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James Sturm's "The Sponsor" ode to cartoonist self-doubt stirs "old boys' club threatened by successful female/youth/internet" hubbub [Matt Bors collected responses] [Colleen Frakes: "all I see here are two white dudes complaining about a woman in comics"] [Alison Wilgus: "odd to see a young woman's success framed as a tragedy for older male cartoonists"] [TCJ 14 Responses] [The Beat] [Comics Reporter] [via Waxy] [17 November 02014]

Jeet Heer: How becoming a follower of Ayn Rand will likely cost Steve Ditko around $50-100 million [16 November 02014]

Moronic Dr. Strange appearance in AXIS: Revolutions #1 [one would think a Sorcerer Supreme who is "inverted" into a bad guy or affected by a "hate wave" would be one of the most dangerous things in the multiverse, but Marvel went with a MAD-Magazine-style parody of Doc, but without the humor, instead] [it's bad enough Doc was pwned in Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #3 and Dr. Doom casts the "order" side of the inversion spell with Scarlet Witch's "chaos"] [update: Dr. Strange AWOL for the AXIS event after his pwnage] [update: noting here that Brother Voodoo is back: Doom made a "Faustian bargain with a demigod" to resurrect him and his brother to possess Scarlet Witch in Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #8] [3 November 02014]

Happy Birthday today to Steve Ditko! [Wikipedia] [update: A Bunch Of Marvel Wide-Panels On Steve Ditko's 87th Birthday] [2 November 02014]

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