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Captain America: New Deal Democrat, anti-fascist, internationalist [It Would Be Remarkable If Steve Rogers And Tony Stark Did Get Along; comment: "Marvel really missed an opportunity to tell this story in the Civil War arc"] [30 October 02013]

New Bill Watterson interview excerpt [full piece in the December print issue of Mental Floss] [update/found: Watterson interview from The Comics Journal #127, February 01989] [27 October 02013]

Congrats to Dr. Strange uber-fan SanctumSanctorumComix on his five-year blogiversary! [26 October 02013]

Marvel Pinball Doctor Strange will be downloadable in December [trailer on YouTube] [12 October 02013]

NY Comic-Con enrages attendees by hijacking Twitter and Facebook accounts to spam ads [VentureBeat]] [Mashable] [Boing Boing] [Polygon] [New York Comic-Con tweets for people without their "real" knowledge or consent: apparently, users who connected their social media accounts to the NYCC registration process clicked through a Terms of Service that allowed NYCC to send out shilling posts and spam from their accounts] [who are the shit-for-brains working for NYCC who thought this was an acceptable thing to do?] [11 October 02013]

Long love-note to David Quinn's run on Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme [by Ben Herman] [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [7 October 02013]

New York Comic-Con this weekend 10-13 October! [weekend is completely sold out] [panels, screenings, events, sessions schedule] [party list] [Dynamite/The Beat/CBLDF party Thursday] [update: The Beat's Party Poop] [6 October 02013]

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