan Lee, letter to Comic Reader #16, 23 Feb '63, as quoted in Steve Ditko's 32-Page Package v.5 Tsk! Tsk!

"Is that the Eye of Yaphet Kotto?"
- A demon, Marvel Comics Presents #20

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Creators/Publishers: Neilalien would love to help, but he does not accept free comics or review submissions.


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Amazon acquires major digital comics platform ComiXology [PR @ CBR] [Comics Reporter collection of links/reactions] [CNet] [digital reading-content business-meme perfect fit] ["Like all industries whose products can now be digitized, comic books are facing the opportunities and challenges of a physical to digital evolution."] [trading one monopoly-closed ecosystem (Diamond) for another (ComiZon)?] [print comics were in such a direct-market ghetto that perhaps digital could have only helped in terms of publisher bottom lines pumping new blood/a second kind of consumer into comics, and they apparently have, print sales are up- but e-commerce is eating brick-mortar foot traffic for lunch- Amazon is already competing with comic shops and aggressively underpricing and demolishing brick-mortar book and electronics retailers- Amazon + ComiXology must look like a shark with a frickin' laser attached, to the Diamond-model comic shop not competing via "the shopping experience"] [ComicsPRO responds; paper is "the real thing" (tell that to iTunes); interesting 'comics shops dead or alive' comments] [retailer Dennis Barger: we just gave Amazon our customers' contact info and pull lists; the quirky-obscure will lose] ["predator" Amazon now clouds ComiXology's "clean win for comics, fans, publishing and even brick and mortar retailers"] [ What now for independent comic creators?; censorship, revenue-share concerns] [Comixverse Round-up; fate of already-bought digital comics? fate of creator-owned Submit?] [Diamond's own digital attempt closed earlier this year] [13 April 02014]

June's one-shot New Avengers Annual #1 by writer Frank Barbiere and artist Marco Rudy tells an oversized Dr. Strange solo story [12 April 02014]

MoCCA Fest in NYC this weekend! [1 April 02014]

Stan Lee Bemused By Kirby Controversies, Not As Rich As You Think He Is [new Stan Lee Playboy interview] [22 March 02014]

Retailer Brian Hibbs on the current state of back issues at comic shops [interesting: severing 'traditional' numbering for constant #1's nukes back-issue mystique] [21 March 02014]

New Avengers #14: "The Agamotto Gambit": Doctor Strange shown in The Sinner's Market selling his soul for the absolute power needed to save the universe from a pending Mapmaker incursion [some very cool ideas and art here; but with watching the other universes fall, also plenty of Prime Minister Electro (the concept that all the storytelling potential these tired characters have left to a hardcore audience is to rearrange the Titanic deck-chairs with every What-If Earth-X Age-of-Apocalypse combination possible and then kill them)] [Neilalien is very wary of more non-heroic selling-soul-to-devil Illuminati douchebag Doc here, but we shall see (but not in this week's #15; Doc subplot not present)] [Doc's soul? Waid's Strange #3 said it was like "it's not even there"] [20 March 02014]

'Marvel Comics of the 1980s' weblog: Items with label Doctor Strange [23 February 02014]

Dave Sim letter in Ditkomania #91: visited Ditko in 02013, looking well [22 February 02014]

'Doctor Strange' Heating Up as Marvel Vets Directors [21 February 02014]

Noted Dr. Strange scholar/collector and Everything Picturist Howard Hallis gives Dr. Strange casting tips to Disney/Marvel [19 January 02014]

Stan Lee at Princeton, March 01966, Announcing Steve Ditko's Departure [earliest known/suviving audio recording of Stan Lee speaking in public] ["At 2:35 Lee announces that Steve Ditko has left Marvel. The audience boos and hisses."] [thanks Sean Howe!] [3 January 02014]

02014 has the same day-date configuration as 01975, so here's a high-quality scan of Marvel's 01975 calendar [February is Dr. Strange/Defenders themed] [via The Beat] [2 January 02014]

Big congratulations to Progressive Ruin for ten years of comics blogging! [31 December 02013]

Happy Birthday today to Stan Lee! [28 December 02013]

For Doctor Strange, 02013 ends with lots of dud appearances:

Infinity: Doc punked and controlled by Ebony Maw (New Avengers #9); led Maw to Thanos's son Thane (New Avengers #10); some other dude removed a mind web "leftover from a possession" from Doc's head (New Avengers #11), i.e., Doc didn't even help himself. Talked big, summoned tentacles and survived Black Bolt in Infinity #6. Scared Wong with "Blood Bible" talk, said he's tired of watching others make choices of consequence while he does nothing (we can hope), in New Avengers #12.

Mighty Avengers: Also while under the influence of Ebony Maw, Doc summoned Shuma-Gorath to Earth (#2); Mighty Avengers defeated 'He Who Used To Sleep Before A Thousand Appearances' without Doc via mystical (White Tiger) and physical (Spectrum, Monica Rambeau, the light-based Ms. Marvel) means before full manifestation (#3). Kaluu makes an ongoing appearance in the series- wow! Also, The Wings of Needless Sorrow appear (someone's been reading the late 80's Strange Tales).

Longshot Saves The Marvel Universe: Doc punked again, got taken over by the white/order half of the In-Betweener along with Deadpool, Scarlet Witch, and Ghost Rider (#2); at least the In-Betweener is an extremely powerful entity, and said Doc is difficult to contain; nothing else.

Thunderbolts Annual #1/02013: Doc punked once again, and replaced by The True Fairy King Of The Old Ones; sad enough, but thankfully it's not actually Doc running around in his undies.

Daredevil #34: Follow-up appearance to "not being the biggest Darkhold expert" in #32; Doc seems to know more this time, but now he's pathetically walking with a cane and overly sensitive to NYC's materialism?

All New X-Men #18: Magik says she's under Doc's tutelage, but this must be related to when Magik goes back in time to before Doc was an Avenger or even knew Magik, in Uncanny X-Men #7.

A+X #15: Doctor Strange + The Beast; fun but kiddie.

Wiccan is shown to be the Sorcerer Supreme of the future, with the Eye of Agamotto, in Battle of the Atom #2 and Wolverine and the X-Men #37.

[27 December 02013]

Highly-regarded altcomix publisher PictureBox to close shop [Dan Nadel statement] [Comics Reporter obit] [50% off sale] [Sean T. Collins: "The alt/art comics infrastructure depends on the heroic efforts of individuals"] [8 December 02013]

Alex de Campi's Grindhouse: Doors Open At Midnight at Dark Horse on the radar [ThinkProgress interview: "And, you know, my grindhouse books aren't ironic or a deconstruction of the genre or hipster grindhouse or whatever. Nope, they're straight-up tits and gore, the way nature (and Russ Meyer) intended... Spaceships make *everything* better..."] [CBR interview: "the reason the Comics Code was invented"] [Panel Patter interview: "We've seen so much ultra-violence and sexual violence and horror/darkness/paranoia in mainstream cape books, done so badly (as a vehicle to add 'excitement' and 'legitimacy' or 'grittiness' to a white male character's arc) that we forget how it was really used in these films. I'm making it a guilty pleasure again."] [preview chunk of #1; preview chunk of #3] [#1-2 Bee Vixens from Mars, already out; #3-4 Prison Ship Antares, women in space prison, out now; #5-6 Bride of Blood; #7-8 Flesh Feast of the Devil Doll] [7 December 02013]

Marvel to bring four live-action series to Netflix [13-episode series starting in 02015: Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Daredevil, along with a culminating miniseries event based on the Defenders] [Variety] [Hollywood Reporter] [CBR] [ground/street-level "gritty world of heroes and villains of Hell's Kitchen"] [a route for characters that were never going to lead their own big-budget movie] [best decision they've ever made] [a bet on diversity] [people are already saying the large interconnected world of Marvel live-action movies and TV is alienating newcomers] [PopWatch: Hell's Kitchen not that gritty anymore; DC's Batman vs. Superman movie better be really, really good] [10 November 02013]

Who the Hell Was the Conscious and Clever Brains Behind the Marvel Phenomenon? [01960s Marvel correspondence reveals peeks of who did what] [9 November 02013]

Dr. Strange is in Daredevil #32 saying Jack Russell (Werewolf by Night) is the expert on the Darkhold grimoire [page] [so is Dr. Strange ever going to be an expert on anything ever again? sigh] [at least there's some props that Doc can sneak up on DD, and the Sanctum doesn't map to his radar] [Sons of the Serpent arc; Legion of Monsters and Satanna appear] [highly-praised current Daredevil run by Mark Waid with Marcos Martin, Paolo Rivera and Chris Samnee ending with #36 just for a new #1?] [7 November 02013]

Jeet Heer interviewed by Comics Reporter [The Superhero Reader: edited by Heer, Charles Hatfield and Kent Worcester; "academia's first historical anthology of scholarly work on superheroes... long-needed collection is ideal for classroom use in courses focusing on superheroes, comics, or cultural studies... a trove of ideas and information for anyone interested in the superhero genre"] [4 November 02013]

Happy Birthday to Steve Ditko! [Wikipedia] [2 November 02013]

DC Comics announces move from NYC to Burbank CA [as long rumored, an 80-year comics legacy in the publishing world's hub ends, to be further absorbed by Warner Bros., Hollywood, films, digital] [Bleeding Cool] [ComicsAlliance] [Newsarama; reactions] [Comics Reporter] [freelancers don't have to live near the offices anymore in our modern tech world] [expensive NYC lease/rent] [Disney has said Marvel stays in NYC; possible big changing of the DC guard if many veterans decide not to move] [good luck to staff who won't be moving with DC] [2 November 02013]

Those Comics in Your Basement? Probably Worthless [Businessweek article] [people are realizing investing in comics that aren't actually rare, desired, nor in perfect condition don't make good retirement plans] [related: "[Variant covers] exist for no reason other than publisher greed." [Eric Reynolds letter to CR]] [1 November 02013]

Captain America: New Deal Democrat, anti-fascist, internationalist [It Would Be Remarkable If Steve Rogers And Tony Stark Did Get Along; comment: "Marvel really missed an opportunity to tell this story in the Civil War arc"] [30 October 02013]

New Bill Watterson interview excerpt [full piece in the December print issue of Mental Floss] [update/found: Watterson interview from The Comics Journal #127, February 01989] [27 October 02013]

Congrats to Dr. Strange uber-fan SanctumSanctorumComix on his five-year blogiversary! [26 October 02013]

Marvel Pinball Doctor Strange will be downloadable in December [trailer on YouTube] [12 October 02013]

NY Comic-Con enrages attendees by hijacking Twitter and Facebook accounts to spam ads [VentureBeat]] [Mashable] [Boing Boing] [Polygon] [New York Comic-Con tweets for people without their "real" knowledge or consent: apparently, users who connected their social media accounts to the NYCC registration process clicked through a Terms of Service that allowed NYCC to send out shilling posts and spam from their accounts] [who are the shit-for-brains working for NYCC who thought this was an acceptable thing to do?] [11 October 02013]

Long love-note to David Quinn's run on Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme [by Ben Herman] [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [7 October 02013]

New York Comic-Con this weekend 10-13 October! [weekend is completely sold out] [panels, screenings, events, sessions schedule] [party list] [Dynamite/The Beat/CBLDF party Thursday] [update: The Beat's Party Poop] [6 October 02013]

Dr. Strange TV movie: bad but not that bad [blame the 70's] [factoid: the universe in which the Dr. Strange TV movie takes place is Earth-96173] [29 September 02013]

The Doctor Strange Haunted Pathways board game from Crazy #88 (July 01982), with high-quality scans for printing and playing! [28 September 02013]

Mightygodking's Doctor Strange convention sketchbook [27 September 02013]

Stan Lee's open letter about Steve Ditko's role in the creation of Spider-Man, 01999 [Steve Ditko's response in The Comics, May 02001: "'Considered' means to ponder, look at closely, examine, etc. and does not admit, or claim, or state that Steve Ditko is Spider-Man's co-creator."] [25 August 02013]

Legendary comics creators dismiss sexism critiques [and dismiss any industry ambition to be leadingly less sexist than overall society] [Alyssa Rosenberg ThinkProgress report from the Television Critics Association press tour] [update: Some of the Greatest, Most Popular Comic Books Are Feminist] [8 August 02013]

Dormammu ends up doing nothing in his attack on Limbo except wussily get seemingly killed by Magik (and off-panel too) in Uncanny X-Men #7 [done with all the entertainment value of the Red Skull getting killed off-panel by Speedball with Captain America nowhere to be found] [7 August 02013]

50 Years of Doctor Strange celebrated by Doc-uberfan SanctumSanctorumComix! [7 July 02013]

Fantagraphics co-owner and comics champion Kim Thompson has died, too young at 56 [update: massive Comics Reporter obituary/biography of Kim Thompson] [22 June 02013]

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD on TV this fall [no, Neilalien is not putting in the periods] [on ABC of course] [Joss Whedon is executive producer: "It's about the other guys, the ones who are dealing with the fallout of the superhero world... It's not saving the world every week, it's more like we're saving that guy. We're trying to deal with the fact that they live in a superhero world and most of them aren't super. It's got some of the spectacle, but mostly it's a fun, funny human drama about this crew of people who are in this absurd situation." [TotalFilm quoted at CBR]] [Clark Gregg back as Agent Coulson; apparently died in Avengers; must have been one of Nick Fury's life model decoys] [YouTube official trailer] [ABC official website] [Wikipedia page] [21 June 02013]

Demystifying Doctor Strange [The Fifth Color column at CBR by Carla Hoffman] [love note to The Oath, and millionth call-to-arms that Doc doesn't need to be "fixed", just good magic-and-mystery stories] [20 June 02013]

- -


Sean Wang

World of Hurt
Jay Potts

- -

His own hero's journey was already over: The Lee/Ditko Doctor Strange was very different from other Marvel heroes at the time, and Marvel's heroes of today, and the Doctor Strange of today [20 Feb 02011]

The Avenging Page (In Excelsis Ditko): massive missive re: Ditko's self-published work of recent years, by Jog, at Comics Comics [15 Feb 02011]

- -