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Recent issues of SHIELD have been Marvel-Mystic-oriented; based on the TV series, written by Mark Waid; fun creative stuff here overall, but no glory for Dr. Strange

> In SHIELD #3, drawn by Alan Davis, Colonel Myrrden and mercenaries with guns that shoot Sapphire Bands of Storaan and Demon-Claws of Denak break into the Sanctum Sanctorum to steal the Book of Morphesti, only to be foiled by Agent Coulson, Spider-Man, and an in-custody looking-to-get-charges-dropped old-school Dr. Strange rogue Mr. Rasputin (!) [the Sanctum is the star here; unfortunately Doc is absent so the others can bumble around it, and he doesn't return when its defenses are breached] [Spidey makes a great quip that Doc eats "onion rings of Raggadorr"]

> In SHIELD #5-6, Asgardian-troll-made guns and Black Dechantment bullets take out Earth's magic-users so Dormammu can launch a plague turning people into Mindless Ones [Dr. Strange punked again, held captive by Dormammu; Scarlet Witch in the role Doc should be in again; science used to cast (and completely nuke all wonder out of) magic again, this time a "laptop pentagram"; Dormammu looking pathetic again, beaten up by The Absorbing Man and the Howling Commandos (Man-Thing, Living Mummy, Frankenstein's Monster, Zombie (Simon Garth)); but it's all slightly palatable since the Black Dechantment's power is hyped, as something no wizard or spell can withstand]

[31 May 02015]

Punisher 2099/Doctor Strange "Soldier Supreme" (or "Sorcerer Extreme") very fun mashup in Secret Wars: Battleworld #1 complete with summoned mystical weapons, Rocket of Raggadorr, Weapon of Watoomb [review: a winner that leaves you wanting more] [shocker: Dr. Strange might play actual major role in major Marvel event, as Doom's Sheriff Strange in Secret Wars (he looks 1602-ish)] [no Clea in heroine-oriented A-Force #1] [update: Baron Mordo is Baron of Battleworld territory Killville, with Clea, in MODOK: Assassin #1] [24 May 02015]

The Doctor Strange movies that nearly happened [will Scott Derrickson break the curse that befell Doctor Mordrid, Bob Gale, Alex Cox, David S Goyer, Guillermo del Toro and Neil Gaiman?] [18 May 02015]

Critics: MCU Black Widow exists solely to serve male superhero stories; Avengers: Age of Ultron sterilization-angst reveal means yet another woman reduced to baby-making; sloppy line equates infertility with being a 'monster'; Smurfette Principle in play (also Damsel In Distress); Marvel failing to provide female-led movie; no Black Widow toys in the stores
> A guide to the growing controversy over Joss Whedon's Avengers and Marvel's gender problem
> The strong feminism behind Black Widow, and why the critiques don't stand up
> Black Widow: This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
> The Avengers' Black Widow Problem: How Marvel Slut-Shamed Their Most Badass Superheroine
> 'Avengers: Age of Ultron's' Black Widow Disgrace
> 'Age of Ultron's 'Black Widow Problem' Isn't a Problem: It's What the Movie Is About
> related: Invisible Women: Why Marvel's Gamora & Black Widow Were Missing From Merchandise, And What We Can Do About It [a peek inside the industry; Disney thinks it has girls locked up with Frozen princess crap and does not care about Marvel's female market; contact the licensees]
> related: Leaked Email From Marvel CEO Is A Listicle About Why Women Can't Be Superheroes [Supergirl flop three decades ago still used to justify no female-led superhero movies]
> related: did you know Johansson's Lucy made $458 million?
[11 May 02015]

Free Comic Book Day is Saturday May 2nd tomorrow! [1 May 02015]

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