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Happy 80th Birthday to Stan Lee!
Stan was born 28 December 01922.

Cancelled Comic Cavalcade has some Ditko art up: Shade the Changing Man #9 and Showcase #106 featuring The Creeper (vs. "Dr. Storme")
The scans are a little fuzzy-faint, but that doesn't take away from any of the fun. Via The Steve Ditko List; posted by the folk(s) who do the Comics Commentary blog. Thanks!

The Rumour Awards 02003 [this week's Gutters on CBR]

European Comics on the Web [via Dublog]

Dissecting comedy in comic books [Pulse]

Alan David Doane has a Best of 02002 up [Comic Book Galaxy]

Editorial: Cassandra Complex- Brickbats And... Well, Mostly Brickbats [Antony Johnston overviews 02002 on Ninth Art]

ICv2 has some 02002 Comic Awards up [Part 1, Part 2]

New Epic imprint will be like Marvel Knights, looking for mini comic submissions, Bill Jemas' salary, breaking in via Marvel's Double Shot, unread submissions, Best of 02002 [All The Rage]

"Cartooning is dying all over the world" [Sify News via Splash]
"Famed Indian cartoonist R K Laxman told the Karnataka Press Academy in a speech Tuesday that the art of cartoon was dying in the modern world..."

Reno comic book collector gets 12 years in prison for standoff [ (Reno Gazette-Journal) via Splash]

Journalista's all over Marvel press-release sales-number bullshit and the comics press too here and here.
Numbers, schmumbers.

Publishers Weekly had a ton of stuff about comics last week [via Journalista]

Doctor Who has been named the greatest science fiction character of all time [ITV via Franklin's Findings]
Note to self: Write that essay explaining why Pertwee is the best Dr. Who.

'Spider-Man,' the '80s and manga dominate comics [Pulp Culture column]
Franklin also overviews 02002, gives props to Queen & Country and disses Ultimates.

Preview script snippet of Amazing Spider-Man #50 [Newsarama]
For those of you who can't wait. Or probably more accurately, for those of you who want to make the wait even longer and more tortured.

Be still the beating heart! The Sanctum Sanctorum Dr. Strange fan site has updated after a year and a half of inactivity.

Special shout-out thanks to for the Holiday card!

The Clash's Joe Strummer dead at 50 [CNN obituary]
First it was a couple Ramones, now this. Sad. Punk rockers never grow old or fade away, they just die.

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Big Joe Quesada interview [Newsarama]
Big Tom Brevoort interview [Pulse]
Not one peep about Dr. Strange. That's a bad sign.

Super-Friends coming out on DVD! [Pulse]
Can't you just hear Apache Chief saying "Inek-chok!"? (Or whatever he said. Neilalien gets that mixed up too with what Samurai says: "Kaze no yo ni hiaku!" [1993 Usenet post for reference also])

The future looks bright...Come here and I'll show you [Justin Gray at PopImage via Journalista]
The increasing use of images, icons, symbols and visual information in technology and diverse global communications will only help comics and comic readers. Interesting. "Take for instance the airline crash instruction card, which is a comicbook of sorts."

Manga domination is the story of 02002 [Paul O'Brien at Ninth Art]
Also a note that the indy comics aren't getting out to the "real mainstream."

Graphic Novels Speak Louder Than Words [ (reg req'd)]

Andrew Arnold shares his Best Comics of 02002 list [ via Newsarama]

American Family Association has an action alert out against Marvel re: Rawhide Kid [ via MaxSpeak]
MaxSpeaks: "Then there was Dr. Strange, about whom no more need be said."

Oldie link: Jeffrey Combs: The Horror Guy Plays A Non-Horror Guy [Comics2Film interview]

RW (Rob Worley of C2F): Are you a comic book fan? You have a few things on your resume.
JC: Like Doctor Mordrid, which is really Dr. Strange?
RW: That's what I wanted to ask you about. What's the story behind that?
JC: [Producer/director] Charlie Band. Charlie Band didn't want to pay the rights to Dr. Strange, but he loved it so much that he, just kind of went up to the line but didn't cross it. He made something else that was damn similar. He even alluded to it as a Dr. Strange-esque sort of character, but not. When I did that I went and got some Dr. Strange comic books and read them just to get up on it. Really cool. I like Dr. Strange.

Jeffrey Combs on IMDb. Dr. Mordrid (01992) on IMDb. Found via late-night surfing leading to a link from 8 August 02001 on Lionshare's entertainment web log, Dorknewz.

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A renewed call for comics activism [Savant essay]

Getting the meta treatment lately: Marvel's mutants (catch-all persecuted group; cynicism about human nature re: prejudice, criminality and mobs; overall absurdity) [An Image of Truth; Unqualified Offerings; via Franklin's Findings]

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Superhero Status Quo [ via Journalista]
The week's must-read. Let this be the last word on The Rawhide Kid, with a nice quick run-down of the primary problems with comic books today. How could this writer have "gotten it" so sweetly!? Well, Aaron Schatz writes the Lycos 50 so he probably knows a little bit about everything. Still, Neilalien smells a comic book website/weblog reader/researcher. Kudos.

Dark Horse has approached Steve Rude to illustrate a comic book series based on Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay [Newsarama]

Talking with Jesus Castillo [Newsarama]

Bigger and Better than Ever: Free Comic Book Day Returns 3 May 02003 [ICv2]

Cats Love String [painting of Catwomen by Isabel Samaras via In Sequence]

Behind The Lines at America's Best Comics with Scott Dunbier [Pulse]
Of all the books, Neilalien's favorite Top 10 is the one that stopped. Sigh. At least we keep hearing that more's on the way.

Neilalien's rented The Transformers Season Two DVD Box Set, Part 1. If postings here get light over the next couple weeks, it's because of that (not because of Xmas or New Year's or anything like that ;) ).

Note to self: Retire as champ. Leave 'em wanting more. Go out like Bill Watterson or Gary Larsen, not Trudeau or Schulz.

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Stan signs with Endeavor agency [Newsarama]
Maybe The Man saw himself in that ridiculous situation on CNN's Crossfire and summarily went out and got some new representation?

A Brief History Of Women In Comics, Part 1 [Minority Report column on Ninth Art]

Dr. Who's adopted daughter Miranda is getting a comic book [Newsarama]

Hobby morphs into $500K store [ via WFC News]

The total collapse of the comics industry (Let's get on with it) [Full Bleed column on PopImage via Journalista]
The patient wouldn't survive the surgery suggested here.

If you're yearning for a meme in online comics discussion right now that isn't Rawhide Kid or message boards that aren't in the business of building community (huh?), you've got comics and comic shops for children under ten [endless current Talkbacks at ICv2; Sequential Tart MB; The Kingdom MB via Alan David Doane]

Neilalien popped out to the corner bodega for snacks and drink mixin's tonight during Monday Night Football halftime, and discovered (with some amazement) that Shonen Jump #1 sold like hotcakes there. Neilalien could only gaze sadly and helplessly at the mini-ATM. A spinner rack should be there instead.

Neilalien is honored by a blogroll link from Journalista

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Pair convicted of stealing from comics icon's Internet company [ via World Famous Comics News]

Court upholds dismissal of Stan Lee Media's Peter Paul's lawsuit against Clintons [Metropolitan News-Enterprise via Mark Evanier]
On the grounds that the plaintiff is a fugitive from justice.

Stan Lee was on CNN's Crossfire last night [Newsarama; Pulse]
To debate a social conservative pundit!? Joe Quesada was also on CNN yesterday. Marvel's getting all the attention it wanted over the gay Rawhide Kid gimmick. Alas, no cable for Neilalien.
Update: Neilalien thanks Franklin's Findings for the notice: Transcript of Stan Lee on Crossfire, 12 December 02002 [CNN (scroll down); interview with Joe Quesada on CNN]
Update: Mark Evanier and Comics Commentary caught that CNN originally said Stan Lee created Superman. Typical.

The whole thing's just ridiculous on so many levels. The gay Rawhide Kid isn't new, it's more stereotypical than courageous, and it has little chance for success. It's just hype (and frankly, for a February book, is it peaking too soon?). CNN obviously doesn't give a damn. Lee's representing a company he's suing, and answering braindead questions from social conservatives about how comics pollute children- as if kids read comics nowadays. He's probably just there to hype himself. What a joke.

Marvel pays back big loan early [Newsarama]
Sounds like great news!

Bullish on comics [Newsarama]

Seduction of the Degenerate [LA Weekly via/by Boing Boing]
A new history of underground comics, Fantagraphics' Rebel Visions, is reviewed.

The Phenomenon of Multiple Dialectics in Comics Layout [John Barber via Journalista]
Neilalien's putting on his thinking cap for this Master's thesis.

Beware of Forked-Tongued Warriors [San Antonio Current also via Journalista]
Very interesting stuff about comics and psyops. Some items about cultural differences, the power of concise text and good clear art, etc. Neilalien wants deeper info. What's going on when dropped pamphlets are widely understood by some groups, but baffling to others? Sometimes you hear that cartoon language is superior for storytelling and breaking down language barriers because it's imagery or intuitive (the "typical" or natural choice they'll say, or it overcomes low literacy rates). Sometimes you hear that cartoon language is a learned language (how do people know that thought balloons mean silent thinking?). Which is correct- or neither or both? Or maybe some things are intuitive like pictures, but conventions like thought balloons, force lines, and big teardrops in manga are learned and cultural. Which ones and why? What did some pamphletted groups have that others didn't? Western mind/Eastern mind differences (cartoons work in the Balkans and South America, but fail in Afghanistan and Southest Asia)? Education level? Exposure to comic books and political cartoons in the culture?

High praise for The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay [Pop Culture Gadabout]

Save the Metropolis, IL Superman water tower! [ also via Pop Culture Gadabout]

Note to self: Insert clever line here about how The Comics Journal Message Board is going the way of the Warren Ellis Forum, and for similar reasons. Here's a starting-point link for the interested.

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Gene Colan interview [ via Comics Commentary]

"Niche-ification of American comics continues" [Insolvent Republic of Blogistan]

"The more things change, the more they stay the same..." [Jim Treacher via Franklin's Findings]

"Anyway, that's the grand revelation for today: Crappy books are regarded as crap because they are crap." [; reminded to check over there by Alan David Doane]

A Dead-Letters Day: Comic Books End Printed Mail Columns As Fans Turn to Web [Washington Post via/more at Super-Lime Jumping Station (Delphi Forum)]

Zatanna makes magic in March [Newsarama]
Neilalien knows he has some female friends and readers who are interested in magic-based characters like Dr. Strange and Clea, many of whom are still keeping a candle in the window for Witches. This Zatanna news item might help a little (it's DC though- shudder). Looks like her sexy costume is arousing the same old yarns. The rationalization for it as magician's eye-diversion is clever. On the one hand, as part of superhero fantasy entertainment and its fine physical specimens, Zatanna's going to look good- get over it. On the other hand, there has to be a better, more intelligent outfit for her. No one's interested in that outfit. For a few more readers, make it proper T&A. (Lose the 'teenage boys'? From everything oberved and read these days, teenage boys don't buy comics.) For a few more than that, give her a costume that's more closely related to what young women wear today to be sporty and sexy. And to snare the most potential readers of all, give her some threads that won't alienate most women and smarter folks.

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Yesterday's comics become Future Comics [ZENtertainment]
Retailers can exchange all those dusty copies of Death of Superman, Youngblood #1, and Heroes Return for recycling into brand-new comics!

Paul O'Brien finds Previews an incredibly depressing publication [Article 10 on Ninth Art]

The Rawhide Kid is gay [Newsarama]
Ah, the latest gimmick.

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Ultimate Sony; new crappy glossy Ultimate covers analyzed as pro-collector/speculator [this week's All The Rage]

Chabon can't 'escape' Steranko [Pulse]

Killing Marvel Comics [Savant Essay]

Update: Creature Tech's Doug TenNapel responds to Alan David Doane

Superhate [Camera Obscura column on Ninth Art via Journalista]
Black/white morality makes for weak superhero stories.

The Practice of Slabbing [LibraryPlanet]
Anti-CGC blurb from last month.

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North America's oldest speech balloon found? [Journalista]
Neat stuff!

List of movie projects associated with Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment [Comics Commentary]
Double Man, Femizons, Nightbird. Don't forget Stripperella. King of all media!

Comic films we don't need [CHUD via WFC News]

CrossGen changes paper stock [Newsarama]
Out comes the ol' paper debate. Newsprint: comic book affordability or drab-ilizer of a visual medium? Marvel has some crappy slick covers now too. PS- Righteous $1.50 Fade From Blue mention in the discussion.

Why do books cost so much? [Salon via Eatonweb]

The Illustrated Beowulf [via Boing Boing]

Update: shuts down [Pulse]

Finally, Reverse Cowgirl with a rocking and much-needed redesign.

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Stan Lee starting another media company, Marvel restarting Epic [red and yellow lights on this week's Gutters]

Every Cover Steve Ditko Ever Drew returns!

Blake Bell reports that his extensive Ditko lecture and presentation (recently shown in Toronto) will be in New York in April! Excelsior! [Ditko Looked Up]
Neilalien's keeping the entire month open for this baby! :)

Post spins web of errors [ via Ditko Looked Up]
Ditko fan gets letter printed in response to Stan Lee coverage!

Nicolas Cage's marriage to Lisa-Marie Presley is over [ via WFC News]
He should have dumped her the moment she told him to get rid of the comic book collection.

Pow! Splat! Take That, You Darwin Disparagers! [ (reg req'd) via WFC News]

Comic shop owner turns page on business [Saskatoon Sun via WFC News]
Over 40 years he's been fortunate enough to witness the continuing evolution of the comic book industry. He's happy some things have never changed. "The good, strong guys still punch the bad guys, the girls look great and there are no short, fat, balding super heroes."
Possible compare and contrast the above with this retailer?: Isotope, San Francisco, CA [Retailer's Corner at Sequential Tart via Journalista]

"In the first installment of WORDS & PICTURES, columnist Joshua Elder takes a look at the diminishing comic sales over the past 60 years, and what could (and has) been done to fix it" [ZENtertainment via rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe]

The Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture at Duke University is archiving Sarah Dyer's massive collection of zines and mini-comics by girls and women [via Egon]

Update re: comics for kids: Will retailers order them? [ICv2] owners arrested, SEC probs [Pulse]

Spotted: Righteous vote for Fade From Blue for best new ongoing [Pmpknface's Journal]

Why Aquaman? [Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog]
Neilalien's been wanting to write something like this for Dr. Strange for years. Interesting powers, interesting extradimensional locales...

Newsarama has some kind of archive up, including pieces on Fantagraphics' Ditko book and the post-Ditko Question.

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