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Does a Supreme Court Ruling Mean Disney Will Lose 'Spider-Man' Rights? [Raging Bull ruling limits laches defense if copyright infringement ongoing/growing; "the Copyright Act's statute of limitations runs separately from each violation"] ["If the rule were, as MGM urges, 'sue soon, or forever hold your peace,' copyright owners would have to mount a federal case fast to stop seemingly innocuous infringements, lest those infringements eventually grow in magnitude."] [Stan Lee Media, "an epic losing streak in court", was told in March 02010 they slept on their Marvel-character claims since 01998 and were time-barred from suing; now feeling new life] [24 May 02014]

Hollywood's superhero movie binge explained in four charts [update: a whopping five new TV shows next season based on superheroes/comic books] [10 May 02014]

Free Comic Book Day this Saturday 3 May! [update: Bongo Comics Free-For-All! FCBD offering this year includes Plasmo The Mystic and his on-again-off-again girlfriend Clea-clone Starla] [update: "Congrats once again to Joe Field for coming up with one of the best ideas for promoting comics ever."] [1 May 02014]

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