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Marvel Comics and Jack Kirby Heirs Settle Legal Battle Ahead of Supreme Court Showdown [Comics Reporter] [NY Times] [Deadline] [Hollywood Reporter] [Variety] [4 Reasons We Shouldn't (And 4 We Should) Get Excited About the Marvel/Jack Kirby Settlement] [terms were not dislosed; hopefully they are acceptable to the Kirby family] [30 September 02014]

Big congratulations and best of luck to great comics blogger Progressive Ruin, who will be opening his own comic shop! [Sterling Silver Comics] [29 September 02014]

The New Teachers' Aides: Superman and Iron Man [Reading With Pictures] [22 September 02014]

List of comic book characters who fought cancer ["Yikes. Peter Parker killed Mary Jane with radioactive semen. Let's just move on... Foggy Nelson must be cured, and I don't care if it takes Dr. Strange making a pill out of Pym Particles and an Infinity Gem to do it."] [21 September 02014]

The Death of Adulthood in American Culture by A.O. Scott; New York Times Magazine] [Vulture: "Cultural essays about the death of adulthood are often Trojan horses for a different complaint: the death of seriousness."] [Salon: just capitalism at work; consumerism; the end of adult middle-class jobs] [A.O. Scott & Death of Adulthood: A Close Read by Jeet Heer; "we are not the men our fathers were" is as old as Homer; shoring up 'patriarchy/privilege'; the critic as beleaguered adult surrounded by idiots; childhood as special protected time is a relatively new thing; grim gritty comics are adults poaching on childhood] [20 September 02014]

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