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Stan Lee's open letter about Steve Ditko's role in the creation of Spider-Man, 01999 [Steve Ditko's response in The Comics, May 02001: "'Considered' means to ponder, look at closely, examine, etc. and does not admit, or claim, or state that Steve Ditko is Spider-Man's co-creator."] [25 August 02013]

Legendary comics creators dismiss sexism critiques [and dismiss any industry ambition to be leadingly less sexist than overall society] [Alyssa Rosenberg ThinkProgress report from the Television Critics Association press tour] [update: Some of the Greatest, Most Popular Comic Books Are Feminist] [8 August 02013]

Dormammu ends up doing nothing in his attack on Limbo except wussily get seemingly killed by Magik (and off-panel too) in Uncanny X-Men #7 [done with all the entertainment value of the Red Skull getting killed off-panel by Speedball with Captain America nowhere to be found] [7 August 02013]

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