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New Avengers #6 Reviews

"F*** you, it's Magic!" is the only logic this story contains [Sanctum Sanctorum Comix]

The only satisfactory thing about this story arc is that it's now over [Strange Occasions]

"Let's pretend this book had more of an impact on the Marvel Universe than building Doctor Strange back into his old job" [Snap Judgments]
Let's hope this book is doing even that!

A total lack of compression and action; a missed opportunity for an epic battle; a predictable meaningless temporary death [A Comic Book Blog]

You're in for disappointment; lackluster and predictable; when does Dr. Strange get his redemption? [Comic Reviews at Player Affinity]

Boring plotting; Ms. Marvel jokes about the time she was raped; another minority character killed off [6'7" and Green]

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Be sure to watch 60 Minutes tonight: First look at the rehearsal and production of "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark", the most ambitious and expensive musical ever brought to a Broadway stage, by U2's Bono and Edge, and Julie Taymor [60 Minutes]

Update: "The Spectacle of Spider-Man", 60 Minutes, 28 November 02010 [YouTube] [CBS News]

Update: Spider-Man is a great show for understudies: 3rd actor injured while swinging from the wires [Gothamist]

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Neilalien enjoyed stumbling upon these in the window of an art/framing shop in Old Montreal this weekend, Diabolik a la Lichtenstein. Some Googling reveals that Diabolik's publisher Astorina has been selling these museum-quality prints [Astorina artwork at the Artchive].

Diabolik cover gallery [Comic Vine]

Ennio Morricone's "Deep Down" from 01968's classic movie Danger: Diabolik [YouTube]

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Blue Hat Man Remember when Dr. Strange had an Eye or Amulet of Agamotto? [iconic image at Four Color Process]

The Names of The Ditko [Ditko Comics]

Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival Announces Programming Schedule [Saturday 4 December 02010]

Superior Englehart/Brunner/Colan Dr. Strange run to be Marvel Masterworked in April 02011 [Tales of Wonder: Doctor Strange Volume 5]

Q3 Comic Sales Sucked, but comics' long-suffering long tail of below-Top-300 books maybe showed a little oomph [ICv2] [Comichron #1, #2]

Thor glut, anyone? [Robot 6]

Note that there are now two of Scott's Laws of Comic Book Medicine [Polite Dissent]

Man starts sorting his comic book collection of the myriad Superman titles chronologically, lives to tell tale [Progressive Ruin]

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Uncle Stan says There's Money In Comics! The unveiling ceremony for Stan Lee's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame set for 4 January 02011 [News From Mark Evanier]

Neil Vokes posts some of his sweet long-lost art to be published in February's Doctor Strange: From The Marvel Vault #1 [That's All Vokes!]

New Doctor Strange t-shirt based on the "falling into Death's mouth" cover of Doctor Strange #4 [Mighty Fine] [Robot 6]

Writer J. Michael Straczynski abruptly quitting his much-ballyhooed Superman and Wonder Woman runs mid-story to focus on graphic novels such as a fast-tracked sequel to successful Superman: Earth One; starts new wave of pundit buzz with comment that the comics business is moving away from the monthly periodical model [ICv2] [Techland] [IGN] [Comics Alliance] [Comic Book Resources] [JMS interview on CBR] [JMS interview on Newsarama]
JMS, illness aside, has an established history of running late on monthly books or outright not finishing series that he's started [4thletter]
JMS votes No Confidence re: the monthly periodical [Comics Reporter]

The Weirdest Thing in the Batcave: Batman's Truth Chamber [Comics Alliance]

Single, attractive women complain that too many men have a poor knowledge of comics [The Daily Mash] [via LinkMachineGo]

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Doctor Strange is spared, for now. Developing...

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Preview of New Avengers #6, the finale of the current big decompressed story arc finally out this week [Newsarama]

An Avenger is supposed to be dying in this issue; it could be Doctor Strange [Panels of Awesome has the odds of Doc dying at a best-of-field 1-to-1]
Neilalien's tentacles are crossed that Doc will be spared one more, and the ultimate, indignity at Bendis' hands.

Mystery meat explained: Comprehensive review of New Avengers #5 [Sanctum Sanctorum Comix]
Complete with multiple footnotes, an examination of how the antagonist certainly could be Agamotto, testing or wanting his Eye back, and Sanctum's continued stubbornness that the Seven Spheres War didn't happen in an Earthly nanosecond. Excelsior!

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Brooklyn this weekend: King Con

If the trailer for Syfy Channel's new "Antiques Roadshow to the stars" TV show Hollywood Treasures suggests that Stan Lee has tons of disputed Jack Kirby Silver Age art sitting in his garage, there's gonna be trouble [Robot 6]

Fans love crap because immersion filters out potentially distracting stimuli, like crappiness [Groovy Age of Horror]

On What Comics Can Do [Warren Ellis] [via Comics Reporter]

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Uncle Miltie doesn't even need to unzip his trousers: Blistering, entertaining, NSFW review of a recent Thor book that could apply to a few current Marvel comics/hotshot creators [The Hurting]
It can be tough for the aware fan who likes neither the work-for-hire industry system, nor phoned-in work-for-hire.

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Doctor Strange: From the Marvel Vault #1 in February

Roger Stern/Neil Vokes Dr. Strange story commissioned in 01998 for the Marvel Universe series but never published will now see the light of day. This lost work chronicles Doc's first night, and first mystical encounter, in his Greenwich Village brownstone. More stories unearthed by the Marvel offices move will make their way into the From the Marvel Vault series.

[Newsarama] [The Short Box] [iFanboy]

Doctor Strange: From the Marvel Vault

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Happy Birthday to Steve Ditko!

Ditko panel

[Funky panel by Steve Ditko, from The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves #24 (01971) (see page here)]

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Doctor Strange Caught in a Millionaire Psychic Scam [Comics All Too Real]

How to Fix Marvel Comics (Part 1) [Comics In Crisis]
This series is gonna take a while.

Team Comix help needed: Consider buying some comics off of Alan David Doane- or make a Doane-ation [Trouble With Comics]

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It's still Halloween 'round these parts:

A burst (great blogs think alike) of recent Halloween love for Gene Colan/Tom Palmer Doctor Strange/Dracula covers [Giant Size Marvel Comics] [Diversions Of The Groovy Kind]

Marvel Halloween phone cards from 01994 feature Strange [Sanctum Sanctorum Comix]

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