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New Defenders book by Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson announced at San Diego Comic-Con! [a core lineup of Doc, Namor, Red She-Hulk (Betty Ross/Banner), Iron Fist, and Silver Surfer, with a variable cast] [Fear Itself fallout ("ticking clocks?")] [] [Fraction's great take on Doc: "William S. Burroughs, Man of Occult Mystery, with Steve Ditko Kung Fu grip"; "Strange is at [the series'] heart and at its core"] [Fraction interview: The Weird Avengers: "I've been having a nervous breakdown at every retreat when Dr. Strange comes up, so now I'm finally getting a chance to put my money where my mouth is."] [coming in December] [31 Jul 02011]

Recent Dr. Strange appearance: Iron Man 2.0 #7: Doc competently helps from afar versus open Hell gate, and Iron Fist, now Immortal Weapon of Agamotto [very notable item for Doc fans; but the book is lost in the worst bigeventcrossoverism (btw, can anyone tell where Iron Fist's story will continue?!)] [reviews/recaps: Comic Book Daily, A Comic Book Blog] [31 Jul 02011]

Recent Dr. Strange appearance: Incredible Hulks #633 has it all: Doc! Umar-Hulk lovin'! Mindless Ones and the Dark Dimension barrier! Dungeons & Dragons jokes! Doc mulling yet a new Hulk banishment! Greg Pak's swansong with the Green Goliath! Fin Fang Foom! [Crave Online review] [31 Jul 02011]

Comics veteran Denny O'Neil discusses the origins of his de-Ditko'ed Question, and then how he used it to hook up with women [perhaps telling the ladies he came up with the name Optimus Prime somehow wasn't working] [31 Jul 02011]

Doctor Strange leaked, then confirmed, as a playable character [and Rocket Raccoon!] in November's Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 video game [apparently a money-grubbing double-dipping relaunch of the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 video game just released in February; fans complaining this new stuff should have been released as downloadable content (DLC), but Capcom says the Japan tsunami threw off their DLC intentions] [31 Jul 02011]

Recent notable Dr. Strange art: [Jemma Salume's Dr. Strange Rogues Gallery Collection] [Doc and the Thing by Gene Colan] [Eye of Agamotto by Skelton Crew Studio (via)] [31 Jul 02011]

"It's Either In You, Or It's Not" teaser images for a post-Fear-Itself December 02011 event apparently include Doctor Strange [text silhouettes that also include scrambled phrases; by Rich Ginter] [speculation that it's a new Defenders team] [Cloak is shown: Doc returning to some former glory?] [Sanctum Sanctorum Comix analysis] [Doc apparently also part of "The Mighty" Fear Itself teaser image with Tron caduceus] [17 Jul 02011]

The Fascinating, Frustrating Enigma of Steve Ditko ["Ditkos adherence to Objectivism has cost him dearly"] [16 Jul 02011]

Roy Thomas saved Marvel at the company's 1970's nadir by proposing they license and adapt a little science-fiction-doesn't-sell movie called Star Wars [Star Wars: The Comic Book That Saved Marvel! good long (if uselessly-paginated) interview with Thomas, others, from Alter Ego #68] [9 Jul 02011]

Patrick Dempsey again talks about how he'd love to play Dr. Strange, finds an egomaniac crashing-and-burning (no pun intended) and going on a spiritual journey a fresh superhero idea, with passionate fans [30-second video clip] [8 Jul 02011]

The Summharry by Lucy Knisley [massive comic poster recaps entire Harry Potter odyssey] [7 Jul 02011]

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