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In great incongruity to the stories in the comic books, in real-life Marvel lawyers argue that mutants are not humans [toys that don't represent humans are taxed less than dolls (action figures, ahem) that do represent humans] [31 December 02011]

Daniel Clowes' excellent The Death-Ray of Eightball #23 was released this year as a graphic novel ["Holden Caulfield with his phaser set on kill"; among Time Magazine's Top 10 Fiction Books of 02011] [collected news items] [Bill K.: "Based on the effective critique articulated by The Death-Ray, there may not be a need for any more [superhero comics]."] [TCJ discussion; Ditko in The Death-Ray; interview: Clowes did not think of The Death-Ray as a critique of superhero comics or their readers] [Drawn & Quarterly] [] [29 December 02011]

Happy 89th Birthday today to Stan Lee! [28 December 02011]

Defenders #1 reviews as found: ["Big, Bold, Crazy and Awesome"] [showing two one-night stands in 15 pages is unnecessary] [quintessential first issue stuff] [too much blown characterization; why not just use Valkyrie and Nighthawk instead of She-Hulk and Iron Fist] ["Protecting humanity from the impossible!" is a great tag-line] [18 December 02011]

Jerry Robinson, comics pioneer and legendary creator, the second artist ever of Batman, creator of The Joker, comics ambassador and champion of creator rights, has died [and, as an early faculty member at the School of Visual Arts in New York, art teacher of Steve Ditko] [17 December 02011]

"How long are we going to have suffer this screw-up version of Doctor Strange?" [inept Doc repels Kree-invasion spacecraft into a building in Fantastic Four #600, apparently killing hundreds] [16 December 02011]

"Perchance To Dream": Dr. Strange by Walt Simonson and Dave Gibbons from Marvel Fanfare #41 [4 December 02011]

When Jim Shooter met Gary Gygax [the TSR execs played Dungeons & Dragons; the Marvel execs were ashamed of comic books] [3 December 02011]

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