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Legendary Marvel creator Herb Trimpe died earlier this month [Mark Evanier] [Comic Book Resources] [when Trimpe drew like Rob Liefeld] [when Trimpe wrote in the NY Times about being fired from Marvel] [Johnny Bacardi] [Progressive Ruin] [Comics Reporter] [Comics Journal] [Wikipedia page] [seven-year run on The Incredible Hulk in the 70's] [26 April 02015]

Are Marvel's 'Secret Wars' And DC's 'Convergence' The Exact Same Story? We Look At The Similarities [Marvel and DC's big summer event concepts this year really seem similar: past stories, characters, and continuities are mashed together on one world and battle each other] [The Ultimate Problem With Secret Wars and Convergence: virtually indistinguishable events; continuity mongering] [Graeme McMillan: "What's the difference between Convergence and Secret Wars?" "About two months and $800."; "Remember these old stories? They're back, and now they get to fight each other!"] [Neilalien calls these types of mixup mashup recursive recombination stories like Earth X and Old Man Logan "Prime Minister Electro": rearrangement of hardcore-fandom deck chairs on the Titanic] [25 April 02015]

P. Craig Russell What Is It That Disturbs You Stephen? signed cover print for sale until 1 May to fund original art preservation [23 April 02015]

Wikileaks has released the Sony email hack as a searchable database
> Drew Goddard: "What does Dr. Strange have? Magic tricks? Fuck you, magic tricks - we've got a skyscraper Tom Hardy knocking down buildings!" [presumably as Hardy playing Sandman in Goddard's Sinister Six movie, which was slated to compete with Dr. Strange, but now postponed after the Spider-Man deal between Sony and the Marvel Cinematic Universe] [interesting Dirty Dozen brainstorm about Sinister Six here] [with Goddard's pedigree (Buffy, Angel) the above was surely just competitive bluster- Dr. Strange might have been good in his hands]
> concern that Dr. Strange's release date was set for one week before Sinister Six: "not good"; "ultimate asshole move"
> this email looks like Scott Derrickson doing Dr. Strange being a big secret just before the June 02014 announcement
> this email looks like they're competing against Dr. Strange to land Tom Hardy for Sandman (Hardy Googled Sandman?) in Sinister Six, but he's already booked for The Revenant by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and Splinter Cell (Hardy was under consideration for Doc before Cumberbatch was cast)
> update: Stan Lee "not the least bit coherent" [20th Century Danny Boy]
> meta/equal time: Wikileaks defends the release as a fair-game pulling-back of the curtain on a large secretive influential corporation with ties to government and the military-industrial complex embroiled in a geopolitical event; many others see it as an ethically-challenged perpetuation of a criminal act and foreign attack by a totalitarian regime- and no one wants their private emails in the public domain trolled for gossip [Neilalien's 10' pole is only touching the Dr. Strange industry news]
[18 April 02015]

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