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Rundown of the Doctor-Strange-related in February 02009 solicits [Sanctum Sanctorum Comix]
Neilalien didn't realize that the Offenders in Hulk #10 features the old masked version of Doctor Strange? [Again With The Comics has a wallpaper]

Rob Osborne interview; Neilalien fave The Nearly Infamous Zango has sadly been cancelled, no #4 [Comics Waiting Room]
Neilalien didn't pimp it enough.

Massive exploration of the Holy Grail of Marvel superhero collectibles: Amsco's 01975 Marvel World playset (with Sanctum) [Sanctum Sanctorum Comix]

Who Stole My Volcano? Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dematerialisation of Supervillain Architecture [Magical Nihilism]
"So - for a '4th generation warfare' supervillain there aren't even objects for the production designer to create and imbue with personality."

Recap of recent 60's Marvel Bullpen convention panel; the time Joe Sinnott turned down a story Ditko phoned in [Comic Book Resources]
Speaking of Mr. Sinnott, Neilalien wanted to learn a little more [] [Joe Sinnott on Wikipedia]

Marvel released 3Q results: publishing down 3% to $34 million; licensing missing a Spider-Man movie; Iron Man movie producer fees boost overall; strong balance sheet and cash position, but flat 02009, impact of bad economy predicted [Variety's Bags and Boards] [ICv2]
Marvel Investing Over $10 Million in Digital Publishing [ICv2]

Fascinating Wizard Market Watch from November 01991 [The Hurting]
Daredevil #300 deemed a failure since it didn't have a collectible foil gimmick cover.

Are Daytime Soaps Doomed? [Yahoo TV Blog]
There seems to be an interchangeable article boilerplate template for comic books, soap operas and professional wrestling about the impending doom of trying to keep decades-old characters fresh, genre and storyline tropes fresh, and fanbases growing in the face of opposing societal changes.

Turkish city of Batman suing Warner Bros. for its piece of pie [Hurriyet Daily News] [via ICv2]

Japan embarrassed over PM Taro Aso's love of comic books [Telegraph]

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3D Comics Night tonight in NYC! 7pm at FIT [New York Stereoscopic Society]

Excelsior! Stan Lee awarded the 02008 National Medal of Arts, the nation's highest honor for artistic excellence [SciFi Wire] [thanks C-Dog!]

Neilalien damn proud to appear in blogroll of drinkin' blog [Spiked Punch]

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Ditko's Killjoy from E-Man #2 and #4 (01973-74) posted online [Diversions of the Groovy Kind]

Unpublished Doctor Strange illustration from 01972 by P. Craig Russell

"The Ultimate Evil" from The Many Ghosts Of Dr. Graves #12 by Skeates/Ditko 01969 posted online; for all intents and purposes a Doctor Strange story [Fortress of Fortitude]

Trauma, new character from Avengers: The Initiative with ability to shape-shift into his opponent's worst fear, revealed to be Nightmare's son in recent Initiative Special [Trauma Wikipedia post] [Defenders Message Board]

Claimant to PhD in comic book magic is "so frustrated by Bendis every time I see him even approach Scarlet Witch or Doctor Strange, two characters he seems incapable of writing on a fundamental level" [read/RANT!]

Hope that Dormammu being the Hood's benefactor in New Avengers won't be resolved by Bendis' experimental non-Dr.-Strange Sorcerer Supreme [Glory Days]:

Neilalien seems to think it will be dealt with by the new-Sorcerer-Supreme, but my interpretation of this whole thing is that we're going to get a lot of pretenders to the throne but in the end Stephen'll come back better than ever. It may be that I am cutting Bendis more slack than he deserves.

Meanwhile: Maybe Rintrah will emerge from his cow-coon to step into the mantle? [Defenders Message Board]

Neilalien remembers this Hulk-and-the-beached-whale passage in Defenders #75 [Flog] [via ADDTF]

Obama collects Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian comics [Barack Obama: The 50 facts you might not know]

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Doctor Strange by John Beatty Dr. Strange and Hellboy commission art [by John Beatty] [thanks Howard!]

On SciFi Channel tonight 9 PM ET: Blade Runner Final Cut [ Schedule]
Highly recommended. Neilalien saw this on the huge classic Ziegfeld screen last October. The only version over which Ridley Scott had complete artistic control. You will definitely think Deckard is a replicant after seeing this version.

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Ditko birthday celebration, lots of scans posted, beautiful birthday card by Michel Fiffe [Scans_daily]

Lovenote to Doctor Strangefate Marvel/DC amalgamation [Comic Book Resources]

A Question of [Comic Book] Accessibility: Studying Pathology and Archaeology by Michael Peterson [long The House Next Door]
A comic book like Civil War is as incomprehensible to non-comics folks as applying a health pack is incomprehensible to someone without all of the little knowledges and trainings and assumptions of first-person-shooter video games.

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Happy Birthday to Steve Ditko!

Steve Ditko

From "How Stan Lee And Steve Ditko Create Spider-Man!" in Spider-Man Annual #1 (01964).

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