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Marvel announces Doctor Strange comic series [Marvel Announces "Doctor Strange" Series] [written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Chris Bachalo] [links contain concept art] [he will have weapons, like the axe; "a very active superhero version"] [he will be Sorcerer Supreme] [he will have Wong around] [one of many all-new #1's launching this fall as part of Marvel's "All-New, All-Different" post-Secret Wars initiative] [some cool-sounding ideas here- "a redefinition that rebuilds him from the ground up"- sigh, wary- but at least it's not another origin story- we shall see] [CR update: "There's a lot of untapped potential there which is really odd considering how exhausted most Marvel/DC characters seem these days."] [22 June 02015]

Kimble v. Marvel: Justice Kagan's top Spider-Man jokes in a big patent case [22 June 02015]

Teaser image for the Marvel Universe after Secret Wars shows Doctor Strange with a battle axe and mostly returning to his classic 80's look of blue shirt and black pants but odd belt and no Cloak collar [5 June 02015]

Marvel Legends summons SDCC-exclusive Doctor Strange set [in a package designed like the Book of Vishanti, 6-inch figures of Doc in astral form, Brother Voodoo, Magik, the Asgardian goddess Hela, and Dormammu, and a wearable Eye of Agamotto; no Clea or Baron Mordo] [4 June 02015]

Secret Wars #3, out today, has a "Doctor Gwenge" Doctor Strange/Gwen Stacy mashup variant cover by Nick Bradshaw [update: retailers can tire of telling customers the variant cover subject is irrelevant to the book's content] [3 June 02015]

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