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Jon Spaihts is the writer of the Dr. Strange movie [Deadline Hollywood] [The Wire; "hard to get excited about"] [Wikipedia] [Spaihts has a writing credit for Prometheus, one of the worst movies Neilalien has ever seen, so he's wary- but from The Wire report: "And his contribution to Prometheus was the original script, which he wrote as a direct prequel to Alien. Damon Lindelof's heavy re-write gave us the muddled film we saw, so it's hard to judge Spaihts' talent based on that."] [5 August 02014]

Marvel 'Doctor Strange' Trademark Applications recently filed for everything in the multiverse [update: and more URL registrations like] [4 August 02014]

The only Dr. Strange mention at SDCC: Marvel's Avengers panel: "We have firm plans for Doctor Strange," Alonso said when asked about the character. "We have a writer, we more than likely have an artist, and more than likely have a target date. There's a reason Doc Strange has a huge role in 'Original Sin.'" No movie news or release date announced. [update: Variety guessing 8 July 02016] [update now that Original Sin has ended: was that a "huge role" in Marvel Editorial's mind? Dr. Strange did nothing] [2 August 02014]

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