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July 02018

Steve Ditko, Spider-Man [And Doctor Strange] Co-Creator And Legendary Comics Artist, Dies At 90 [Hollywood Reporter]

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Steve Ditko, Influential Comic-Book Artist Who Helped Create Spider-Man, Dies At 90 [NYTimes obit]

Steve Ditko 01927-02018 [TCJ obit]

In Memoriam: Steve Ditko [Scoop obit]

Collective Memory: Steve Ditko [Comics Reporter]

Ditko's Doctor Strange Was Psychedelic Before Psychedelic Was A Thing [Brian Cronin CBR]

[6 July 02018]

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Marvel's Kevin Feige: "we will do" another Doctor Strange movie

Kevin Feige Explains Marvel's Approach To Mixing New Solo Movies And Sequels In Phase 4

One More Avenger Who Died In 'Infinity War' Is Getting A New Standalone Movie

[1 July 02018]

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