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Gene Colan, legendary creator and Dr. Strange artist, has died [Clifford Meth announcement, remembrance] [NYTimes obit] [Mark Evanier] [CBR obit] [Sanctum Sanctorum Comix] [collected creator responses: Robot 6, Newsarama] [official website] [Wikipedia] [updating] [26 Jun 02011]

Doctor Strange art and images: [Doc in a speedo by P. Craig Russell 01995] [awesome Ulises Farinas] [Doc and Clea by Arthur Adams] [Scott Kowalchuk] [Patrick Dean via CR] [gallery: when Dr. Strange wore a mask] [18 Jun 02011]

DC announces massive bold risky line-wide relaunch: 52 superhero books with issue #1 in September (31 August), same-day digital release as print, costume redesigns by Jim Lee and variations in origins and ages and rebootings (no more Clark/Lois marriage, but Superman and Wonder Woman might hook up), a 'more modern, diverse and accessible' universe, real publicity including TV commercials, retailer incentives including returnability [full list of the 52 books and creative teams; covers] [retailer Brian Hibbs is skeptical [Tilting]]: more potential glut in a worse economy; a lot of new civilians will be required for success; the relaunch should be spread out over months; losing great legacy numbering like #900 for a quick #1 bounce; DC hasn't been great with past big moves, diversity or real-world-ism like Marvel] [great commentary by Greg Hatcher: if we still want DC/Marvel comics 10 years from now, then sorry shrinking-population-of-uberfans, general-audience first; can we not do origins again?; decades of inconvenient continuity and anything movie-unfriendly will be taken behind the shed] [these supernatural/ex-Vertigo/"dark" titles sound moderately interesting] [Action Comics will be by Grant Morrison] [only 1.9% of DC relaunch creators are female] [17 Jun 02011]

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