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June 02017

Out today: Doctor Strange #22

Seen in the local comic shop: Dr. Strange Retro Playing Cards [Amazon] [Previews] [NMR Distribution] [there are also playing cards based on the Dr. Strange movie]

[21 June 02017]

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Marvel has its next plan to refresh and re-fun, rearrange Titanic deck chairs, have simultaneous stables of old and new; includes Agamotto, Marvel Value Stamps, possible Dr. Strange issue renumbering

Upcoming Secret Empire #10 establishes "The Vanishing Point", a "mysterious, continuity-free environment"

Upcoming Generations 10-issue series to team-up superhero traditional versions with their newer younger diversity counterparts

Marvel's Generations Series Starts at the Vanishing Point [Confirmed: Secret Empire #10's 'Vanishing Point' The Key to Generations]

Vanishing Point speculated to be a Cosmic-Cude-created reality where the old Steve Rogers is trapped in Secret Empire [Bleeding Cool] [Movie Plot]

Several of the characters shown to be in Generations [Banner; Logan] are currently dead in Marvel continuity but come back in an "ingenious" way without time travel, alternate reality, or other fakeout

Generations covers and creative teams; "Marvel heroes are offered a gift: to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those who came before them where time has no meaning"

Thankfully there's no Doctor Strange/Wiccan thing involved with this...

September's Marvel Legacy #1 50-page one-shot by writer Jason Aaron and artist Esad Ribic features "1,000,000 BC Avengers" including Odin and Agamotto, "startling new origin tale reveals how it's all connected" [Marvel Legacy #1 to Introduce Avengers From 1,000,000 BC] [also versions of Iron Fist, Star Brand, Ghost Rider, Phoenix, and Black Panther] [doesn't hinge on a major character death]

Legacy to involve the "Earth-shattering return of a beloved Marvel mainstay"; much speculation it's the Fantastic Four, but Perlmutter's ban on FF comics to spite Fox Studios is still in place

After Legacy, Marvel Comics returning to original issue numbering on longstanding ongoing series [Will Doctor Strange's series get legacy numbering? What number would it be?]

"As part of the Legacy initiative, the publisher is also bringing back such classics as the Marvel Value Stamp, the 1970s fan magazine FOOM, and cover corner-box art."

[18 June 02017]

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Future Doctor Strange apprentice and Sorcerer Supreme, the red serpentine Lem-ian Krugarr, was in a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie mid-credits scene with the Ravagers, conjuring two thumbs up in the MCU-magickal-sparkler way [image] [8 June 02017]

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