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Dr. Fate vs. Dr. Strange by Michael Cho Doctor Strange vs. Doctor Fate commission [Michael Cho's Sketchbook] [thanks Johnny!]

Dr. Strangeporn: On Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #10-14's cheesecake [HeroMachine Community Blog]

Related: More Jackson "Butch" Guice Doc-related cheesecake, this time the makeover he gave Umar in What If #40 [Blockade Boy]
In an outfit "with the arrow cut-out that points to her Unspeakable cooter".

Writer's Digest 01947 article: "There's Money In Comics!" by Stan Lee [Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine] [via Johnny Bacardi Show]

Lots of confusion in Flash-land re: speed of light vs. speed of thought [Polite Dissent #1, #2]

Bizarro Baseball by Mark Bagley [26 May 02008 Sports Illustrated cover] [thanks C-Dog!]
Related: Historical rundown of comic book superheroes playing baseball [Home Run Derby]

12 Comic Book Ads That Taught Us To Be Cynical []

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Major Inapak, The Space Ace #1, 01951 promotional comic for a powdered chocolate milk additive called Inapak, cool sci-fi drawn by Bob Powell [hosted by BeaucoupKevin; in iframes viewer] [a Datajunkie fave]

Updated: New Tokyopop Manga Pilot Solo Contract is smarmy, childish and evil [Bryan Lee O'Malley] [via Comics Reporter (link updated)] [Dangerous Beauty] [The Beat]

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Iron Man by Gene Colan Ebay page for seller "genecolanbenefitauction"

Clifford Meth lists tons of items to bid on to benefit Gene Colan

Marvel and Hero Initiative selling limited-edition prints to benefit Gene Colan [Hero Initiative]

Gene Colan's advice for artists: Draw everything! [Comic Foundry]

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Doctor Strange by Karl Kerschl Doctor Strange sketch by Karl Kerschl [Comic Art]

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Artist Marcos Martin (The Oath) puts Doctor Strange in the art exhibit in this past week's Amazing Spider-Man #560 [thanks Sanctum!]

Doctor Strange in modern art

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Rory Root, beloved retailer (the famous Comic Relief in Berkeley CA), pioneer of running a comic shop like an indie bookstore, has died [Comics Reporter] [massive Collective Memory] [memorial website]

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Ditko states in Avenging Mind that he drew the first Doctor Strange story on his own (plot and pencils), without any prior discussion with Lee on it [Four Realities review]

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Dr. Strange by Plati Nice Dr. Strange illo by artist Plati [Plati's Blog] [thanks Johnny!]

Is Stan Lee the anonymous donor of Amazing Fantasy #15 original art to the Library of Congress? [Ink Destroyed My Brush] [via Comics Reporter]

How to get your indie book into comic shops [creator Elizabeth Genco at Blog@Newsarama]

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Jeff Parker at Emerald City ComiCon's 02008 Mondo Marvel Panel [Comic Book Resources]:

Jeff Parker batted clean up for the group and said he'd like to write Woodgod and Aquarius. He also added that he is going to be writing a character he's always wanted to write, but couldn't tell the audience at this time.

Writing a character a writer has always wanted to write? Isn't that always code for Doctor Strange?

We know he's had Clea on his mind. From the recent "Which Marvel character would you date?" (scanned from Wolverine #59):

Jeff Parker wants to date Clea

And then there's this great Colleen Coover panel from X-Men: First Class #11, written by Parker:

Doctor Strange and Wong in X-Men: First Class #11


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Texts Inspired By Some Recent Doctor Strange Appearances

A Haiku for Spider-Man Family #7

Looter talks to his
wacky rock in the Sanctum --
terrible reprints

A Limerick for Wolverine #59

Doctor Strange was a helpful dude,
When Logan in Purgatory screwed-
   But Wolvie's body and head,
   Returned from the dead,
   And came back hairy and nude.

A Poem for Marvel Adventures: Hulk #8

Defenders versus Nameless One,
Repackaged for the kiddies.
Old fan tries to have some fun,
But it feels like repeat ditties.

A Rhyme for Amazing Spider-Man #555

Unconscious again. Poor ol' Doc.
Mayan snowmen attack at four o'clock?

An Ode to Cable & Deadpool #47

Spilling blood under Doc's supervision,
Saves reality from going potty.
Nicieza writes humor with precision-
And that crazy cover's by Skottie.

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Classic comics creator and Dr. Strange artist Gene Colan ailing from liver failure; no health coverage for needed meds; pros to auction items in support [Clifford Meth #1; #2; #3]

Open letter from Gene's wife Adrienne; address to send cards and money [20th Century Danny Boy]

Update: Tribute to Colan; read story "Fitting Punishment"; PayPal address is genecolan AT [Johnny Bacardi Show]

Update: Marvel to do right thing, help Gene Colan, no details yet [Clifford Meth]

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Steve Ditko was hired by DC before Dick Giordano; Ditko recommended that DC hire Giordano [Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed] [Mark Evanier]
Apparently it's a common error to think Ditko was among the Charlton stable that Giordano brought over to DC.

Comic with Ditko work, Mystery Tales #40 (Atlas, "March Has 32 Days", April 01956 [info source]), in John Locke childhood flashback on this week's Lost [Collector's Society MB] [thanks Howard!]
Blame Brian K. Vaughan.

How Fantagraphics' Eric Reynolds' communication with Steve Ditko went poorly re: a B&W-or-color Comics Buyers Guide cover [Flog Blog]

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Dr. Stwange Iron Man's Robert Downey Jr. presents Ditko documentarian (and twoubled speaker) Jonathan Ross with Quesada-drawn "Doctor Stwange" print [Lying In The Gutters]

Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's Doctor Strange places #88 on Top 100 Comic Book Runs list [Comics Should Be Good] [handy reference list at Entertainment Blog] [Lee/Ditko Spider-Man is #6]

P. Craig Russell Word Balloon podcast billed to include Dr. Strange stuff [Newsarama; MP3]

Many photos of the "Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy" exhibit open now at the Met [Newsarama]

Erik Larsen's mixed opinion re: Vince Colletta's inking [One Fan's Opinion column at CBR]
Flashback: Ditko on infamous inker Vince Colletta?

Retailer fed-up with Marvel uneven feast/famine shipping weeks; could have used the two new Iron Man #1's a week before the movie's debut weekend, not a week after [ICv2]
Update: Customers Want Reliable Publishing Schedules [retailer on ICv2]

Dave Sim requires signed form, oath of belief in his non-misogyny, to correspond with him [Myriad Issues]

Neilalien not the only child traumatized by that lady's forced robot transformation in Superman III [My New Plaid Pants]

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Doctor Strange Heroclix Secret Invasion Booster figure New pretty Doctor Strange Heroclix Secret Invasion Booster figure- with an astral form without the Cloak! Yay! [WizKids]
Also, well, it's part Doctor Strange: The Illuminati Super-Skrull Heroclix figure.

ICv2 retailer-participants universally report that this past weekend's Free Comic Book Day was the best yet [samples of interest: expenses mini-breakdown; local acoustic band, kiddie-comic creators signing]
Many comics shops fucking up Free Comic Book Day [Progressive Ruin]

Marvel announces Q1 02008 numbers, down 3% but better than expected; first publishing drop in a long time, down $1.0 million or 4% to $26.5 million, mostly due to timing [Newsarama]
Marvel Beats Street, Ups Forecast; But Publishing, Licensing Decline [ICv2]
Also announced: Movies: Iron Man sequel, Thor, Captain America, Avengers.

Quebecor, the printer of a majority of US comics, already in bankruptcy, reports big 02007 loss (mostly asset revaluation) [ICv2]
This can't be good for the comics industry.

Heath Ledger Joker toys for the upcoming Batman movie The Dark Knight are hot items [Gothamist]

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Iron Man Iron Man is every bit as good as you've heard. What struck Neilalien: (1) Big kudos re: the zippy story and pacing- not a boring moment in two hours- astounding given how much origin-ism involved and essentially watching the building/mastering of 2+ suits. (2) Instead of an easy blue-screen nightmare in other hands, props to the talents of Robert Downey Jr. being Tony Stark, Jeff Bridges clearly having a blast as bald Obadiah Stane, Gwyneth Paltrow as a mousy Pepper Potts, and "anti-CGI" direction by Jon Favreau. (3) The suit and the flying sequences are so good that you will wish you could fly in that suit- and it felt, not "realistic", but "possible". (4) That post-credit sequence with Samuel L. Jackson as Ultimate Nick Fury mentioning the Avengers was sick! Congratulations to everyone involved and Marvel Comics on the success of the first film Marvel did all by itself. 02010 sequel already announced.
Progressive Ruin uber-post
Iron Man at $177 million after one week [Marvel Movies list at Box Office Mojo]
A Lot Is Riding on 'Iron Man': Marvel Studios' Future & Hollywood's Summer [ICv2]
Update: Mark Millar and Brian Michael Bendis were script consultants; Bendis wrote Nick Fury scene; Millar advised Stane villain instead of Mandarin ("Ten Rings" terror group!) [Millar Q&A at Aberdeen Word Festival] [Lying In The Gutters]

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Alien Abduction Lamp

Fantastic Alien Abduction Lamp design by Lasse Klein now in prototype stage []

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Custom Eternity Mego figure Amazing custom Eternity Mego figure and box [Mego Museum] [by Howard Hallis and Clea's Cave]

Pop singer and Ren & Stimpy animator April March assisted Ditko on Mr. A!? [Mystery Island interview] [via Fred Hembeck 1 May post]

1st full Ditko pencils in comics "Stretching Things" (Fantastic Fears #5, January 01954) (info source) for download (4.2 MB PDF) [Datajunkie]

Stan Lee Is a Ladies' Man in Iron Man Cameo [Wired News]

Compilation of Stan Lee movie cameos [YouTube]

Dr. Strange sculpture by Julian Briones Sweet Dr. Strange and Deadpool custom statue by Julian Briones based on Skottie Young's Cable & Deadpool #47 cover [Statue Forum]

Uncle Ben is the only true unresurrectable: Barry Allen Flash returns [New York Daily News]

On the symbol-assassination of Marvel comics characters [Trout In The Milk]
(Neilalien doesn't know what delights him more: the "dutifully" following of a Neilalien link, or the enormous fun text inspired by doing such duty.)

Dr. Strange at #83 on Wizard's 200 Greatest Characters Of All Time:

A master of medicine and magic, Strange is one of Stan Lee's classically tortured characters, a man punished for his ego when fate strips him of the steadiness of his surgeon's hands. Turning to a life of sorcery, Strange is our gateway into the fantastic, wielding the kind of mysticism comic panels were made for.

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Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday 3 May 02008! Visit the website for this year's lineup.

There's no finer place to get some free comics loot- and bring the children and corruptible friends- than at Rocketship in Brooklyn, NY; Fred Van Lente signing [Rocketship]

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Blue Hat Man Looks like an acquired Steve Ditko Strange Tales #141 original art page [ComicArtFans]

"I think the problem is that... Marvel has tried to make [Doctor Strange] more super-hero than supernatural" ["DoctorMudd" on the Defenders Message Board]

Michigan comics retailer David Pirkola, owner and operator of Apparitions Comics and Books, shot by robber; no health insurance; donations needed [iFanboy] [via Comics Reporter]

Marvel legal batshit cease-and-desists legit Iron Man movie screening [TechCrunch] [Update: All is OK] [via Techmeme]

Late-comics business-as-usual sucks; "indie"-published books not as creator-owned as we thought [Permanent Damage]

Navigating Comics: Reading Strategies of Page Layouts [Visual Linguist; essay, 31-page PDF]

Interview with CBLDF's Charles Brownstein after big Gordon Lee win [Comics Reporter]

Iron Man movie out tomorrow! Reviewing well [91% on Rotten Tomatoes at this writing]

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