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Uncanny Avengers #6 shows Kang The Conqueror recovering Jarnbjorn, a mystical axe Thor used before obtaining Mjolnir, from the skull of what looks like a long-dead Baron Mordo in a Brazil tomb in the present day? [18 April 02013]

Re-released at last! New Dr. Strange & Dr. Doom: Triumph & Torment TPB coming out in August collecting the Stern/Mignola classic with Doctor Strange (01974) #57; material from Astonishing Tales (01970) #8, Marvel Fanfare (01982) #16, #43 [Amazon] [thanks reader Matt!] [10 April 02013]

Updating: Carmine Infantino, legendary comics creator and Silver-Age starter, has died at 87 [Wikipedia] [Comic Book Resources] [NY Times] [Comics Reporter] [collected links] [Mark Waid] [Hollywood Reporter] [Mark Evanier re: Infantino as Publisher] [The Awl] [A.V. Club] [How To Draw The Flash!] [7 April 02013]

MoCCA Festival this weekend in NYC! [panels and programming] [1 April 02013]

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