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Stan Lee Bemused By Kirby Controversies, Not As Rich As You Think He Is [new Stan Lee Playboy interview] [22 March 02014]

Retailer Brian Hibbs on the current state of back issues at comic shops [interesting: severing 'traditional' numbering for constant #1's nukes back-issue mystique] [21 March 02014]

New Avengers #14: "The Agamotto Gambit": Doctor Strange shown in The Sinner's Market selling his soul for the absolute power needed to save the universe from a pending Mapmaker incursion [some very cool ideas and art here; but with watching the other universes fall, also plenty of Prime Minister Electro (the concept that all the storytelling potential these tired characters have left to a hardcore audience is to rearrange the Titanic deck-chairs with every What-If Earth-X Age-of-Apocalypse combination possible and then kill them)] [Neilalien is very wary of more non-heroic selling-soul-to-devil Illuminati douchebag Doc here, but we shall see (but not in this week's #15; Doc subplot not present)] [Doc's soul? Waid's Strange #3 said it was like "it's not even there"] [20 March 02014]

Comic Stores: You Are The Future And I Don't Think You Know It [2000AD's Ben Smith reaches out to retailers] [19 March 02014]

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