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Gary Groth and Rodrigo Baeza fight for accurate history vs. Jim Shooter's version of events re: Jack Kirby's three-year ordeal [01984-01987] to force Marvel to return his own artwork to him [26 Apr 02011]

Elisabeth Sladen, actor who portrayed beloved Doctor Who companion Sarah-Jane Smith, has died [we lost Nicholas Courtney, The Brigadier, in February] [21 Apr 02011]

Pics of new Hasbro Marvel Universe Doctor Strange astral form variant action figure [with Cloak] [13 Apr 02011]

Patrick Dempsey would love to play Dr. Strange in a film or TV series and show that he's capable of more than Dr. McDreamy [12 Apr 02011]

Excellent Doctor Strange appearance by Jeff Parker in Thunderbolts #155 [review by Sanctum] [as expected, Neilalien slows his blogging, the curse lifts, good Doc stories manifest] [11 Apr 02011]

Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival this weekend in NYC! [Panels and Programs] [Update: Party Poop] [7 Apr 02011]

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