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This list is researched, formatted and maintained by Neilalien. Please do not take it and call it your own work.

This list was inspired by, and was initially built upon the work of, The Marvel Chronology Project and The Unofficial Handbook of Marvel Comics Creators.

This list attempts to chronicle (1) all solo Dr. Strange stories, (2) all one-on-one Dr. Strange team-ups and crossovers, and (3) any other appearance, team appearances like the Defenders or New Avengers, cameo appearances, mini-series and big-event appearances, etc., that I deem by my whim as historically or otherwise significant. Defenders Volume 1 stories are currently included only up to Defenders #14 (the last issue reprinted in the Essential Defenders Volume 1 TPB). Many Defenders, New Avengers, Infinity Whatevers, etc., are not included.

Book Title Legend: MS: Mini-Series. OS: One-Shot. V2: Volume 2. V3: Volume 3.

Date refers to cover/publication date, not release date.

Notes Legend: 1: First appearance. O: Origin. D: Death. V: Versus or Villain; the villain/antagonist of the story. R: Reprint. A: Appearance. C: Cover. c: Cameo Appearance.

Creator Legend (alpha order by first initial): AMal: Alex Maleev. BEve: Bill Everett. BKVau: Brian K. Vaughan. BMBen: Brian Michael Bendis. BSmi: Barry Windsor-Smith. CBac: Chris Bachalo. CCla: Chris Claremont. CDix: Chuck Dixon. CWar: Chris Warner. DJol: Dan Jolley. DPer: Don Perlin. DQui: David Quinn. ELar: Erik Larsen. ERio: Emma Rios. FBru: Frank Brunner. GCol: Gene Colan. GFox: Gardner Fox. GIsh: Geof Isherwood. GPak: Greg Pak. HTri: Herb Trimpe. JAar: Jason Aaron. JByr: John Byrne. JGui: Jackson "Butch" Guice. JHic: Jonathan Hickman. JKir: Jack Kirby. JMDeM: J.M. Dematteis. JRomJr: John Romita, Jr. KBus: Kurt Busiek. KGif: Keith Giffen. KGil: Kieron Gillen. KJan: Klaus Janson. KMag: Kevin Maguire. LWei: Len Wein. MAll: Mike Allred. MFra: Matt Fraction. MGol: Michael Golden. MMar: Marcos Martin. MRog: Marshall Rogers. MSev: Marie Severin. MWai: Mark Waid. MWol: Marv Wolfman. NDra: Nick Dragotta. PCha: Paul Chadwick. PCRus: P. Craig Russell. PGil: Peter Gillis. PMil: Peter Milligan. PSmi: Paul Smith. RCas: Rich Case. RMcK: Roger McKenzie. RSte: Roger Stern. RTho: Roy Thomas. RDTho: Roy & Dann Thomas. SBus: Sal Buscema. SDit: Steve Ditko. SEng: Steve Englehart. SImm: Stuart Immonen. SLee: Stan Lee. SMcN: Steve McNiven. THar: Tony Harris. TMcK: Ted McKeever. TSut: Tom Sutton. WEll: Warren Ellis.

I would like to acknowledge all the inkers, letterers, colorists, and editors who have made great contributions to the Doctor Strange character. My apologies for not listing you here (yet!?).

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1 Strange Tales 110 7/63 Dr. Strange, Master of Black Magic SLee, SDit 1: Doc, 1: Ancient One, 1: Wong, 1/V: Nightmare, 1: Amulet of Agamotto
2 Strange Tales 111 8/63 Face To Face With The Magic of Baron Mordo SLee, SDit 1/V: Baron Mordo
3 Strange Tales 114 11/63 The Return of the Omnipotent Baron Mordo SLee, SDit V: Mordo, 1: Victoria Bentley, 1: Blue Cloak (not mentioned)
4 Strange Tales 115 12/63 The Origin of Dr. Strange SLee, SDit O: Doc
5 Strange Tales 116 1/64 Return To The Nightmare World SLee, SDit V: Nightmare, 1/D: Spinybeast
6 Strange Tales 117 2/64 The Many Traps of Baron Mordo SLee, SDit V: Mordo
7 Strange Tales 118 3/64 The Possessed SLee, SDit 1/V: The Possessors (return DSSS 27), 1: Orb of Agamotto (mini Earth "scanner")
8 Strange Tales 119 4/64 Beyond The Purple Veil SLee, SDit 1/V: Aggamon of the Purple Dimension, 1: Purple Gem
9 Strange Tales 120 5/64 The House of Shadows SLee, SDit 1/V: The House of Shadows (returns in Rom 5, DSSS Ann 2)
10 Strange Tales 121 6/64 Witchcraft In The Wax Museum SLee, SDit V: Mordo
11 Fantastic Four 27 6/64 The Search For Sub-Mariner SLee, JKir 1: Doc crossover
12 Strange Tales 122 7/64 The World Beyond SLee, SDit V: Nightmare
13 Strange Tales 123 8/64 The Challenge of Loki SLee, SDit V: Loki, A: Thor
14 Strange Tales 124 9/64 The Lady From Nowhere SLee, SDit 1/V: Zota; 1: Crimson Bands of Cyttorak (mentioned, not shown)
15 Journey Into Mystery 108 9/64 At The Mercy of Loki, Prince of Evil SLee, JKir V: Loki, Doc helps Thor foil Loki
16 Strange Tales 125 10/64 Mordo Must Not Catch Me SLee, SDit V: Mordo; 1: use of phrase Sanctum Sanctorum
17 Strange Tales 126 11/64 The Domain of the Dread Dormammu SLee, SDit 1/V: Dormammu, 1: Clea, 1: G'Uranthic Guardian
18 Strange Tales 127 12/64 Duel With The Dread Dormammu SLee, SDit V: Dormammu, 1: Mindless Ones, 1: Cloak of Levitation, 1: Eye of Agamotto
19 Strange Tales 128 1/65 The Demon's Disciple SLee, SDit 1/V: The Demon (Demonicus)
20 Strange Tales 129 2/65 Beware Tiboro, The Tyrant From The Sixth Dimension DRic, SDit 1/V: Tiboro of the Sixth Dimension
21 Strange Tales 130 3/65 The Defeat of Dr. Strange SLee, SDit V: Dormammu and Mordo
22 Strange Tales 131 4/65 The Hunter and The Hunted SLee, SDit V: Dormammu and Mordo
23 Strange Tales 132 5/65 Face-To-Face At Last With Baron Mordo SLee, SDit V: Dormammu and Mordo, A/V: The Demon, 1: Orb called Orb but Eye too
24 Strange Tales 133 6/65 A Nameless Land, A Nameless Time SLee, SDit 1/V: Shazana (returns Defenders 41)
25 Strange Tales 134 7/65 Earth Be My Battleground SLee, SDit V: Dormammu and Mordo
26 Strange Tales 135 8/65 Eternity Beckons SLee, SDit V: Dormammu and Mordo, 1/V: Sir Baskerville
27 Strange Tales 136 9/65 What Lurks Beneath The Mask? SLee, SDit V: ? creature from "Netherworld of Doom" with mask columns
28 Strange Tales 137 10/65 When Meet The Mystic Minds SLee, SDit
29 Strange Tales 138 11/65 If Eternity Should Fail SLee, SDit 1: Eternity
30 Strange Tales 139 12/65 Beware, Dormammu is Watching SLee, SDit V: Dormammu and Mordo
31 Strange Tales 140 1/66 The Pincers of Power SLee, SDit V: Dormammu and Mordo
32 Strange Tales 141 2/66 Let There Be Victory SLee, SDit V: Dormammu and Mordo, Doc gets Orb back from Mordo, A: The Demon
33 Strange Tales 142 3/66 Those Who Would Destroy Me SLee, SDit 1/V: Three Disciples of Mordo (The Demon is one)
34 Strange Tales 143 4/66 With None Beside Me RTho, SDit V: Three Disciples of Mordo (return DS 56)
35 Strange Tales 144 5/66 Where Man Hath Never Trod RTho, SDit 1/V: Tazza, A: Dormammu
36 Amazing Spider-Man Annual 2 1965 The Wondrous World of Dr. Strange SLee, SDit V: Xandu; 1: Wand of Watoomb; classic Ditko art
37 Strange Tales 145 6/66 To Catch A Magician DONe, SDit 1/V: Mr. Rasputin
38 Strange Tales 146 7/66 The End At Last DONe, SDit Dormammu vs. Eternity, A: Ancient One, Mordo, Clea
39 Strange Tales 147 8/66 From The Nameless Nowhere Comes Kaluu DONe, BEve recaps fates of Mordo, Clea, Dormammu, Eternity; C: Kaluu
40 Strange Tales 148 9/66 The Origin of The Ancient One DONe, BEve O: Ancient One, 1: Kaluu
41 Strange Tales 149 10/66 If Kaluu Should Triumph DONe, BEve V: Kaluu
42 Strange Tales 150 11/66 The Conquest of Kaluu SLee, BEve V: Kaluu, 1: Umar
43 Strange Tales 151 12/66 Umar Strikes SLee, BEve recaps fates of Doc, Mordo, Clea, Dormammu, Eternity; Doc conjures money
44 Strange Tales 152 1/67 Into The Dimension of Death SLee, BEve V: Umar
45 Strange Tales 153 2/67 Alone Against The Mindless Ones SLee, MSev V: Umar
46 Strange Tales 154 3/67 Clea Must Die SLee, MSev V: Umar
47 Strange Tales 155 4/67 The Fearful Finish SLee, MSev V: Umar
48 Strange Tales 156 5/67 Umar Walks The Earth SLee, MSev V: Umar, 1: Zom
49 Strange Tales 157 6/67 The End of The Ancient One SLee, MSev V: Zom, 1: Living Tribunal
50 Strange Tales 158 7/67 The Sands of Death RTho, MSev V: Living Tribunal
51 Strange Tales 159 8/67 The Evil That Man Do RTho, MSev Mordo freed
52 Strange Tales 160 9/67 If This Planet You Would Save RMay, MSev V: Mordo
53 Strange Tales 161 10/67 And A Scourge Shall Come Upon You SLee, DAdk V: Mordo, A: Victoria Bentley, 1: Nebulos
54 Strange Tales 162 11/67 From The Never-World Comes Nebulos JLaw, DAdk V: Mordo, Nebulos
55 Strange Tales 163 12/67 Three Faces of Doom JLaw, DAdk Living Tribunal vs. Nebulos
56 Strange Tales 164 1/68 Nightmare JLaw, DAdk 1: Yandroth
57 Strange Tales 165 2/68 The Mystic and The Machine JLaw, DAdk V: Yandroth, A: Victoria Bentley, 1: Voltorr
58 Strange Tales 166 3/68 Nothing Can Halt Voltorg JLaw, DAdk V: Voltorg (renamed from Voltorr), V: Yandroth
59 Strange Tales 167 4/68 This Dream, This Doom DONe, DAdk V: Yandroth, A: Victoria Bentley
60 Strange Tales 168 5/68 Exile DONe, DAdk V: Yandroth, A: Victoria Bentley
61 Doctor Strange 169 6/68 The Coming of Dr. Strange RTho, DAdk O: Doc retold
62 Doctor Strange 170 7/68 To Dream, Perchance To Die RTho, DAdk
63 Doctor Strange 171 8/68 In The Shadow of Death RTho, TPal
64 Doctor Strange 172 9/68 I, Dormammu RTho, GCol
65 Doctor Strange 173 10/68 While A World Awaits RTho, GCol
66 Doctor Strange 174 11/68 The Power and The Pendulum RTho, GCol V: Nekron; Doc and Clea's first kiss
67 Doctor Strange 175 12/68 Unto Us The Sons of Satannish RTho, GCol
68 Doctor Strange 176 1/69 O Grave, Where Is Thy Victory? RTho, GCol
69 Doctor Strange 177 2/69 The Cult and The Curse RTho, GCol Doc starts wearing mask
70 Avengers 61 2/69 Some Say The World Will End in Fire, Some Say In Ice RTho, JBus
71 Doctor Strange 178 3/69 With One Beside Him RTho, GCol
72 Doctor Strange 179 4/69 The Wondrous World of Dr. Strange SLee, SDit R: Spidey Annual #2
73 Doctor Strange 180 5/69 Eternity, Eternity RTho, GCol A: Tom Wolfe
74 Doctor Strange 181 7/69 If A World Should Die Before I Wake RTho, GCol
75 Doctor Strange 182 9/69 And Juggernaut Makes Three RTho, GCol
76 Doctor Strange 183 11/69 They Walk By Night RTho, GCol
77 Sub-Mariner 22 2/70 The Monarch And The Mystic RTho, MSev V: Undying Ones, Doc trapped
78 Incredible Hulk 126 4/70 Where Stalks The Nightcrawler RTho, HTri Doc freed, quits the mystic arts biz, no more mask either
79 Marvel Feature 1 12/71 The Day of the Defenders RTho, RAnd 1: Defenders, V: Yandroth/Omegatron
80 Marvel Feature 1 12/71 The Return RTho, DHec back-up solo story in same book, Doc rejoins mystic arts biz, V: Mordo
81 Marvel Feature 2 3/72 Nightmare on Bald Mountain RTho, RAnd Defenders, V: Dormammu
82 Marvel Feature 3 6/72 A Titan Walks Among Us RTho, RAnd Defenders
83 Amazing Spider-Man 109 6/72 Enter Dr. Strange SLee, JRom
84 Marvel Premiere 3 7/72 While The World Spins Mad SLee, BSmi
85 Defenders 1 8/72 I Slay By The Stars SEng, SBus
86 Marvel Premiere 4 9/72 The Spawn of Sligguth AGoo, BSmi/FBru
87 Defenders 2 10/72 The Secret of the Silver Surfer SEng, SBus
88 Marvel Premiere 5 11/72 The Lurker In The Labyrinth GFox, IWes
89 Defenders 3 12/72 Four Against The Gods SEng, SBus
90 Marvel Premiere 6 1/73 The Shambler From The Sea GFox, FBru/SBus
91 Defenders 4 2/73 The New Defender SEng, SBus
92 Marvel Premiere 7 3/73 The Shadows of the Starstone GFox, CRus
93 Defenders 5 4/73 World Without End? SEng, SBus
94 Marvel Premiere 8 5/73 The Doom That Bloomed on Kathulos GFox, JSta
95 Defenders 6 6/73 Dreams of Death SEng, SBus
96 Marvel Premiere 9 7/73 The Crypts of Kaa-U SEng, FBru
97 Defenders 7 8/73 War Below The Waves SEng/LWei, SBus
98 Marvel Premiere 10 9/73 Finally, Shuma-Gorath SEng, FBru D: Ancient One
99 Defenders 8 9/73 If Atlantis Should Fall SEng, SBus also Avengers/Defenders War: Prologue/Chapter 1: Alliance Most Foul/Deception
100 Marvel Premiere 11 10/73 Homecoming SEng, FBru (intro) R: Strange Tales 115, 117
101 Avengers 116 10/73 Betrayal SEng, BBro Avengers/Defenders War: Chapters 2 and 3
102 Defenders 9 10/73 Divide And Conquer SEng, SBus Avengers/Defenders War: Chapters 4, 5 and 6; Doc vs. Black Panther and Mantis
103 Marvel Premiere 12 11/73 Portal To the Past SEng, FBru
104 Avengers 117 11/73 Holocaust SEng, BBro Avengers/Defenders War: Chapters 7 and 8
105 Defenders 10 11/73 Breakthrough/United We Stand SEng, SBus Avengers/Defenders War: Chapters 9 and 10
106 Avengers 118 12/73 To The Death SEng, BBro Avengers/Defenders War: Chapter 11
107 Defenders 11 12/73 A Dark and Stormy Knight SEng, SBus Avengers/Defenders War: Chapter 12 (Fin)
108 Marvel Premiere 13 1/74 Time Doom SEng, FBru
109 Defenders 12 2/74 The Titan Strikes Back LWei, SBus/JAbe
110 Marvel Premiere 14 3/74 Sise-Neg Genesis SEng, FBru
111 Marvel Team-Up 21 5/74 The Spider And The Sorcerer LWei, SBus Spider-Man and Doc, V: Xandu
112 Defenders 13 5/74 For Sale: One Planet.. Slightly Used LWei, SBus
113 Doctor Strange 1 6/74 Through The Orb Darkly SEng, FBru V: Silver Dagger
114 Defenders 14 7/74 And Who Shall Inherit The Earth? LWei, SBus/DGre
115 Doctor Strange 2 8/74 A Separate Reality SEng, FBru
116 Doctor Strange 3 9/74 Amidst The Madness SEng, FBru R: Strange Tales 126, 127
117 Doctor Strange 4 10/74 Where Bound'ries Decay SEng, FBru
118 Doctor Strange 5 12/74 Cloak And Dagger SEng, FBru
119 Marvel Two-In-One 6 11/74 Death-Song of Destiny SGer, GTus The Thing and Doc
120 Doctor Strange 6 2/75 Lift High The Veil of Fears SEng, GCol
121 Doctor Strange 7 4/75 The Demon Fever SEng, GCol
122 Doctor Strange 8 6/75 Rights of Passage SEng, GCol
123 Marvel Team-Up 35 7/75
GCon, SBus The Human Torch and Doc
124 Giant-Size Dr. Strange 1 1975 reprints reprints R: Strange Tales 164-168
125 Doctor Strange 9 8/75 Consummation SEng, GCol
126 Doctor Strange 10 10/75 Alone Against Eternity SEng, GCol
127 Doctor Strange 11 12/75 Shadowplay SEng, GCol
128 Doctor Strange 12 2/76 Final Curtain SEng, GCol
129 Doctor Strange 13 4/76 Planet Earth Is No More SEng, GCol
130 Tomb of Dracula 44 5/76 untitled MWol, GCol Doc vs. Dracula crossover, Part 1
131 Doctor Strange 14 5/76 The Tomb of Dr. Strange SEng, GCol Doc vs. Dracula crossover, Part 2
132 Doctor Strange 15 6/76 Where There's Smoke SEng, GCol A: James Mandarin, asks to be Doc's apprentice, rejected
133 Doctor Strange 16 7/76 Beelzebub On Parade SEng, GCol V: Satan; A: James Mandarin, serving in Hell
134 Doctor Strange 17 8/76 Utopia Rising SEng, GCol V: Stygyro; A: James Mandarin, Doc mindwipes him, next seen in Marvel Fanfare #8
135 Doctor Strange 18 9/76 The Dragon Is Dead SEng, GCol
136 Doctor Strange 19 10/76 Lo, The Powers Changeth MWol, AAlc
137 Marvel Team-Up 50 10/76 The Mystery of The Wraith BMan, SBus Spider-Man and Doc
138 Marvel Team-Up 51 11/76 The Trial of The Wraith BMan, SBus Spider-Man & Iron Man; Wraith storyline finale; lots of Doc
139 Doctor Strange 20 12/76 Call Him: Xander The Merciless MWol, RNeb
140 Doctor Strange Annual 1 12/76 ...And There Will Be Worlds Anew! MWol, PCRus V: Lectra
141 Doctor Strange 21 2/77 The Coming of Dr. Strange RTho, DAdk R: origin from #169
142 Doctor Strange 22 4/77 Mind Trip MWol, RNeb
143 Doctor Strange 23 6/77 Into the Quadriverse MWol, RNeb
144 Incredible Hulk Annual 6 1977 Beware The Beehive DKra, HTri
145 Doctor Strange 24 8/77 A Change Cometh JSta, AMil
146 Doctor Strange 25 10/77 Doctor Stranger Yet JSta, AMil
147 Doctor Strange 26 12/77 The Return of the Ancient One JSta, RNeb
148 Doctor Strange 27 2/78 I, The In-Betweener RSte, TSut V: Stygyro, In-Betweener
149 Doctor Strange 28 4/78 Fate... Like A Wheel RSte, TSut
150 Ghost Rider 29 4/78 Deadly Pawn RMcK, DPer Dormammu attacks Ghost Rider with illusion of Doc so Ghost Rider will attack real Doc
151 Doctor Strange 29 6/78 He Who Stalks RSte, TSut
152 Ghost Rider 30 6/78 The Mage And The Monster RMcK, DPer Ghost Rider tricked into attacking Doc by Dormammu; A: ankh
153 Doctor Strange 30 8/78 A Gathering of Fear RSte, TSut
154 Ghost Rider 31 8/78 Demon's Rage RMcK, DPer V: Dormammu; Doc vs. Dormy inside Ghost Rider's brain while Johnny Blaze is in Doc's body
155 Doctor Strange 31 10/78 A Death For Immortality DMcG, RVil
156 Doctor Strange 32 12/78 The Dream Weaver RMac, AKup
157 Marvel Team-Up 76 12/78 If Not For Love... CCla, HCha Spider-Man and Doc; A: Marie Laveau
158 Marvel Team-Up 77 1/79 If I'm To Live... My Love Must Die CCla, HCha Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel; V: Silver Dagger; A: Marie Laveau
159 Doctor Strange 33 2/79 All My Dreams Against Me RMac, TSut
160 Doctor Strange 34 4/79 A Midsummer's Nightmare RMac, TSut
161 Marvel Team-Up 80 4/79 A Sorcerer Possessed CCla, MVos Spider-Man, Doc and Clea
162 Marvel Team-Up 81 5/79 Last Rites CCla, MVos Spider-Man and Satana; Werewolf Doc cured; D: Satana
163 Doctor Strange 35 6/79 Of Knights And Pawns RSte/RMac, TSut
164 Doctor Strange 36 8/79 The Man Who Knew Stephen Sanders RSte/RMac, GCol
165 Doctor Strange 37 10/79 And Fear, The Final Victor RSte/RMac, GCol/DGre
166 Doctor Strange 38 12/79 Eye of the Beholder CCla, GCol
167 What If? 18 12/79 Dr. Strange Had Been a Disciple of Dormammu? PGil, TSut Doc still chooses to be a good guy in the end, natch
168 Doctor Strange 39 2/80 The Old Dark House CCla, GCol
169 Doctor Strange 40 4/80 Dawn of Death CCla, GCol X: continues in Man-Thing #4
170 Man-Thing V2 4 5/80 Death-Knell CCla, DPer/BWia V: Man-Thing, Baron Mordo; A: ankh; X: continues in Doctor Strange #41
171 Doctor Strange 41 6/80 Weep For The Soul of Man CCla, GCol V: Baron Mordo; A: Man-Thing, ankh; X: continued from Man-Thing #4
172 Doctor Strange 42 8/80 The Black Mirror CCla, GCol
173 X-Men Annual 4 1980 Nightcrawler's Inferno CCla, JRJr/BMcL
174 Doctor Strange 43 10/80 Shadowqueen CCla, GCol
175 Doctor Strange 44 12/80 Duel of Fire CCla, GCol V: Shialmar the Shadowqueen; O: Wong
176 Doctor Strange 45 2/81 Wizard of the West Village CCla, GCol
177 Doctor Strange 46 4/81 The Reality War BKun/DMic, KGam
178 Doctor Strange 47 6/81 The Grand Illusion RSte, GCol V: Ikonn
179 Doctor Strange 48 8/81 The Power of Dr. Strange RSte, MRog
180 Doctor Strange 49 10/81 This Menace Reborn RSte, MRog
181 Doctor Strange 50 12/81 The Cat and the Cataclysm RSte, MRog
182 Doctor Strange 51 2/82 A Time For Love, A Time For Hate RSte, MRog
183 Doctor Strange 52 4/82 Life-Times RSte, MRog V: The Spanish Inquisition
184 Marvel Team-Up Annual 5 1982 Serpent Rising MGru, JMoo Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Thing, Scarlet Witch, Quasar; Doc knows Peter is Spidey
185 Doctor Strange 53 6/82 Land of the Pharoahs RSte, MRog helps FF vs. Rama-Tut
186 Fantastic Four 243 6/82 Shall Earth Endure? JByr Doc helps flatten Galactus with the Images of Ikonn
187 Doctor Strange 54 8/82 Alone RSte/JMDeM, PSmi/BAnd
188 Doctor Strange 55 10/82 To Have Loved... And Lost RSte, MGol
189 Marvel Fanfare 5 11/82 To Steal The Sorcerer's Soul CCl, MRog, PCRus V: Nicodemus
190 Doctor Strange 56 12/82 A Mystic Reborn RSte, PSmi O: Doc retold; V: Three Disciples of Mordo
191 Marvel Fanfare 6 1/83 The Showdown RSte, CVes Doc teaches a challenger what constant challenges face a Sorcerer Supreme
192 Marvel Team-Up 125 1/83 Cross Fire JDuf, KGam C: Doc; Doc and Scarlet Witch back-up story
193 Doctor Strange 57 2/83 Gather My Disciples Before Me RSte, KNow A: James Mandarin, asks to be Doc's apprentice again, rejected
194 Doctor Strange 58 4/83 At Loose Ends RSte, DGre
195 Marvel Fanfare 8 5/83 The Light That Never Was PGil, CInf V: Slitherer In Shadow (Nightcrawler from Hulk #126); A: James Mandarin (from Doc #15-17, 57)
196 Doctor Strange 59 6/83 Children of The Night RSte, DGre
197 Doctor Strange 60 8/83 Assault on Avengers Mansion RSte, DGre
198 What If? 40 8/83 Dr. Strange Had Not Become Master of the Mystic Arts? PGil, JGui Stephen Strange's raw natural power defeats Dormammu, Nightmare and The Eye combined
199 Doctor Strange 61 10/83 Power Be The Prize RSte, DGre
200 Doctor Strange 62 12/83 Deliver Us From Evil RSte, SLei
201 Doctor Strange 63 2/84 Cry of the Spirit CPot
202 Moon Knight 36 3/84 Ghosts AZel, BHam C/A: Doc; V: Amutef
203 Doctor Strange 64 4/84 Art Rage ANoc, TSal
204 Doctor Strange 65 6/84 Charlatan RSte, PSmi
205 Doctor Strange 66 8/84 The Chosen One RSte, PSmi
206 Doctor Strange 67 10/84 Private Eyes RSte, SLei
207 Doctor Strange 68 12/84 Sword & Sorcery RSte, PSmi A: Black Knight
208 Doctor Strange 69 2/85 Sea Cruise RSte, PSmi
209 Doctor Strange 70 4/85 Deadly Exchange RSte, BBle
210 Marvel Fanfare 20 5/85 Clash Part 1 JSta Doc and The Thing; V: Xandu
211 Doctor Strange 71 6/85 Into The Dark Dimension RSte, PSmi O: Dormammu
212 Marvel Fanfare 21 7/85 Clash Part 2 JSta Doc and The Thing; V: Xandu; Thing vs. Hulk
213 Doctor Strange 72 8/85 Secret Origin RSte, PSmi
214 Doctor Strange 73 10/85 Final Triumph RSte, PSmi
215 Doctor Strange 74 12/85 And Now... The Beyonder PGil, MBad
216 Doctor Strange 75 2/86 Souls In Torment RSte, SBus/MBad
217 Doctor Strange 76 4/86 What Songs The Sirens Sang PGil, MBad/CWar
218 Doctor Strange 77 6/86 Khat? PGil, CWar
219 Doctor Strange 78 8/86 Cloaks And Dangers PGil, CWar
220 Doctor Strange 79 10/86 Fata Morganna PGil, CWar
221 Doctor Strange 80 12/86 Don't Pay The Ferryman PGil, CWar
222 Doctor Strange 81 2/87 The Tongues of Men and Angels PGil, CWar V: Urthona; talismans destroyed
223 Strange Tales (V2) 1 4/87 And Have Not Charity PGil, CWar ancient evils once held back by talismans now loose; Doc rejects Clea
224 Strange Tales (V2) 2 5/87 The World Well Lost For Love PGil, CWar Doc sacrifices/kills man possessed by an ancient water demon, starts down dark path
225 Strange Tales (V2) 3 6/87 Goodbye To All That PGil, CWar V: Khat; Doc kills kitten, not pure enough to use Eye, casts spell so all think he is dead
226 Strange Tales (V2) 4 7/87 Walk On The WIld Side PGil, CWar in Hong Kong, new center of evil; acquires and begins wearing Wings of Endless Sorrow
227 Strange Tales (V2) 5 8/87 The Snows of Yesteryear PGil, LAle Doc sacrifices already dying man to Valkyrie for ability to call upon New Defenders' help
228 Strange Tales (V2) 6 9/87 Returning PGil, TSho V: Erlik Khan, leader of Khat demons, who flees when New Defenders appear
229 Strange Tales (V2) 7 10/87 More Light PGil, TSho V: Nightmare; A: New Defenders, Cloak & Dagger
230 Strange Tales (V2) 8 11/87 If You Meet The Buddha On The Road, Kill Him PGil, TSho Kaluu is back to train Doc in the black arts and help rebind the ancient evils
231 Strange Tales (V2) 9 12/87 African Genesis PGil, TSho Doc & Kaluu penetrate a new evil temple in Africa; more blood on Doc's hands
232 Strange Tales (V2) 10 1/88 Hierarchies PGil, RCas V: Ghaszaszh Nyirh; Doc's left eye destroyed
233 Strange Tales (V2) 11 2/88 This Earth This Realm PGil, RCas Doc & Kaluu enlist a demon army; A: Topaz
234 Strange Tales (V2) 12 3/88 Make Thee Mightier Yet PGil, DLaw Doc steals Victoria Bentley's magic
235 Strange Tales (V2) 13 4/88 Ascent Into Hell PGil, RCas Doc defeats an unnamed demon by merging with it; reaches Shuma-Gorath
236 Strange Tales (V2) 14 5/88 Apogee PGil, RCas Doc defeats Shuma-Gorath by sacrificing a part of the Earth; Doc kills himself afterwards
237 Strange Tales (V2) 15 6/88 On Having No Head PGil, RCas Kaluu & Enitharmon the Weaver go get Doc
238 Strange Tales (V2) 16 7/88 Go Ask Alice PGil, RCas Kaluu, Enitharmon & Rintrah bring Doc back to Earth, life, the light, a finite ego
239 Strange Tales (V2) 17 8/88 This Old Man Came Rolling Home PGil, RCas Doc is back, undoes Spell of Forgetfulness that made everyone think he died
240 Strange Tales (V2) 18 9/88 A Touch of Your Hand PGil, RCas Doc returns Victoria Bentley's magic; she loves him and forgives him quickly
241 Strange Tales (V2) 19 10/88 Servants of the Secret Fire PGil, RCas Doc helps another mystic defeat a lingering ancient evil
242 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 1 11/88 Love Is The Spell The Spell Is Death PGil, RCas V: Dormammu
243 Marvel Fanfare 41 12/88 Perchance To Dream WSim, DGib C: Doc; V: City of Dreams
244 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 2 1/89 The Unbearable Lightness of Being PGil, RCas V: Dormammu
245 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 3 3/89 Dragon Circle PGil, RCas
246 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 4 5/89 Dragon's Dream PGil, RCas
247 Marvel Comics Presents 19 5/89 Nightmare In Suburbia Part 1: Home Is Where The Heart Is FNic, MBad V: demons infesting a suburban wife and mother's home
248 Marvel Comics Presents 20 5/89 Nightmare In Suburbia Part 2: The Flawed Flesh FNic, MBad "Hey, is that the Eye of Yaphet Kotto?"
249 Marvel Comics Presents 20 5/89 At The Bottom Of My Garden PGil, RLim Clea solo story; fights to discover a thing of beauty that Dormammu had hidden
250 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 5 7/89 Souled Out RDTho, JGui Faust Gambit 1, Thoth speaks in puns
251 Dr. Strange & Dr. Doom: Triumph & Torment 49 7/89 Marvel Graphic Novel #49 RSte, MMig V: Mephisto to free the soul of Doctor Doom's mother
252 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 6 8/89 Demonic Repossession RDTho, JGui Faust Gambit 2, w/ Mordo Chronicles 1
253 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 7 9/89 Agamotto Mon Amour RDTho, JGui Faust Gambit 3, Agamotto returns lost talismans/fixes Doc's eye, w/ Mordo Chronicles 2
254 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 8 10/89 Mephisto Waltz With Satannish Verses RDTho, JGui Faust Gambit 4, w/ Mordo Chronicles 3
255 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 9 11/89 That Was Then This Is Now RDTho, JGui w/Curse of the Darkhold 1
256 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 10 Mid 11/89 The Vampire Strikes Back RDTho, JGui w/Curse of the Darkhold 2
257 What If? V2 6 Mid 11/89 The X-Men Lost Inferno? DFin, RLim C: Doc; A: Doc plays big role; Mordo and Wolverine kill each other
258 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 11 12/89 The Hobgoblin of Little Minds RDTho, JGui Acts of Vengeance, V: Hobgoblin, w/Curse of the Darkhold 3
259 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 12 Mid 12/89 Some Enchantress Evening RDTho, JGui Acts of Vengeance, V: Enchantress, w/Curse of the Darkhold 4
260 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 13 1/90 Arkon's New York Adventure RDTho, JGui Acts of Vengeance, V: Arkon, w/Curse of the Darkhold 5
261 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 14 2/90 It's In The Blood RDTho, JGui Vampiric Verses 1
262 Marvel Fanfare 49 2/90 Strange On The Range AWei Doc, Nick Fury and Dum Dum cowboys in the past
263 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 15 3/90 Vampires on Broadway RDTho, JGui unauthorized Amy Grant cover; Vampiric Verses 2, w/Curse of the Darkhold 6
264 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 16 4/90 Love and Haiti RDTho, JGui Vampiric Verses 3, w/Mark of the Vodu 1
265 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 17 5/90 Torn On The Bayou RDTho, JVal Vampiric Verses 4, w/Mark of the Vodu 2
266 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 18 6/90 Blood Is Thicker RDTho, JGui Vampiric Verses 5
267 Incredible Hulk 370 6/90 Strange Matters PDav, DKeo A: Doc, Namor; Doc reveals Defenders reunite curse was cosmic hoax
268 Incredible Hulk 371 7/90 Strange But True PDav, DKeo Doc and Namor V: Dark Hulk
269 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 19 7/90 The Azrael Touch RDTho, GCol
270 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 20 8/90 Better Homes And Gargoyles RDTho, JGui V: a Zomling
271 Marvel Fanfare 52 8/90 Mirror, Mirror

272 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 21 9/90 Mindless In Manhattan RDTho, JGui Dark Wars 1, w/ Legends of the Dark Dimension 1
273 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 22 10/90 Dormammu Is Back RDTho, JGui Dark Wars 2, w/ Legends of the Dark Dimension 2
274 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 23 11/90 Mondo Mordo RDTho, JGui Dark Wars 3, w/ Legends of the Dark Dimension 3
275 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 24 12/90 Do Not Go Gently Into That Dark Night RDTho, JGui Dark Wars 4
276 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 25 1/91 Always Autumn FNic, RLim
277 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 26 2/91 Werewolf At The Door RDTho, CMar w/Legacy of the Wolf 1
278 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 27 3/91 Possession Is 9/10 of the Logarithm RDTho, CMar Possessors return from Strange Tales #118, w/Legacy of the Wolf 2
279 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 28 4/91 Strange Tales Part 2 RDTho, CMar A: Ghost Rider, continued from Ghost Rider #12
280 Doctor Strange/Ghost Rider Special 1 1991 Strange Tales Part 2 RDTho, CMar reprints #28
281 What If? (V2) 24 4/91 Wolverine Was Lord of the Vampires?
great Dr. Strange/Punisher/Wolverine/Dracula yarn; Doc killed by Juggernaut
282 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 29 5/91 Blood Will Tell RDTho, CMar
283 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 30 6/91 The Topaz Possession RDTho, CMar
284 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 31 7/91 A Gauntlet Hurled RDTho, TDez Infinity Gauntlet crossover, w/Gathering of Fear 1
285 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 32 8/91 Silver-Tongued Devil RDTho, CMar Infinity Gauntlet crossover, V: Silver Dagger, w/Gathering of Fear 2
286 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 33 9/91 The Alexandria Quatrain RDTho, CMar Infinity Gauntlet crossover, V: Zota (from ST #124; ten years earlier), w/Gathering of Fear 3
287 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 34 10/91 Is There A Doctor Not In The House RDTho, DLaw Infinity Gauntlet crossover
288 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 35 11/91 To Hela And Back RDTho, DLaw Infinity Gauntlet crossover
289 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 36 12/91 Footnote to Infinity RDTho, DLaw Infinity Gauntlet crossover
290 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 37 1/92 Frankensurfer RDTho, GIsh
291 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 38 2/92 Fear Itself RDTho, GIsh The Great Fear 1
292 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 39 3/92 The Fear That Kills RDTho, GIsh The Great Fear 2
293 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 40 4/92 From Hope And Fear Set Free RDTho, GIsh The Great Fear 3, A: Daredevil
294 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 41 5/92 A Wolverine At The Door RTho, GIsh A: Wolverine
295 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme Annual 2 1992 Hot Spell: The Wild One Part 4 RTho/MCWym Return of the Defenders 4; Rintrah gets Purple Cloak and Amulet of Agamotto
296 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 42 6/92 Galactus Go Home RTho, GIsh Infinity War crossover
297 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 43 7/92 An Eye For An Eye RTho, GIsh Infinity War crossover
298 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 44 8/92 The Color Crimson RTho, GIsh Infinity War crossover
299 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 45 9/92 Death's Greatest Hits RTho, GIsh Infinity War crossover
300 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 46 10/92 Strange Bedfellows 1 RTho, GIsh Infinity War crossover
301 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 47 11/92 Strange Bedfellows 2 RTho, GIsh Infinity War crossover
302 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 48 12/92 To Serve In Heaven LKam, GIsh
303 Marvel Super-Heroes (V2) (Winter 1992) 12 1/93 Sins of the Father RTho/RJML, BPos
304 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 49 1/93 The Wrath of Gods LKam, GIsh Doc rejects the Vishanti
305 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 50 2/93 The Heart of Darkness LKam, GIsh A: Ghost Rider, Hulk, Silver Surfer
306 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 51 3/93 Redemption GIsh D: Rintrah
307 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 52 4/93 Field of Bad Dreams LKam/RTho, GIsh A: Nightmare, Morbius
308 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 53 5/93 Nightmare on Bleecker Street RTho, GIsh A: Nightmare, Morbius
309 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme Annual 3 1993 Curse of Kyllian GIsh
310 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme Annual 3 1993 My Dinner With Mordo SFis, SFlo V: Mordo
311 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 54 6/93 From Here To There To Eternity RTho, FLop/GIsh Infinity Crusade crossover
312 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 55 7/93 World Enough And Time RTho, GIsh Infinity Crusade crossover
313 Marvel Super-Heroes (V2) (Summer 1993) 14 7/93 The Education of Augustyne Phyffe DMic/BBau, BMcL
314 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 56 8/93 Blood Relations RTho, GIsh Infinity Crusade crossover; D: Baron Blood/Victor Strange
315 What If? (V2) 52 8/93 Dr. Doom Became Sorcerer Supreme? DSlo, MGal Doom gives Strange mechanical hands, and a piece of his mind...
316 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 57 9/93 And A World Dies GIsh A: Kyllian, Urthona
317 Mortigan Goth: Immortalis (MS) 1 9/93 The Devil's Due, Chapter 1 NVin, MBuc Marvel Frontier (UK) mini-series
318 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 58 10/93 Urthona Engaged GIsh V: Urthona
319 Mortigan Goth: Immortalis (MS) 2 10/93 The Devil's Due, Chapter 2 NVin, MBuc Marvel Frontier (UK) mini-series
320 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 59 11/93 Cage of Refuge GIsh Kyllian stranded
321 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 60 12/93 Scatter and Sister Nil DQui, MRub Siege of Darkness 7
322 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 61 1/94 Sacrifice Supreme DQui, MRub Siege of Darkness 15
323 Mortigan Goth: Immortalis (MS) 3 1/94 The Devil's Due, Chapter 3 NVin, MBuc Marvel Frontier (UK) mini-series
324 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 62 2/94 Stranger And Stranger DQui, MRub V: Doctor Doom
325 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 63 3/94 Song of the Blood Opal DQui, MDou
326 Mortigan Goth: Immortalis (MS) 4 3/94 The Devil's Due, Chapter 4 NVin, MBuc Marvel Frontier (UK) mini-series
327 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 64 4/94 The Brilliant One DQui, MRub Strangers Among Us 1
328 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 65 5/94 Amok DQui, MRub Strangers Among Us 2
329 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 66 6/94 Shattered DQui, JHix Strangers Among Us 3
330 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme Annual 4 1994 various various Strangers Among Us: Final Curtain
331 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 67 7/94 The Heart of Saturday Night DQui, Ten
332 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 68 8/94 Stranger At My Heels DAbn, MRub
333 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 69 9/94 Be With Me DQui, DBre V: Polaris, Forge
334 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 70 10/94 Serendipity DQui, PGro A: Hulk
335 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 71 11/94 Bodyslam DQui, PGro A: Hulk
336 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 72 12/94 The Journey Outward DQui, PGro Last Rites
337 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 73 1/95 Threshold of Ashes DQui, PGro Last Rites
338 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 74 2/95 Mask and Mirror DQui, SYeo Last Rites
339 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 75 3/95 A Moment of Silence DQui, MBuc/PGro Last Rites finale; Salome defeated; Strange sent to help Clea; Doc young again
340 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 76 4/95 Earthly Powers DQui, PGro Doc's renovating Stevens' Tempo HQ; recruits Wong as CEO
341 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 77 5/95 Dead Reckoning DQui/ESko, RPac/PGro Kyllian, as Wildpride, attacks in revenge for stranding; Doc cleans up Stevens' mob ties
342 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 78 6/95 The Sensual World DQui/ESko, MSev/PGro Modred, seeking V. Montesi pregnant w/Chthon, dispatched; V: nanotech alien virus Screed
343 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 79 7/95 Farewell, Nightmare Music DQui/ESko, MSev V: Nightmare; A: Sister Nil
344 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 80 8/95 Earthquake Logic WEll, MBuc/KSut Doc returns from 7 Spheres War, gone 4 months; uses Syzygy for power source; Ellis mini-run
345 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 81 9/95 Tectonic Shift WEll/TDez, MBuc/KSut Wong tries to kill Doc; Xaos/Imei died while Doc gone; womb Sanctum; V: cult who Syzygied too
346 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 82 10/95 Seismics WEll/ESko, MBuc/GFra V: Grease, who is behind cultists, uses coincidence as magic, pollution and evolution
347 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 83 11/95 Losing My Religion TDez, PZir Doc tries to open portal to help Clea, but catastrophe magic godling? attacks; mob meeting
348 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 84 12/95 Journey To The East JMDeM, MBuc Doc back to his roots in Himalayas; discovers Mordo haunted him as a child
349 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 85 1/96 The Disciple's Tale JMDeM, PFer V: Mordo; Doc origin retconned w/childhood hauntings and suicide attempt
350 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 86 2/96 Walking Into Yesterday JMDeM, MBuc Doc back to his roots in Nebraska; Mordo transferred his cancer to him, Doc's dying
351 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 87 3/96 Resurrection JMDeM, MBuc V: Astrid Mordo, Karl's daughter; Mordo takes back his cancer, D: Baron Mordo
352 What If? (V2) 83 3/96 Daredevil Was a Disciple of Doctor Strange? IEdg/MBar, RKay Stephen Strange learns kung fu instead of magic; Matt Murdock is the pupil gone bad
353 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 88 4/96 Afterlife JMDeM, MBuc D: Xaos/Imei (again); Wong gets closure w/Doc-facilitated trip to Imei in "heaven"
354 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 89 5/96 Afterlife Part 2 JMDeM, MBuc V: Afterlife, an evil soul-stealing creature that ends up being something else entirely
355 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 90 6/96 Born Again? JMDeM, MBuc V: Chthon; his birth into this world though Victoria Montesi is prevented
356 Incredible Hulk 450 2/97 A Little Leeway PDav, MDeo backup story; Doc investigates Hulk universe-energy problem
357 Uncanny Origins 12 8/97 Physician, Heal Thyself LWei, MCam O: retold, kiddie version; Doc has daddy problems now
358 What Is It That Disturbs You Stephen? GN 10/97 - MAnd, PCRus Doctor Strange Annual #1 redone by P. Craig Russell 20 years later
359 Sensational Spider-Man 22 12/97 The Politics of Magic TDez, MWie V: Buel, Doc status quo re-established, back in w/Vishanti, old costume, 7 Spheres War over
360 Sensational Spider-Man 23 1/98 The Spirit Is Willing; The Flesh... TDez, MWie V: Buel
361 Shadows & Light 2 4/98 - JSta black-and-white story
362 What If? (V2) 113 10/98 Tony Stark Became Sorcerer Supreme? CDuf, GSch Stark is the armored technomage, Strange is the friend, patient, betrayer
363 Doctor Strange, The Flight of Bones (MS) 1 2/99 Part One DJol, THar Doc investigates skinless exploding people; A: Topaz; Topaz taken by a cult
364 Doctor Strange, The Flight of Bones (MS) 2 3/99 Mage In The Box DJol, THar
365 Daredevil (V2) 5 3/99 Devils' Despair KSmi, JQue excellent Doc appearance
366 Doctor Strange, The Flight of Bones (MS) 3 4/99 Part Three DJol, PCha
367 Doctor Strange, The Flight of Bones (MS) 4 5/99 Part Four DJol, PCha V: Dormammu
368 Marvel: The Lost Generation (MS) 12 3/00 This Is Where It Ends JByr, RSte pre-FF #1 wave of Marvel heroes die, Doc promises to The Watcher to help the next wave
369 Marvel: The Lost Generation (MS) 8 7/00 The Tomb of Diablo JByr, RSte series reverse numbering/order; A: Doc; V: Nocturne; takes place between Doc origin & FF #1
370 Marvel Knights 7 1/01 Strange Matters CDix, EBar A: Doc
371 Marvel Knights 8 2/01 Dark Matters CDix, EBar A: Doc; V: Nightmare
372 Marvel Knights 9 3/01 Final Matters CDix, EBar A: Doc; V: Nightmare
373 Defenders (V2) 1 3/01 Once More, The End of The World KBus, ELar, KJan V: Yandroth, Toad-Men, Nightcrawler, Mindless Ones, Quasimodo, Ravagers of Creation
374 Defenders (V2) 2 4/01 The Curse KBus, ELar, KJan V: Pluto, Attuma
375 Defenders (V2) 3 5/01 The Armies of the Slain KBus, ELar, KJan V: Pluto, Lorelei
376 Defenders (V2) 4 6/01 Ride of the Valkyrie KBus/ELar, RFre/SHan V: Pluto, Lorelei, A: Zeus
377 Defenders (V2) 5 7/01 Headhunt KBus, ELar, SBus V: Attuma, Headmen
378 Defenders (V2) 6 8/01 Rumble In the Sky KBus, ELar, AGor V: Red Raven, Bi-Beast
379 Defenders (V2) 7 9/01 Fire Above, Thunder Below KBus, ELar, SBus V: Wayfinder, Hell-Eyes, Attuma w/many friends
380 Mystic (CrossGen) 15 9/01 - RMar, BPet Doc and Clea make cameo in another company's book
381 Defenders (V2) 8 10/01 Day of The Great Ones KBus/ELar, RFre/AVey V: Kree
382 Defenders (V2) 9 11/01 While You Were Out KBus/ELar, RFre/SHan Doc cameo only, V: Headmen, Modok, AIM
383 Defenders (V2) 10 12/01 Head To Head KBus/ESte, ELar/SBus
384 Defenders (V2) 11 1/02 Vengeance KBus, ELar, SBus
385 Defenders (V2) (first story) 12 2/02 Silent But Deadly ELar 'Nuff Said' silent story
386 Defenders (V2) (second story) 12 2/02 Fooling With Mother Nature KBus/JDuf, IRei
387 Ultimate Marvel Team-Up 12 3/02 - BMBen, TMcK 1/O: Ultimate Dr. Strange; the inexperienced Jr. son of a lost Doc and an angry suburban Clea
388 Ultimate Marvel Team-Up 13 4/02 - BMBen, TMcK V: Ultimate Xandu
389 The Order (Defenders V2 #13) 1 4/02 The Best Defense... KBus/JDuf, MHal
390 The Order (Defenders V2 #14) 2 5/02 It's Our World KBus/JDuf, CBat
391 The Order (Defenders V2 #15) 3 6/02 Ultimatum: Avengers KBus/JDuf, MHal/LRos V: Avengers
392 The Order (Defenders V2 #16) 4 7/02 Norrin's Rib KBus/JDuf, DJur
393 The Order (Defenders V2 #17) 5 8/02 Blinded By Science KBus/JDuf, IRei
394 The Order (Defenders V2 #18) 6 9/02 Out of Order KBus/JDuf, MHal/DPan
395 Marvel Double Shot 4 4/03 The Bottle Imp MGil
396 Amazing Spider-Man 498 10/03 Happy Birthday Part 1 JMStr, JRomJr A: Doc, at the end, arrives to help heroes fight the Mindless Ones/Dormammu
397 Thor: Vikings (MS) 2 10/03 Kingdom of Iron GEnn, GFab A: Doc, last panel only, arrives to help Thor fight the zombie vikings
398 Amazing Spider-Man 499 11/03 Happy Birthday Part 2 JMStr, JRomJr A: Doc; V: Dormammu
399 Thor: Vikings (MS) 3 11/03 Time Like A River GEnn, GFab A: Doc
400 Amazing Spider-Man 500 12/03 Happy Birthday Part 3 JMStr, JRomJr/JRomSr A: Doc; A: Baron Mordo
401 Thor: Vikings (MS) 4 12/03 Fight The Good Fight GEnn, GFab A: Doc
402 Powerless 1 8/04 Powerless MChe/PJoh, MGay miniseries of Marvel heroes without powers; c: Doc as street fortune teller
403 Witches (MS) 1 8/04 The Gathering BWal, MDeo A: Doc gets the girls (Topaz, Jennifer Kale, Satana) together
404 Witches (MS) 2 8/04 The Brood BWal, MDeo A: Doc, Lillith
405 Witches (MS) 3 9/04 The Test BWal, WCon A: Doc, Lillith
406 Witches (MS) 4 9/04 - BWal, WCon A: Doc; V: Lillith
407 Daredevil (V2) 65 11/04 The Universe BMBen, CBac/TTow 40th Anniversary issue of Daredevil; A: Doc
408 Strange (MS) 1 11/04 Part 1 JMStr/SBar, BPet O: Doc Matrix reboot
409 Strange (MS) 2 12/04 Part 2 JMStr/SBar, BPet O: Doc Matrix reboot
410 Avengers 503 12/04 Avengers Disassembled: Chaos Part 4 BMBen, DFin/OCoi A: Doc deus ex machina explains/removes Scarlet Witch problem; 'no chaos magic'
411 Spectacular Spider-Man 21 1/05 Read 'Em An' Weep PJen, TCal A: Doc playing poker like a childlike moron
412 Marvel Team-Up (V3) 3 2/05 Golden Child, Part 3 RKir, SKol Doc and Fantastic Four
413 Ultimate Spider-Man 70 2/05 Strange, Part 1 BMBen, MBag A: Ultimate Doc
414 Strange (MS) 3 2/05 Part 3 JMStr/SBar, BPet O: Doc Matrix reboot
415 Marvel Team-Up (V3) 4 3/05 Golden Child, Part 4 RKir, SKol Iron Man and The Hulk; A: Doc
416 Ultimate Spider-Man 71 3/05 Strange, Part 2 BMBen, MBag A: Ultimate Doc
417 Strange (MS) 4 4/05 Part 4 JMStr/SBar, BPet O: Doc Matrix reboot
418 Strange (MS) 5 6/05 Part 5 JMStr/SBar, BPet O: Doc Matrix reboot
419 Strange (MS) 6 7/05 Beginnings And Endings: Conclusion JMStr/SBar, BPet O: Doc Matrix reboot
420 New Avengers 7 7/05 The Sentry, Part 1 BMBen, SMcN 1: Illuminati
421 House of M (MS) 2 8/05 - BMBen, OCoi Doc shown as a psychologist/psychiatrist in House of M reality
422 Defenders (V3) (MS) 1 9/05 Almost A Good Idea... KGif/JMDeM, KMag V: Dormammu and Umar
423 Defenders (V3) (MS) 2 10/05 Disaster KGif/JMDeM, KMag V: Dormammu and Umar
424 House of M (MS) 5 10/05 - BMBen, OCoi Doc awakened to the truth of the House of M reality
425 Defenders (V3) (MS) 3 11/05 The End of The World As We Know It KGif/JMDeM, KMag V: Dormammu and Umar
426 House of M (MS) 7 11/05 - BMBen, OCoi Doc there at 'No More Mutants'; casts spell to protect people
427 Defenders (V3) (MS) 4 12/05 It's Dormammu's World-- You're Just Living In It KGif/JMDeM, KMag V: Dormammu and Umar
428 House of M (MS) 8 12/05 - BMBen, OCoi 'I failed. completely.'; those protected by Doc and Emma Frost remember House of M
429 Defenders (V3) (MS) 5 1/06 The Enemy Of My Enemy Isn't Exactly My Friend KGif/JMDeM, KMag V: Dormammu and Umar
430 X-Statix Presents Dead Girl (MS) 1 3/06 Dead A Long Time, Part 1 PMil, NDra/MAll A: Doc (practically a Doc miniseries); A: Ancient One
431 X-Statix Presents Dead Girl (MS) 2 4/06 Dead A Long Time, Part 2 PMil, NDra/MAll A: Doc (practically a Doc miniseries); A: Ancient One
432 X-Statix Presents Dead Girl (MS) 3 5/06 Dead A Long Time, Part 3 PMil, NDra/MAll A: Doc (practically a Doc miniseries); A: Ancient One
433 New Avengers: Illuminati (OS) 1 5/06 - BMBen, AMal
434 X-Statix Presents Dead Girl (MS) 4 6/06 Dead A Long Time, Part 4 PMil, NDra/MAll A: Doc (practically a Doc miniseries); A: Ancient One
435 X-Statix Presents Dead Girl (MS) 5 7/06 Dead A Long Time, Part 5 PMil, NDra/MAll A: Doc (practically a Doc miniseries); A: Ancient One
436 Stan Lee Meets Doctor Strange (OS) 1 11/06 - SLee, ADav
437 Doctor Strange: The Oath (MS) 1 12/06 Chapter One BKVau, MMar
438 Doctor Strange: The Oath (MS) 2 1/07 Chapter Two BKVau, MMar
439 Doctor Strange: The Oath (MS) 3 2/07 Chapter Three BKVau, MMar
440 New Avengers: Illuminati (MS) 1 2/07 - BMBen/BRee, JChe Illuminati attack the Skrulls
441 Doctor Strange: The Oath (MS) 4 3/07 Chapter Four BKVau, MMar
442 New Avengers: Illuminati (MS) 2 3/07 - BMBen/BRee, JChe Illuminati deal with the Infinity Gems after Infinity Guantlet
443 Doctor Strange: The Oath (MS) 5 4/07 Finale BKVau, MMar
444 New Avengers 27 4/07 Revolution, Part 1 BMBen, LYu 1: new post-Civil-War New Avengers lineup with Doc
445 Ultimate Spider-Man 107 5/07 Ultimate Knights, Part 2 BMBen, MBag A: Ultimate Doc, as member of Ultimate Knights
446 New Avengers 28 5/07 Revolution, Part 2 BMBen, LYu New Avengers break into The Raft to rescue Captain America
447 New Avengers 29 6/07 Revolution, Part 3 BMBen, LYu V: Mighty Avengers
448 New Avengers 30 7/07 Revolution, Part 4 BMBen, LYu V: Elektra and The Hand; A: Brother Voodoo
449 New Avengers: Illuminati (MS) 3 7/07 - BMBen/BRee, JChe Illuminati deal with The Beyonder after Secret Wars; Beyonder was an Inhuman
450 New Avengers 31 8/07 Revolution, Part 5 BMBen, LYu V: Elektra and The Hand; Elektra revealed to be a Skrull
451 New Avengers 32 9/07 The Trust, Part 1 BMBen, LYu
452 New Avengers: Illuminati (MS) 4 9/07 - BMBen/BRee, JChe Illuminati deal with Marvel Boy
453 New Avengers 33 10/07 The Trust, Part 2 BMBen, LYu
454 World War Hulk (MS) 3 10/07 - GPak, JRomJr Doc vs. Hulk; Hulk crushes Doc's hands; Doc becomes ZomDoc
455 New Avengers 34 11/07 The Trust, Part 3 BMBen, LYu
456 World War Hulk (MS) 4 11/07 Let The Worlds Within... Tremble In Their Orbits GPak, JRomJr Hulk defeats ZomDoc; Illuminati fight each other in Madison Square Garden gladiator arena
457 New Avengers 35 12/07 The Trust, Part 4 BMBen, LYu
458 New Avengers 36 1/08 The Trust, Part 5 BMBen, LYu
459 New Avengers: Illuminati (MS) 5 1/08 - BMBen/BRee, JChe after Elektra Skrull reveal; V: Super-Skrulls; Black Bolt revealed to be a Skrull
460 New Avengers 37 2/08 The Trust, Part 6 BMBen, LYu V: The Hood and a million supervillains
461 New Avengers Annual 2 2/08 - BMBen, CPag V: The Hood and a million supervillains; Zom-corrupted Doc takes off
462 New Avengers 51 5/09 - BMBen, BTan Dark Reign/New Sorcerer Supreme story arc begins
463 New Avengers 52 6/09 - BMBen, BTan V: The Hood/Dormammu
464 New Avengers 53 7/09 - BMBen, BTan V: The Hood/Dormammu
465 New Avengers 54 8/09 - BMBen, BTan Dark Reign/New Sorcerer Supreme story arc ends; Brother Voodoo is new Sorcerer Supreme
466 Strange (MS) 1 1/10 A Whole New Ballgame MWai, ERio
467 Strange (MS) 2 2/10 Who Is Stephen Strange? MWai, ERio
468 Strange (MS) 3 3/10 Generation Hexed MWai, ERio
469 Strange (MS) 4 4/10 This Is How We Operate MWai, ERio
470 The Mystic Hands of Doctor Strange (OS) 1 5/10 The Cure KGil, FIrv V: Mephisto
471 The Mystic Hands of Doctor Strange (OS) 1 5/10 Melancholia PMil, FBru Doc helps a man who wants to forget a bad memory
472 The Mystic Hands of Doctor Strange (OS) 1 5/10 So This Is How It Feels TMcK WTF
473 The Mystic Hands of Doctor Strange (OS) 1 5/10 Duel In The Dark Dimension MCar, MMar text story; V: a knight of Dormammu
474 Girl Comics 2 7/10 Rondeau CBoy, CMar V: Adria
475 New Avengers (V2) 1 8/10 Possession BMBen, SImm "Heroic Age"; heroes are being possessed to take the Eye from Brother Voodoo
476 New Avengers (V2) 2 9/10 - BMBen, SImm heroes are being possessed to take the Eye from Brother Voodoo
477 New Avengers (V2) 3 10/10 - BMBen, SImm Ancient One shown as force trying to acquire Eye
478 Amazing Spider-Man 641 10/10 One Moment In Time JQue, PRiv Doc, w/Reed Richards & Tony Stark, casts spell to make world forget Peter Parker is Spider-Man
479 New Avengers (V2) 4 11/10 - BMBen, SImm V: dimensional tear
480 New Avengers (V2) 5 12/10 - BMBen, SImm V: Agamotto revealed as force trying to acquire Eye; Vishanti "no more"; Wolverine vessel
481 New Avengers (V2) 6 1/11 - BMBen, SImm V: Agamotto; D: Brother Voodoo; Eye lost; no Sorcerer Supreme; Daniel Drumm revenge vow
482 New Avengers (V2) 7 2/11
BMBen, SImm Doc stays w/New Avengers; A: Wong
483 Doctor Strange: From The Marvel Vault 1 4/11 This Old House RSte, NVok unpublished 1998 story; V: Tyanon for house that will become Sanctum
484 Fear Itself: The Deep (MS) 1 8/11 - CBun, LGar Doc helps Namor V: Nerkkod (a Worthied Attuma), Undying Ones, Nameless One
485 Fear Itself: The Deep (MS) 2 9/11 - CBun, LGar
486 Fear Itself: The Deep (MS) 3 10/11 - CBun, LGar
487 Fear Itself: The Deep (MS) 4 11/11 - CBun, LGar A: many past Defenders for a battle
488 Fear Itself (MS) 7 12/11 Chapter Seven: Thor's Day (Finale) MFra, SImm Doc is one of The Mighty, temp wielder of Stark/Odin-made caduceus power staff
489 Point One (OS) 1 1/12 The Shaman of Greenwich Village MFra, TDod Prelude Doc solo story to Fraction's Defenders introducing the Doc we'll get in that series
490 Defenders 4 5/12 Misfits 1: Strange/The French Drop MFra, MLar Doc solo story, sex-with-student Molly, wish-back-to-life Martha, and jar room of mass murder
491 Doctor Strange: Season One GN 9/12 - GPak, ERio O: Doc reboot, now w/Sofia Di Cosimo, and Wong as equal student of Ancient One
492 New Avengers (V2) 31 12/12 End Times BMBen, MGay Bendis finale arc begins; D: Daimon Hellstrom; D: Jennifer Kale
493 New Avengers (V2) 32 1/13 End Times BMBen, CPac V: Daniel Drumm; D: Victoria Hand
494 New Avengers (V2) 33 1/13 End Times BMBen, MAOem V: Daniel Drumm
495 New Avengers (V2) 34 1/13 End Times BMBen, MDeo V: Daniel Drumm; A: Ancient One; Doc reinstated as Sorcerer Supreme w/Eye and Cloak
496 New Avengers (V3) 14 4/14 The Agamotto Gambit JHic, SBia Doc shown in the Sinner's Market on the Resolute Throne trying to sell all his soul for more power
497 Uncanny Avengers Annual 1 6/14 - RRem, PRen Mojo pitches the Supernatural Avengers
498 Astro City (DC/Vertigo) 11 6/14 The Sorcerer's Assistant KBus, BEAnd Silver Adept is extremely Doc-like, complete with a Rintrah
499 New Avengers (V3) Annual 1 8/14 Self-Surgery FBar, MRud excellent dark solo Doc story
500 New Avengers (V3) 20 8/14 Blu'Dakorr JHic, VSch Doc didn't have full measure of a soul to sell; read from Blood Bible instead; V: Great Society
501 New Avengers (V3) 21 9/14 The Bomb JHic, VSch/SLar Doc loses control, unleashes vampiric tentacles on Great Society's Earth, Illuminati subdue him
502 New Avengers (V3) 23 10/14 All The Angels Have Fallen JHic, KWal Doc disappears w/Black Priest helmet in what was thought to be the final hours of 616 Earth
503 New Avengers (V3) 27 1/15 Triage JHic, SKud Doc revealed as leader of the Black Priests in the Game of Worlds
504 New Avengers (V3) 31 5/15 Rabum Alal JHic, KWal Black Priests destroyed by Black Swans; Doc meets Dr. Doom as Rabum Alal
505 Secret Wars 4 8/15 All The Angels Sing, All The Devils Dance JHic, ERib D: Doctor Strange; 616 Doc 'Sheriff Strange' stands up to God Doom and is killed
506 Secret Wars 5 10/15 Owen Reece Died For Our Sins JHic, ERib flashback shows Doc at everything's end when Dr. Doom and Molecule Man beat Beyonders
507 Doctor Strange 1 12/15 The Way Of The Weird JAar, CBac new series; V: Free Rovers of the Nethersphere, Spurrgog the Hell-Breather; 1: Empirikul
508 Doctor Strange 2 1/16 - JAar, CBac V: Mind Maggots
509 Doctor Strange 3 2/16 Eaters Of Magic JAar, CBac V: Een'Gawori
510 Doctor Strange 4 3/16 The Art Of Puking Without Puking JAar, CBac V: Empirikul
511 Doctor Strange 5 4/16 Pound Of Flesh JAar, CBac V: Empirikul; 1: Secret Disciples of Strange (Wong's army of pain/price absorbers for Doc)
512 Doctor Strange 6 5/16 The Last Days Of Magic: Chapter 1 JAar, CBac V: Empirikul, Imperator
513 Doctor Strange 7 6/16 The Last Days Of Magic: Chapter 2 JAar, CBac V: Empirikul, Imperator; O: Imperator; D: Monako
514 Doctor Strange: Last Days Of Magic 1 6/16 Zelma Stanton Framing Sequence; Dr. Voodoo; The Wu various El Medico Mistico, Dr. Voodoo, August Wu, Prof. Xu, Count Kaoz, Adam/Alice Gulliver
515 Doctor Strange 8 7/16 The Last Days Of Magic: Chapter 3 JAar, CBac V: Empirikul; 1: Cellar Dweller (1st mention #5)
516 Doctor Strange 9 8/16 The Last Days Of Magic: Chapter 4 JAar, CBac V: Empirikul, Imperator
517 Doctor Strange 10 10/16 The Last Days Of Magic: Conclusion JAar, CBac V: Empirikul, Imperator; defeated by Doc, Cellar Dweller, Secret Disciples of Strange
518 Doctor Strange 11 11/16 The New Face Of Magic JAar, KNow/LRom magic is dead, Doc torn down; Ancient One flashback saving pre-Tibet Doc; c: Baron Mordo
519 Doctor Strange Annual 1 11/16 To Get Her. Forever. KImm, LRom A: Clea, relationship resolution; Sorcerers Supreme prelude backup story
520 Doctor Strange 12 12/16 Blood In The Aether: Chapter 1 JAar, CBac
521 Doctor Strange 13 12/16 Blood In The Aether: Chapter 2: Night/4 Billion Nightmares JAar, CBac
522 Doctor Strange And The Sorcerers Supreme 1 12/16 - RobTho, JRod
523 Doctor Strange 14 1/17 Blood In The Aether: Chapter 3: A Gut Full Of Hell JAar, CBac
524 Doctor Strange And The Sorcerers Supreme 2 1/17 - RobTho, JRod
525 Doctor Strange 15 2/17 Blood In The Aether: Chapter 4: The Face Of Sin JAar, CBac
526 Doctor Strange And The Sorcerers Supreme 3 2/17 - RobTho, JRod
527 Doctor Strange/Punisher: Magic Bullets (MS) 1 2/17 - JBar, JMuhr/ABro
528 Doctor Strange 16 3/17 Blood In The Aether: Chapter 5: The Dread JAar, CBac/CSmi
529 Doctor Strange And The Sorcerers Supreme 4 3/17 - RobTho, JRod
530 Doctor Strange/Punisher: Magic Bullets (MS) 2 3/17 - JBar, JMuhr/ABro/DSta
531 Doctor Strange 17 4/17 State Of Misery JAar, FIrv
532 Doctor Strange And The Sorcerers Supreme 5 4/17 - RobTho, NSto
533 Doctor Strange/Punisher: Magic Bullets (MS) 3 4/17 - JBar, JMuhr/ABro/DSta
534 Doctor Strange 1.MU 4/17 - CZda, JLop Monsters Unleashed
535 Doctor Strange 18 5/17 The World's Finest Super-Surgeons JAar, CBac A: Jane Foster Thor
536 Doctor Strange And The Sorcerers Supreme 6 5/17 - RobTho, JRod
537 Doctor Strange/Punisher: Magic Bullets (MS) 4 5/17 - JBar, JMuhr/ABro 4-issue miniseries/8-issue digital infinite comic
538 Doctor Strange 19 6/17 The Power Of Strange Compels You JAar, CBac
539 Doctor Strange And The Sorcerers Supreme 7 6/17 - RobTho, JRod
540 Doctor Strange And The Sorcerers Supreme 8 7/17 - RobTho, JRod
541 Doctor Strange 20 8/17 The Weird, The Weirder, The Weirdest JAar, CBac/KNow Aaron run ends; Zelma Stanton now Doc's apprentice; Wong moving on
542 Doctor Strange 21 7/17 - DHop, NHen came out before #20; Secret Empire tie-in