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'Ant-Man,' 'Doctor Strange' Lead Marvel's Phase Three movie slate [27 January 02013]

Director Roman Coppola, son of Francis Ford Coppola, recalls he did some work in the 90's towards a possible Dr. Strange movie [but decided it was impersonal studio product work] [alt link] [via Franklin Harris] [20 January 02013]

Police thought the Son of Sam notes had comics-like lettering and inquired at DC [tale related by Bob Rozakis] [did the staff joke it was Ditko? "Upon hearing why I'd been called into Sol's office, a few of my cohorts had their own ideas about who might be the Son of Sam, including a couple of fellow staffers. The most convincing argument, however, was made for a somewhat reclusive artist whose ultra-conservative leanings might have made him a suspect as the killer of 'loose' women"] [19 January 02013]

Warner Bros. Wins Blockbuster Victory in Legal Battle for Superman [court rules 02001 deal with Siegel's widow was an enforceable contract that waives ability to recapture Superman rights] [after October's denial to Shuster's estate, DC Comics is 2-for-2 against Superman co-creator estates and in full control of the character] [other recent creator-rights items: [Truth, Justice, & The Corporate Conscience by Steve Gerber from 01975/01988] [Industry Reacts To Scott Shaw! Over $100 Page Rates]] [12 January 02013]

End of an era: Comics Buyer's Guide to close after 42 years [announcement] [via Comics Reporter] [9 January 02013]

This new year will mark 50 years of publication history for Dr. Strange! 01963-02013 [Neilalien's Dr. Strange Story List] [Happy New Year!] [1 January 02013]

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