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The Self-Strangulation of the Direct Market [retailer Brian Hibbs, Tilting At Windmills] [DM premise needs volume sellers at the top; current long-tail reality of selling 1-5 each of lots of titles is not profitable] [24 May 02011]

Many people are wishing that the world map of DC's Flashpoint event had said "Gorilla-Grodd-controlled Africa" rather than "Ape-controlled Africa" [23 May 02011]

Has there been a greater publishing emphasis on the Marvel Studios characters (Iron Man/Captain America/Avengers) than on the characters whose movie rights are controlled elsewhere (Spider-Man/Sony, X-Men/Fox)? [17 May 02011]

Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Dead, Vader Says [Yoda in the comments: "Until body I see, believe it I will not."] [11 May 02011]

Recent notable Dr. Strange art: [Farel Dalrymple (with correct Cloak-less astral form!)] [Rick Veitch] [John Beaty] [Richard Pace] [Shane Oakley] [8 May 02011]

The movie hopes of Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige: "The next one is Dr. Strange". [6 May 02011]

Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday 7 May! [update: huge list of signings by state] [2 May 02011]

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