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September 02018

Marie Severin, Versatile Comic Book Artist, Dies At 89 [NYTimes obit]

Marie Severin: 01929-02018 [TCJ obit] ["When artist Bill Everett abruptly left the Doctor Strange series in 1967, Severin stepped in to both pencil and ink the series with Strange Tales #153. Within a few months, Severin was drawing the Doctor Strange half of every issue of Strange Tales and the Hulk half of every issue of Tales to Astonish... Severin was responsible for the look of the three-headed Living Tribunal in Strange Tales #157"]

Remembering The Woman Who Changed Marvel Comics [The Atlantic]

Longtime Marvel Artist And Spider-Woman Co-Creator Marie Severin Dies At 89, Leaving Behind A Groundbreaking Legacy [Syfy]

Marie Severin [Wikipedia]

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[4 September 02018]

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