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Don't expect Marvel/DC to target female supercomic readers anytime soon: the mandate from their corporate owners is to be for boys [especially Marvel, since Disney has "Princess" dominated and bought Marvel to help itself with boys] [DC low-balls its girl-readership numbers, afraid of female fans driving away the boys?] [more] [meanwhile at non-Marvel/DC, gatekeepers against girls, kids, women, queer, color, are falling] [31 July 02012]

Three-page preview of Doctor Strange: Season One [Greg Pak deep-breathy-voiced video commercial] [25 July 02012]

Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti interview re: Marvel Knights from 01998 [from magazine Tripwire Volume 2 #7 Oct/Nov 01998 to be exact: Tony Harris's Doctor Strange cover] [they discuss Flight of Bones] [23 July 02012]

Thoughts and condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims of the Aurora movie theater mass shooting [nightmares stalk us even on a fun night at a Batman movie] [22 July 02012]

Awesome Dr. Strange statuette based on oldest-school Strange Tales #110 Steve Ditko art from Dark Horse [750 numbered pieces] [20 July 02012]

Conservatives targeting Marvel/Disney/retailers over Astonishing X-Men #51 and its Northstar same-sex marriage ["asking kids to fantasize about their own homosexual wedding"? WTF] [19 July 02012]

Recap/review of new cartoon Ultimate Spider-Man episode "Strange Days" with Doctor Strange [18 July 02012]

MoCCA Suffers Setback With Loss Of Physical Space [terrible news even if the space was tiny] [highly critical analysis at the 10-year point: State of the Art Museum: What MoCCA Has Accomplished and Failed to Accomplish After Ten Years] [fascinating meme: expensive Festival tables yet "accessible" exhibits mean starving artists subsidize the mainstream] [annual Fest never fails to refuel Neilalien's gas tank] [17 July 02012]

Check it out: Simpsons Super Spectacular #15 includes great Batton Lash and Frank Brunner Plasmo The Mystic story [much Dr. Strange evoked complete with Shazana-esque villainess and Howard The Duck] [6 July 02012]

Doctor Strange art: [custom Mego figure of Peter Hooten Dr. Strange by Will McKenzie!] [Strange Advice by JD Hancock] [Doc and Dr. Doom by David Wachter] [Michael Cho] [Eddy Newell] [Mike Norton] [redux: two John Byrne commissions] [5 July 02012]

The New York Post looks for Steve Ditko on the eve of the new Amazing Spider-Man movie and finds a doodling crank [the comments defend Mr. Ditko] [5 July 02012]

Super-Dreams of an Alternate World Order: 'The Amazing Spider-Man' and the Modern Comic Book Movie [the long road of comics/superheroes from innocent-seducing outsiders to the movie westerns of our time, a glut of ever-sooner reboots, 600 Avengers-tie-in products at Walmart, and witheringly corporate, status-quo and white-male] [any of the the article's good stuff suffocates under all the snob hand-wringing though: despite media consolidation and defensive fans, it rings false that critics who voice skepticism about a comic book movie don't have "forums" when there's the internet, tons of bad reviews for Green Lantern, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Elektra, etc., and an intellectual's wet-dream of a negative review for near-universally-beloved The Avengers ran in the New York Times] [4 July 02012]

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