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Xoc: The Journey of a Great White by Matt Dembicki coming in July from Oni Press [weekly page preview ongoing at Big Planet Comics] [Neilalien enjoyed the minicomic] [27 June 02012]

The Five Fingers of Death for Doctor Strange [series of blog posts by SanctumSanctorumComix listing five fatal errors of modern Marvel's portrayal of Doc] [link updated! six fingers of Marvel malfeasance re: Doc!] [the six fatal errors are: 1. making Doc a Chosen One (without choice nor hard work there is no heroism); 2. making Doc an alcoholic (he wasn't; let Tony Stark be that in the MU); 3. making Doc a Contemporary Man (he is outside time, long-lived, older than the other MU heroes); 4. making Doc as if he has magic powers (he has knowledge); 5. making Doc inept if he's not Sorcerer Supreme (before the dramatic mantle, he defeated gods); 6. letting Doc's rogue's gallery be diminished (and Doc with them; he is more than a 'superhero')] [26 June 02012]

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