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MoCCA Fest is 11-12 April in NYC! [new venue! Center 548, not the Armory] [Programming] [Exhibitors] [30 March 02015]

R.I.P. The Eltingville Comic Book, Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror & Role-Playing Club (01994-02015) [personal Evan Dorkin note about the end of Eltingville, post-project blahs, and the many challenges creators (and we all) face, many self-imposed] [best wishes for future projects, heal up the hand, and happy big 5-0 birthday next month] [via LMG] [28 March 02015]

Steve Ditko's Thugs and Mystics ["Two new books - Dripping With Fear: The Steve Ditko Archives Volume 5 (Fantagraphics/Blake Bell) and Ditko's Shorts (Yoe Books/IDW Publishing) - reinforce the notion that Mr. Ditko, more than any other comic book artist, was a master of Cold War paranoia."] [25 March 02015]

Neilalien enjoyed Brooklynite tonight, a new fun superhero-themed Off-Broadway musical at the Vineyard Theater in NYC [Brooklynite review trailer on YouTube] [a couple song clips on YouTube] [NY Times review] [very limited shows and tickets remain] [24 March 02015]

Groovy Dr. Strange and Dormammu posters by We Buy Your Kids [via Robot 6; Super Punch] [recused Neilalien probably too late for the hand-numbered limited editions via Mondo?] [23 March 02015]

Will Dr. Strange have an American or British accent? Watch Cumberbatch dodge the question [22 March 02015]

All of the upcoming Marvel Secret Wars/DC Convergence big events, miniseries, reboots, new #1's, transient ideas like a Secret Wars miniseries about the Inferno crossover from 25 years ago, both Marvel and DC big events happening at the same time, etc., is a challenging ordering situation for the Diamond nonreturnable comic shop retailer [Brian Hibbs Tilting @ Windmills] [21 March 02015]

Batgirl #41 variant cover evoking her vicious assault by Joker in Killing Joke is quashed [we can still put women in danger in comics; the cover is contrary to the book's fun, strong-female-character, appeal-to-girl-readers tone; witheringly defines Batgirl by only her past trauma] [Entertainment Weekly] [CBR] [ petition to get the cover released; many comments in support] [update: why wave a disavowed cover in tribute to a disavowed comic like a Gadsden flag?] [past Batgirl hubbub evoked: classic comics can't-win: folks were upset when Barbara Gordon stayed paralyzed while Batman's Bane-broken back healed; then when they restored her mobility, folks were upset Oracle, an icon for the disabled, was lost] [the last Batgirl hubbub: bad transgender trope usage in #37] [the last cover hubbub: Spider-Woman's butt] [20 March 02015]

Links that remind of the comics blogosphere of old:

Why do you hate autobio comics? ["too many tedious misunderstood sensitive self-absorbed privileged males seem to be making them"]

They're still just fucking superheroes ["If they really don't like superheroes that much, why the hell do they spend so much time and effort talking about them?... I stopped getting upset about the tastes of the general public not matching my own when I was a goddamn teenager..."]

Why Neilalien has rarely linked to Invincible Super-Blog

[19 March 02015]

IDW's Orphan Black #1 is February's strong top seller with a Diamond-estimated 497K copies sold [Midtown Comics Times Square was sold out] [a quick survey of online reviews are mostly positive, but Neilalien sees a TV-show recap, flat art, and way too many variant covers] [great TV series! ten-episode third season premieres April 18th] [18 March 02015]

Marvel's June 02015 solicits: Doctor Strange in Zdarsky/Quinones Howard The Duck #4 [cover] [update: review of #1, mentioning some of the meta-politics of new Howard comics] [17 March 02015]

Secret Wars Battleworld map includes an "Eye of Agamotto" domain [no guarantee or word yet if this means we'll get much Doc-related; no Dr. Strange miniseries listed here] [comprehensive guide to Battleworld domains, continuities and miniseries] [is the domain the Eye of the multiverse-chaos storm?] [16 March 02015]

Doctor Strange in a Strange Land, or The Transnational Logics of Blockbuster Casting [Part Two] [by Lori Hitchcock Morimoto] [was Benedict Cumberbatch cast as Dr. Strange for international film revenues because Sherlock is huge in Asia?] [15 March 02015]

Marvel's May 02015 solicits mark the start of the next big event: Secret Wars [including Secret Wars: Battleworld #1 (of 4): "When a Dr. Strange-possessed Punisher goes on the run, only Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk and Ghost Rider can track him down!" what could that mean] [Marvel's new Secret Wars promises to change everything; essay by The Hurting [essay footnotes]; Marvel's own Crisis On Infinite Earths at long last?] [14 March 02015]

Doctor Strange meets Rabum Alal in this week's New Avengers #31 big reveal [if the "send everyone... possibly all" talk is literal, the Black Priests are all dead and Doc's tenure as their Great Eye leader was short and disastrous] [Doc looks good here; being defeated by a bevy of Black Swans when he was unable to talk doesn't offend; although he probably should have known the Priests might be vulnerable to a silence, 15' radius spell] [why would Doom be so surprised to see Strange? if there's one person who can traverse the worlds and universes, it's Dr. Strange; maybe this is a time-traveled Doom and something happened to Strange?] [Big Marvel Villain (Finally) Revealed in New Avengers #31; good short recap and Brevoort interview] [13 March 02015]

Steve Ditko used as an example of an unknown second banana on tonight's episode of The Big Bang Theory [update: Bleeding Cool] [update: YouTube clip] [12 March 02015]

New Avengers #31 preview shows Dr. Strange and the Black Priests on the move [last week's New Avengers #30 showed the Beyonders destroying Celestials and entities like Eternity, Infinity, In-Betweener, Master Order, Lord Chaos, and the Living Tribunal] [1 March 02015]

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