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Marvel's March 02011 solicitations include some Doctor Strange [Comic Book Resources]
A DR. STRANGE: INTO THE DARK DIMENSION Premiere Hardcover collecting Doctor Strange #68-74. Doc's a "special guest instructor" in AVENGERS ACADEMY #10 & #11. Luke Cage calls on New Avenger Dr. Strange to help find the perfect candidate to bolster the ranks to deal with "imminent magical threats" in THUNDERBOLTS #154 & #155.

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DC Comics screwed over the very first creator it ever had, and many since, including colorist Adrienne Roy, who died earlier this month [Tony Isabella's Bloggy Thing] [via Trouble With Comics]
Adrienne Roy remembrances [CBGXtra] [Mark Evanier]

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Long interview with writer Joe Casey [Comics Reporter]

My feeling about mainstream, monthly superhero books is that they should contain more invention, be more daring, take more chances... because they can. They're so transitory, they're so "here this week, gone later this week", why not go balls out on every single every issue? Especially with DC reducing their page counts. That makes it even more of an imperative that every page matters, motherfuckers! That old chestnut, "writing for the trade" is so over but not everybody has realized it. The way I've always seen it, comics are such a direct form of communication -- even superhero comics -- why waste them saying absolutely nothing? And I'm not talking about saying something profound... I'm saying, "Entertain my ass! Show me something I've never seen before!"... I may be stepping into a minefield of supreme pretention here, but fuck it. It's probably not fashionable to even think this much about genre fiction, let alone superhero comics. But the best superhero comics that have ever been created are both completely timeless and completely of their time. Their power lies simultaneously in both their simplicity and their complexity. When you break them down to some sort of essence, they're supposed to present pure, human emotion inflated and expanded to Wagnerian proportions. That's what they do best.

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Original ROM art auctions to benefit legendary creator Bill Mantlo ending soon [EBay] [Spacenite 2 also posting the illos] [ROM art by Sanctum Sanctorum Comix in the auction! Ebay] [Mantlo story reminder: prolific Marvel writer of 70's and 80's, head trauma due to hit-and-run accident, needs Team Comix help]
(As of this posting, there are about 12 hours left for bidding, sorry for the tight deadline, grrr shouldn't do these things while everyone's away for the holidays.)

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Happy Birthday today to that purveyor of purple prose, Stan Lee!

Doctor Strange

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Shade Your latest, but more comprehensive list, of 25 live-action-movie casting candidates for Doctor Strange []

Bring back the 'stache: Did Dr. Strange need a Romita to sustain post-Ditko momentum but also get 'beyond' Ditko like Spider-Man had? [Blog Into Mystery]

Enjoyable set of blurby lovenotes to Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Frank Quitely, Doug Mahnke, Brandon Graham [Little Garden Comics]

Ditko uses hands in the same way that normal cartoonists use faces; the hands on his characters express the emotional state, mood and temperament in ways that hands rarely do in real life. It's a fascinating approach to drawing people and a completely idiosyncratic storytelling style.

"The problems look pretty clear to me: we're not offering the right comics to the right people at the right price." [Brian Hibbs Tilting at Windmills on CBR]
Comics risk dangerous waters when publishers dampen the passion of the core foundation of periodical buyers, and their dependable cash flow, with short-term money-grabs like big crossover events, line overexpansions, overproduction of minis and new #1s, and price increases- and all in a recession too.
Update: Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort disagrees re: title glut, going from 5 Batman books to 1: "Every time this sort of thing has been tried in the past, the results have been the same. For the most part, multiple titles featuring the same character(s) dont cannibalize sales from one another, nor do the sales aggregate when you eliminate the other books." [Robot 6]

Boom! Studios on the 'Pollyanna-ish' 'Save Comics' Overhype of Digital Comics [Comics Alliance]
Some things are easier, but the challenge oddly stays the same: All the digitally-distributed comics in the world doesn't make more new people magically interested in reading comics and searching the web for "comics".

Another Wildstorm post-mortem generates another list of solid comics from the defunct imprint: Top 10, Smax, Sleeper, Authority, Planetary, etc. [Comics Reporter]

Comic books are the literature of outcasts, of pariahs, of Jews, of gays, of blacks [Ta-Nehisi Coates]
Don't underestimate who the Jim-Shooter Mattel-gimmickry of Secret Wars hath inspired.

There will likely be no new blogging here this week, until after Xmas. Have a Happy Holidays!

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Blue Hat Man Touching moment in Defenders of Dr. Strange's friendship with the Hulk undone by crappy things Doc has done to Hulk since (Crossroads, Illuminati) [Slay, Monstrobot Of The Deep!!]

Doctor Strange was this week's Secret Origins Monday [Big Shiny Robot]

The ACT-I-VATE comix collective has been doing a weekly charity anthology called Panels for Primates in support of the Primate Rescue Center [@panels4primates on Twitter]

Must Read: Steel #1 and the state of the superhero comic [Robot 6]
The writer has no idea why events in the book are happening, the book changed since its solicitation, another potential minority character death, but don't worry, deaths are witheringly meaningless and temporary.

Lovenote to that mind-blowing 4-page spread by Steranko in Strange Tales #167 that asked you to buy two copies of the issue [Bully Says Comics Oughta Be Fun]

Holy mackerel, remember when Disney bought CrossGen's assets in 02004? In the tangled web of the world we weave, that now means a CrossGen imprint from Disney-acquired Marvel [Robot 6]

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New Avengers #7 Braindump

1. Start with some positives: Immonen's art, as always. There were some funny lines among the Bendialogue. Wong got his moment- that is good.

2. Luke Cage and the rest of the group convincing Doctor Strange to stay and be the "Magical Avenger" was actually quite charming.

3. But probably unfortunately for Doctor Strange fans, that means more Doctor Strange: The Sad-Sack Supreme in this book. Two silent panels in this issue!- one with pursed lips as his friends coax him off the high ledge, one with head down in self-pitying shadow. He makes Teen Peter Parker's feet look made of concrete!

4. People are really buying these superhero comics with everyone sitting around talking without any action in them? For $4? Huh.

Doctor Strange sad-sack panels in New Avengers #7

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Neilalien's scanners are going nuts that Dr. Strange is the villain in the upcoming video game Batman: Arkham City, but it's Hugo Strange, of course

Page of rare Bill Watterson art, political cartoons, for the Calvin connoisseur [via C-Dog]

Takeaways re: recent incidents: The latest creator/message-boarder scuffle: When writing comics reviews, it's better to keep it about the actual work on the page [Robot 6]
It also helps if you've actually seen the book you're reviewing.

When you take lots of drugs, your comics like Amazing Spider-Man #97 tend to have lots of disembodied heads [Comics Make No Sense]

Moondragon Is Smarter Than You, Bitch! [Prism Comics]
Marvel doesn't have a good track record portraying brainy women.

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Neilalien wishes good luck to Strange Occasions, another Doctor Strange weblog to move on to other dimensions sadly before its time. May your amulet never tickle!

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A big thanks to Dave Wakeling and the English Beat for a joyous show at the Bell House in Brooklyn on Thursday night!

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Thor Trailer Hammers Home the Superhero-Stuffed 02011 (including The Green Hornet, Green Lantern, X-Men: First Class, Captain America) [Vulture] [YouTube]

But before all that, there is Tron: Legacy next week [YouTube]

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Preview: Unexplored Worlds, the second volume of Blake-Bell-curated Steve Ditko reprints [Techland]

Win a copy at Wired by commenting about your favorite Ditko character. Neilalien doesn't see enough Dr. Strange there.

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New Avengers #7 preview: Doc not on cover; recap page explains what happened [Comic Book Resources]

The Avengers discover the once-great former Sorcerer Supreme Agamotto needs his enchanted Eye back to protect him from the other members of the mystical Vishanti and tries everything from dimensional attack to manipulation to try and get it back... Current Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Voodoo sacrifices himself to protect the world from Agamotto's vicious attacks. The spirit of Voodoo's brother, Daniel Drumm, witnesses his brother's death and swears vengeance on Doctor Strange and the collected Avengers.

Designs for an unlikely Spider-Man: Fever "Carnival of Light" sequel [Brendan McCarthy] [thanks LMGo!]

If the name of the artist who drew it does not appear on the cover, it's likely the graphic novel will be terrible [Douglas Wolk at Techland]

Big congratulations to uber-comics-blogger Progressive Ruin for seven years of uber-comics-blogging!
That means every cell in his body is now different from when he started, right? So who is that stranger blogging at PR now then!?

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Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival today!

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Steve Ditko (and Jack Kirby) Omnibuses (or Omnibi) lurk on Amazon; coming from DC Comics mid-02011 [Corey Blake] [Amazon]

Luke Cage's office was above the Gem Theater [via Comics Comics]

Supervillains represented only by minimalist rectangles, by artist Fabian Glez [Flickr] [via io9]

Drunk Hulk is a good Tweeter; Shuma-Gorath, not so much

Craig Ferguson's lost Dr. Who cold show opening [YouTube] [via C-Dog]
Orbital scanners, do not fail Neilalien now: Find him that girl on the left with the Mondrian dress, wow.

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Doctor Strange Doctor Strange goes back to magic school in funny Marvel webisode [Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! Episode 15]

Steve Lieber Doctor Strange sketch [must log into Facebook to see] [via Comics Reporter]

Kirby heirs vs. Marvel: Update in the big lawsuit: Judge narrows case to crucial workplace/agreement/contract/ownership issues after counterclaim trimming; Disney to be entangled despite lame attempt at liability shielding [Hollywood Reporter]

Drawn+Quarterly acquires Neilalien's Best Comic Book of 02004, Dan Clowes' The Death-Ray, for future publication [Comics Reporter]

Destructor is now a webcomic in color [Destructor] [PR at CBR]

Comics Weblog Name Of The Year: The Blog For ROM Fans Who Aren't Dicks

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