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Marvel to bring four live-action series to Netflix [13-episode series starting in 02015: Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Daredevil, along with a culminating miniseries event based on the Defenders] [Variety] [Hollywood Reporter] [CBR] [ground/street-level "gritty world of heroes and villains of Hell's Kitchen"] [a route for characters that were never going to lead their own big-budget movie] [best decision they've ever made] [a bet on diversity] [people are already saying the large interconnected world of Marvel live-action movies and TV is alienating newcomers] [PopWatch: Hell's Kitchen not that gritty anymore; DC's Batman vs. Superman movie better be really, really good] [10 November 02013]

Who the Hell Was the Conscious and Clever Brains Behind the Marvel Phenomenon? [01960s Marvel correspondence reveals peeks of who did what] [9 November 02013]

Dr. Strange is in Daredevil #32 saying Jack Russell (Werewolf by Night) is the expert on the Darkhold grimoire [page] [so is Dr. Strange ever going to be an expert on anything ever again? sigh] [at least there's some props that Doc can sneak up on DD, and the Sanctum doesn't map to his radar] [Sons of the Serpent arc; Legion of Monsters and Satanna appear] [highly-praised current Daredevil run by Mark Waid with Marcos Martin, Paolo Rivera and Chris Samnee ending with #36 just for a new #1?] [7 November 02013]

Jeet Heer interviewed by Comics Reporter [The Superhero Reader: edited by Heer, Charles Hatfield and Kent Worcester; "academia's first historical anthology of scholarly work on superheroes... long-needed collection is ideal for classroom use in courses focusing on superheroes, comics, or cultural studies... a trove of ideas and information for anyone interested in the superhero genre"] [4 November 02013]

Happy Birthday to Steve Ditko! [Wikipedia] [2 November 02013]

DC Comics announces move from NYC to Burbank CA [as long rumored, an 80-year comics legacy in the publishing world's hub ends, to be further absorbed by Warner Bros., Hollywood, films, digital] [Bleeding Cool] [ComicsAlliance] [Newsarama; reactions] [Comics Reporter] [freelancers don't have to live near the offices anymore in our modern tech world] [expensive NYC lease/rent] [Disney has said Marvel stays in NYC; possible big changing of the DC guard if many veterans decide not to move] [good luck to staff who won't be moving with DC] [2 November 02013]

Those Comics in Your Basement? Probably Worthless [Businessweek article] [people are realizing investing in comics that aren't actually rare, desired, nor in perfect condition don't make good retirement plans] [related: "[Variant covers] exist for no reason other than publisher greed." [Eric Reynolds letter to CR]] [1 November 02013]

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