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Doctor Strange to Work His Magic on Direct-to-Video Animation [Now Playing] [via NP PR email, and Hannibal Tabu]

"Here's a character that starts off a jerk, and the middle of the way [through the story] he's a jerk," explains Kyle. "He's the guy you don't like, and it's a great job to try to find the story that can ask you to get behind this guy..."
Kyle says that part of the challenge of a character like Doctor Strange is in the portrayal of his powers - the guy can do practically anything after all... "The credit goes to [writer] Greg Johnson," he says, "and the beautiful job he did taking what was already there and finding a way to really make a wonderful story and figure out the laws of magic, so it's not just, 'A magic word can do anything I want.' Because it's really tricky. You've got a guy who can say and do anything he wants with a wave of his hand. What are you going to put him up against?"

So You Want To Be a Surgeon in the Marvel Universe [Polite Dissent]
Dr. Donald Blake demonstrates your various duties.

Kellogg's square cereal mascots are DC; General Mills' addicts (Trix rabbit, cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, etc.) and monsters (Count Chocula, etc.) are Marvel [Ken Jennings] [via Blog@Newsarama]

If Comic News Was Written Truthfully [Postmodernbarney]
This is how Neilalien used to snarkily linkblog the comics headlines. Grandpappy's lost his edge.

DC starting Final Order Cut-Off program like Marvel's, allowing retailers to alter orders closer to shipping date [Gutters]
"FOC-Off", indeed.

"So let the call go forth: No-Prizes are a'waitin' for the deserving!" [Tom Brevoort]

Wrap of Marvel Comics Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada's recent appearance on The Colbert Report [Newsarama]

Congratulations to Brooklyn comics shop Rocketship on its first anniversary in business! A great time was had by all on Saturday night!

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Foreign Dr. Strange Comics I Got On My Honeymoon [Howard Hallis]
She bought clothes, he bought comics, it all balanced out.

Mondo Marvel Panel mentions Doc in upcoming Ghost Rider [CBR] [Newsarama]

As far as the involvement of Dr. Strange in the series, Way said that, as he sees it, Dr. Strange is the mystic police chief of the Marvel Universe, and Ghost Rider represents a huge problem for him.

The CBR link includes colored versions of the Ghost Rider pencils we've already seen.

Pulse coverage of Mondo Marvel Panel includes:

In October Dr. Strange: the Oath begins from BKV and Marcos Martin. "Doctor Strange is trying to solve an attempted murder and this will feature a new enemy for Dr. Strange," said BKV.

Other than that, not much Dr. Strange in the coverage of this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con.

"I will take Deadwood over Gunsmoke": Embracing the current superhero antiheroic zeitgeist-mirroring paradigm [Comics Should Be Good]
Equal time: Using their powers for gloom [Philadelphia Inquirer Op-Ed]

Rosario Dawson talks Occult Crimes Taskforce [Comic Book Resources]
This line generated a fanboy whimper-sigh in the orbital HQ:

"Going to the comic store with my boyfriend and sharing comics is actually a big part of my life," Dawson confessed.

This is real, right? Not just a manipulation? Right? Bueller?

Stan Lee Meets... Jack Kirby, as written by Brian Michael Bendis [Number 9]
Steve Ditko cameo.

Congratulations to Darwyn Cooke for winning the Best Single Issue Eisner Award for Solo #5, which Neilalien enjoyed and included The Question [CBR] [Comics Reporter] [Dave's Long Box lovenote to #5, Cooke]

On the radar, due to Runners' Sean Wang art and interesting premise: Meltdown [Image panel at SDCCI]

A hero on the verge of burning out. Literally.
As the costumed crimefighter The Flare, Cal has never had an easy life. And now he's on the verge of an even harder death. Consumed by the very same fire powers that make him super-human, he finds his fractured life slipping away as he succumbs to the hell of a physical and mental meltdown.
During his final days, Cal must struggle with his volatile life and the questionable decisions he's made along the way, hoping to correct his many failures and find a final redemption before time runs out.
MELTDOWN, the all-new prestige-format color series from IMAGE Comics, heats up comic racks this Fall, with gorgeous artwork by Sean Wang ("Runners"), incomparable colors by Guru-eFX and script by David B. Schwartz. PLUS incredible covers by comics superstars CHRIS BACHALO and GREG HORN!

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Spider-Man: Then And Now Panel at San Diego Comic-Con [Newsarama]
Stan Lee cracks 'em up. Also relates this Doc item:

Lee also admitted to speaking the dialogue as he would write, more often than not, doing impersonations of the characters that were talking. Asked by Marvel's Jim McCann about his Dr. Strange dialogue and incantations, Lee laughed, saying that he made up all the words used by Strange, but, as he would tour college campuses, would often be approached by students who said that they researched the incantations, and saw that he was referencing ancient druidic texts and spells. "All I could do was compliment them on their scholarship," Lee said with a smile.
Asked if he ever does impersonations of the characters he writes as he writes them, he told fans he could do a Sue Storm imitation, and promptly crawled under the table and continued to talk.

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Paranoia in Online Fandom: Computer-Mediated Communication, Girls' Aggression, and Overanalyzing the Texts [Notes From The Tundra] [via Alas, A Blog]
Fans are over-analyzers: we over-analyze each other's comments online like we over-analyze the objects of our fandom- thus we fight. More at the links about paranoia and girls, too.

Sue Dibney and the Subject of Rape in Comics [Heaping Plateful]
The reaction of male fans that the strong Sue Dibney character is now "ruined" parallels the stigma sexual assault victims face in real life.

The Wasp is sometimes so charmed by Hank Pym that she forgets his beatings [Lady, That's My Skull] [via Occasional Superheroine]

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Heroes & Villains: Hero: Steve Ditko [Bookmunch]

By the end of Ditko's relationship with Stan Lee and Marvel in 1966, Dr Strange and Spider-Man had reached a college campus audience and become pop-cultural icons. Indeed, Ditko's unique aesthetic was so fundamental to the flavour and success of Dr Strange that no subsequent illustrator has been able to match the character's enormous early appeal. (In October 1965, a "Tribute to Dr Strange" was held in San Francisco's legendary Haight-Ashbury district. The 'happening' combined costumed revellers and political activism with the psychedelic rock band Jefferson Airplane.)...
Ditko's psychedelic artwork for Shade and Dr Strange held an obvious attraction for the titles' counter-cultural readership. (Tom Wolfe famously described the novelist and LSD adventurer Ken Kesey as spending "hours on end absorbed in the plunging purple shadows of Dr Strange...") However, the illustrator's unfashionable politics were most likely a different matter...
The author and eminent Ditko aficionado Blake Bell runs a website ( documenting the artist's work and influence. Interviewed in the Conservative Monitor, July 2002, Bell explained the conflict between Ditko's art and ideology: "Unfortunately, Ditko became obsessed with ['Objectivist'] philosophy and it drowned out dramatic pretence in his stories. They became tracts, instead of narratives, perfect examples of the greatest sin of storytelling - 'telling' instead of 'showing'. Given Ditko's attachment to a medium where one focuses on a main character, a hero, Ditko only focused on the already-perfect Randian protagonist, leaving no room for any intriguing character development. This is why his characters of the last 30 years are rarely memorable..."

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Dr. Strange Vs. Dracula: The Montesi Formula TPB solicited [Marvel October 02006 solicits at CBR] [spotted on Amazon by Neilalien readers in May]

It's the Sorcerer Supreme against the Emperor of the Undead! Dracula wants Earth to fall under the spell of the Darkhold, but Doctor Strange has joined Blade and the Nightstalkers in a quest to vanquish all vampires! See the origins of vampirism itself unveiled! Guest-starring the Scarlet Witch and NEXTWAVE's Monica! Collects TOMB OF DRACULA #44, and DR. STRANGE #14 and #58-62.
128 PGS./Rated T+ ...$19.99

Neilalien's had that Stern run on his Dr. Strange Recommended Reading List for years, so it's great to have it collected for easy procurement.

Judging (Marvel's October) Books By Their Covers: The Oath #1 is #1 [Comics Should Be Good]

Also in October: For the Doc fandom overlap: New Hellstorm: Son of Satan miniseries
That character has never captured Neilalien's interest, but the "demons descend on Hurricane Katrina misery" premise of this miniseries does a little.

Civil War #3 out today [Diamond Comics Shipping List] ["Brevoort explained that readers will see where Dr. Strange's allegiances fall in Civil War #3"]

Essential Defenders Volume 1 positive review [Bookgasm]
"This is definitely one of Marvel's strangest - and thereby most entertaining - books of the 1970s."

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Marvel does not owe legendary respected comics creators work [Brevoort; follow-up]
Comics are just as tough, Darwinistic, beholden to changing tastes, and new/youth-oriented a town as any other entertainment business. The high sales of classic past runs are rarely recaptured. It's the plain truth- but "we don't owe you a second time" must still just sound cold to many observers who think Marvel should have compensated said creators better for/during the first time.

Vague overview of spat why we won't see Starlin working at Marvel again anytime soon [Lying In The Gutters]

A call for a standard tiered comic book rating system like they have for movies, TV and video games in our litigious world [The Trades] [via Blog@Newsarama]

You see, while the comic industry has done a fine job of telling the world that comics aren't just for kids, they've screwed the pooch, as it were, in communicating exactly which comics aren't just for kids, and how parents and retailers can easily identify them.

Pablo Picasso, Naked in Georgia [short Washington Post Book Notes on Gordon Lee case, effect on Lost Girls] [via Alternative Comics FYI]

Super Models & Super Heroes [Progressive Ruin]
A spread from Mouth2Mouth, September/October 01994.

25 Great Calvin & Hobbes Strips [Progressive Boink] [via Digg]

The 600-page public-domain official inquiry into the 9/11 attacks to be comicized [Prison Planet] [via WFC News]

Stan Lee's LightSpeed new live action superhero drama on Sci Fi Channel 26 July 9pm [ICv2]

Stan Lee credits super imagination for success [Star Online eCentral]
Nothing new, and it may not even be true, but today Neilalien feels like having this piece of the mythology in his blog record, it's inspiring:

When he conjured up the idea of Spider-Man, it was immediately rejected by his publisher, Martin Goodman. He said, "'Stan, first of all, you can't call a hero Spider-Man. People hate spiders, so it's a horrible name. Nobody will buy the book. Secondly, a hero can't be a teen-ager. Teen-agers can only be sidekicks. The hero's got to be man. Thirdly, you want him to have problems? Stan, don't you know what a hero IS?'"
"He wouldn't let me do it," Lee shakes his gray head, "so I had to wait till a few months later we were doing the last issue of a magazine we were going to kill called Amazing Fantasy. When you're going to kill a magazine nobody cares what you're going to put in the last issue, it's going to die anyway. So to get it out of my system, I put Spider-Man in that issue and forgot about him. About a month or two later when Martin got the sales figures back. He said, 'Hey, Stan, remember that character of yours, Spider-Man, that we both kind of liked? Why don't we make a series of it?'"

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Dr. Strange: The Oath #1 cover Dr. Strange: The Oath #1 (of 5) [solicit info included in Joe Fridays at Newsarama] [cover image]
Three page preview! Sweet Martin art! [Newsarama] [Defenders Message Board]

Written by Brian Vaughan
Pencils & Cover by Marcos Martin
Doctor Stephen Strange embarks on the most important paranormal investigation of his career, as he sets out to solve an attempted murder... his own! And with his most trusted friend also at death's door, Strange turns to an unexpected corner of the Marvel Universe to recruit a new ally. Eisner Award-winning writer Brian K. Vaughan (Runaways, Y: The Last Man) and red-hot artist Marcos Martin (Captain America, Batgirl: Year One) join forces for an adventure that will take the Sorcerer Supreme from the underworld of New York City to the deadliest dimensions on the outskirts of reality.
This limited series will firmly establish Doctor Strange in the current Marvel Universe as well as setting him up to join a surprising new team!
32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

From Vaughan:

Strange can call upon Hoggoth and Watoomb all he wants, but his first allegiance is still to Hippocrates, and an oath he first swore as a young med student: "Do no harm." In our upcoming miniseries, artist Marcos Martin and I are going to be introducing a new threat to Stephen's life that will really challenge that belief.
I love Ditko's design and the trippy visuals that go with it, but over the years, I think we've focused too much on the "Strange," and not enough on the "Doctor." It's such a classic Stan Lee touch to make the Sorcerer Supreme a man with a background in science and logic. My favorite panel from Doc's origin involves the arrogant Stephen looking down at his trembling hands right after he crashes his sports car, knowing that he'll never again be able to perform surgery. How cool that this guy can cast any spell imaginable, but he's reminded of his own flaws every time he picks up a drink, and hears the ice cubes rattling inside the glass.
We all worked hard to make this miniseries completely accessible to anyone, especially readers who who've never really liked the character. Some of the best Strange stories have been his solo investigations into his own weird corner of the Marvel Universe, while some of his worst have involved him showing up like a mystical deus ex machina to save the Fantastic Four or whatever. That said, we are going to be giving Strange a new partner from elsewhere in the Marvel Universe, an existing character who no one will expect, but who complements the good doctor perfectly.
Hope you enjoy this first look...

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Dr. Dremo #3 cover [DC Conspiracy]

Dr. Dremo #3 cover

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New Marvel: Ultimate Alliance screenshots [Comic Book Resources] [Trailer at Google Video] [thanks Sanctum!]
The upcoming video game with Dr. Strange as a playable character.

Doc fans: Ms. Marvel #5 out today [Diamond Shipping List]

What About the Female Superheroes? [I Still Read Comic Books; Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Conclusion]
Out of 36,000+ issues Marvel has put out, only 670 have starred their female characters.

Holy Lesbians, Batman! The changing face of homosexuality in comics [Comic Foundry]

Font savant Richard Starkings of Comicraft: Origins of Digital Lettering [Comic Foundry]

Fans at Anime Expo seen by that industry as allies; fans at San Diego Comic-Con are seen as marks [Permanent Damage]
Also: Superman makes no sense.

From Civil War to Lady Punisher: Walking that fine line of maximizing the golden goose without cooking it [Confessions of a Comic Book Guy column at ICv2]

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Comic-book characters defy stereotypes []
A much less cynical view of comics' recent multiculturalism than Neilalien's seen lately.

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A mention in the above article inspired some quick Googling of comic book historian Professor William H. Foster III.

Website: Finally In Full Color [photos, art]

Author: Looking for a Face Like Mine

He's done readings of his book, he's moderated many panels at cons, essays in IJOCA, there's The Changing Image of Blacks in Comics traveling exhibit, etc.

More about his collection on display: Read it in the Funnies [Philadelphia]

Supermen in Black: Christopher Arnott on black comic scholar William H. Foster [New Haven Advocate]

Why Don't "Black Books" Sell? [Silver Bullet Comic Books]

Coloring the Comic Books [Wired News]

A Tale of Two Comic Books: 01960s Positive Black Identity Comics [Pulse]

Argues for re-release of Disney's Song of the South to stimulate discussion [Diamond's Scoop]

May 02007 in Philly: East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention [Flickr set from May 02006 ECBACC]

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"[I]f you're looking for comic books with direct relevance to current geopolitics, you can't really avoid the Ultimates 2" [Abu Aardvark] [via Robot Wisdom]

Comics used as political metaphor to critique U.S. right-wing foreign policy: Just Deploy More Resolve and Willpower: The Green Lantern Theory of Geopolitics [Matthew Yglesias at TPM Cafe] [via above]

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Open Your Eye: Vaughan/Martin Dr. Strange miniseries teaser image

Open Your Eye: Vaughan/Martin Dr. Strange miniseries teaser image [; from Vaughan's MySpace page] [Update: Newsarama]

Missed It: Rumor: Dr. Strange direct-to-DVD animated movie moved to different animation production studio re: Ultimate Avengers quality complaints? [All The Rage]

Dr. Strange discussion inspired by Steven Grant's recent comments in his Permanent Damage column [Comic Book Resources Forums] [thanks Mike!]

Paul Giamatti interview, latest issue of Wizard (#178), page 76-77 (has a picture of Doc as well):

WIZARD: What about doing another comic book film - are there any you'd be interested in?
PAUL GIAMATTI: Well, I wouldn't be right to play Dr. Strange, but I wish someone would make a really kind of psychedelic "Dr. Strange" movie - a really adult, psychedelic movie and all of the things Dr. Strange did in the comic. I would love to see something like that. You could do a really trippy, sort of crazy thing. He could fight Satan and go to all kinds of different dimensions.

Congratulations to uber Dr. Strange fan Howard Hallis and his new bride as they begin their expedition into the mysterious and wondrous Dimension of Marriage!

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Why Marvel Can't Reboot [Focused Totality]
"Because - unlike pre-Crisis DC - real things have happened."

Harnessing the Power Cosmic [The Hurting]
Great lovenote to the Silver Surfer. Doctor Strange fans will find many parallels, including:

The problem with the Surfer is that he is an extremely difficult character to write well. Although there have been many good Silver Surfer stories, there have also been a pile of pointless, redundant or just plain stupid Surfer stories, the likes of which make the character's fans grit their teeth in consternation. In this respect the character shares a lot with Doctor Strange. Both characters possess immense power, and both characters' adventures can be near-limitless in scope, or at least only limited by the writer's imagination. But because of these attributes, many writers just plain don't seem to understand how the characters need to be written. They can't just be plugged into a villain-of-the-month superhero format. They have very specific genres (speculative fiction and high fantasy, respectively) and they don't need to be changed in order to fit into genres that specific creators may have more experience with. Shoving Dr. Strange into a massive crossover like House of M doesn't make any sense considering the fact that anyone reading the story has to basically ignore the fact that Strange could singlehandedly fix the problem himself with the right spells.

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Clash of the Comics Titans: Battle Lines, if Blurry, Are Still Drawn Between Marvel and DC [Washington Post] [via Mark Evanier]

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