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3eanuts: Peanuts strips with the final joke panel omitted, leaving only the despair [reminds of Garfield Minus Garfield] [29 Mar 02011]

Doctor Strange Does Italy [first post and explanation] [Doc Minimate figure accompanies lush on six-month trip to Italy] [27 Mar 02011]

Marvel Comics solicitations for June include a Human Torch/Hulk From The Marvel Vault drawn by Ditko; a Fear Itself: The Deep #1 cover with a drowning Doctor Strange [23 Mar 02011]

DC Comics ends comments on its official blog The Source after Superman vs. Flash Who's Fastest? flamewar [Boing Boing] [Source post soliciting Superman #709] [this is why we can't have nice things] [JMS' Grounded storyline continues growing in infamy] [if Superman is faster, why even bother having a Flash character?] [20 Mar 02011]

Spidey Super Theater Stories: The Cartoon [hilarious comic by Ward Sutton for the Village Voice] [12 Mar 02011]

What Your Favorite Comic Book Characters Listen To [Doctor Strange listens to The Orb] [11 Mar 02011]

Accused Meth Dealer Faces Loss Of His Beloved 18,753 Comic Books; drug money laundered into collection valued over $500,000 [4 Mar 02011]

Holy Crap, Look At The New The Death-Ray Cover [1 Mar 02011]

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