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Fantagraphics co-owner and comics champion Kim Thompson has died, too young at 56 [update: massive Comics Reporter obituary/biography of Kim Thompson] [22 June 02013]

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD on TV this fall [no, Neilalien is not putting in the periods] [on ABC of course] [Joss Whedon is executive producer: "It's about the other guys, the ones who are dealing with the fallout of the superhero world... It's not saving the world every week, it's more like we're saving that guy. We're trying to deal with the fact that they live in a superhero world and most of them aren't super. It's got some of the spectacle, but mostly it's a fun, funny human drama about this crew of people who are in this absurd situation." [TotalFilm quoted at CBR]] [Clark Gregg back as Agent Coulson; apparently died in Avengers; must have been one of Nick Fury's life model decoys] [YouTube official trailer] [ABC official website] [Wikipedia page] [21 June 02013]

Demystifying Doctor Strange [The Fifth Color column at CBR by Carla Hoffman] [love note to The Oath, and millionth call-to-arms that Doc doesn't need to be "fixed", just good magic-and-mystery stories] [20 June 02013]

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