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October 02016

Jack Chick, Cartoonist Whose Tracts Preached Salvation, Dies at 92

Jack Chick, the Creator of Bigoted Yet Weirdly Enjoyable Evangelical Comic Books, Has Died

Dark Dungeons: Jack Chick's anti-Dungeons & Dragons tract

Jack Chick: Wikipedia

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Happy Halloween!

[31 October 02016]

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Doctor Strange And The Sorcerers Supreme #1 is out!

Review: Neilalien is reserving judgment until he sees more issues.

Other reviews as found: [Newsarama 8/10] [Comicosity 9.5/10]

Doctor Strange: Mystic Apprentice is out!

Review: An unneeded, actionless story about Doc struggling with astral projection during his early training.

Other reviews as found: [We The Nerdy] [Graphic Policy]

Also: Doc's in Civil War II #6, weak and apologetic, and a facial hair bro again. Sigh.

[29 October 02016]

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Strange Ways, Here We Come: Marvel's Dr. Strange And His Psychedelic Secrets [by John Naughton] [Bigmouth] [also: all of the Strange Tales comic book covers in this article featuring Dr. Strange- the #110 and in the slideshow- are not the real covers but Howard Hallis fan-made alternative Strange Tales custom covers; you'd be surprised how often Howard's awesome covers are taken for real and used without research nor attribution] [also: the article implies Ditko drew "The Search", the double-page spread from Doctor Strange #171 that became the famous Third Eye black light poster, but Tom Palmer/Dan Adkins drew that; the article says Brunner drew the In-Betweener double-page spread from Doctor Strange #27, but Tom Sutton drew that] [update: the article has been corrected re: the above items] [27 October 02016]

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Doctor Strange movie reviews are coming in!

Reviews are generally extremely positive, although it sounds like one of Neilalien's main concerns has materialized: since they went 'all in' with an origin story, it follows an origin story's well-worn formula. Updating as found:

Early 'Doctor Strange' Reviews Praise 'Trippy' but 'Formulaic' Marvel Movie

'Doctor Strange' on Rotten Tomatoes; reviews collected [update: settling at 90%/90%]

Early Buzz: 'Doctor Strange' Has Some Of The Best Action Sequences In Marvel History; tons of reviews collected here

Blastr also collecting some early reviews

Indiewire: 'Doctor Strange' Review: Marvel's Mind-Bending New Superhero Movie Is Their Best Since 'The Avengers'

The Guardian: 'Doctor Strange' review- Benedict Cumberbatch relishes an eyepoppingly freaky extravaganza

Entertainment Weekly: B+ ["formulaic Marvel origin story... heady in a way most Marvel movies don't dare to be... couldn't be further removed from the usual Marvel spandexapaloozas"]

USA Today: Review: 'Doctor Strange' casts marvelous mojo

Variety: Film Review: 'Doctor Strange' ["boasts an underlying originality and freshness missing from the increasingly cookie-cutter comic-book realm of late... staggering visual effects innovation"]

Update: NY Times: Review: 'Doctor Strange' And His Most Excellent Adventure

Update: Mark Hughes/Forbes: Review: 'Doctor Strange' Is Pure Magic ["one of the top-5 best of the MCU"]

Update: Newsarama: Movie Review: 'Doctor Strange' Satisfies While A MCU Star Is Born

Update: Wired: Review: Doctor Strange Might Just Be the Future of Marvel Movies [note: the movie fails the Bechdel Test]

[25 October 02016]

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Doctor Strange #13 is out!

Consensus: The first half with Doc's nightmare is too slow/long. Reviews as found:
[Adventures In Poor Taste] [Comicosity]

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Marvel's January 02017 solicits include Doctor Strange #16, Sorcerers Supreme #4, Punisher team-up [Newsarama]

Cover by Kevin Nowlan
'Blood in the Aether' reaches its jaw-dropping conclusion.
Doctor Strange has run the gamut of his most powerful villains, and waiting at the end? The scariest of all...
The dread Dormammu is back and bringing the hurt to his archenemy!
32 PGS./Rated T+ $3.99

Variant Cover by TBA
Doctor Strange and Punisher are up to their necks in mafia demons!
Has the time finally come for Strange to adopt Punisher's lethal ways?
Or is it time for the Punisher to use some magic?
32 PGS./Rated T+ $4.99

The Sorcerers are losing the battle to the Unforgotten. The strongest among them is dead. Doctor Strange is weaker than ever.
Can DEMON RIDER, the Ghost Rider of the 1800s turn the tide? Or THE CONJUROR?!
Or perhaps the young man who will become the Ancient One?
The climax of the first arc is here and not everyone will make it home.
32 PGS./Rated T+ $3.99

Collecting DOCTOR STRANGE (1974) #38-45, MAN-THING (1979) #4, WHAT IF? (1977) #18, material from MARVEL FANFARE (1982) #5, and MARVEL COMICS CALENDAR 1980.

[24 October 02016]

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Video storage dump:

Doctor Strange Movie Asia Press Conference in Hong Kong

Doctor Strange 8-Bit Trailer by JoBlo

Doctor Strange Trailer Mashup w/70's TV Movie

Doctor Strange video list by on YouTube

> DOCTOR STRANGE - Official Trailer #1
> DOCTOR STRANGE - Official Trailer #2
> DOCTOR STRANGE - Official 'Olympics' Trailer #3
> DOCTOR STRANGE - Official 'IMAX' Trailer #4
> DOCTOR STRANGE - Official International Trailer #1

> DOCTOR STRANGE Featurette - Open Your Mind
> DOCTOR STRANGE Featurette - Inside The Magic
> DOCTOR STRANGE Featurette - Strange Time
> DOCTOR STRANGE Featurette - Universes Within
> DOCTOR STRANGE Featurette - Characters

> DOCTOR STRANGE TV Spot #20 - Change Your Destiny
> DOCTOR STRANGE TV Spot #19 - Do The Impossible
> DOCTOR STRANGE TV Spot #18 - Join Us
> DOCTOR STRANGE TV Spot #17 - Unlock Your Power
> DOCTOR STRANGE TV Spot #16 - Discover
> DOCTOR STRANGE TV Spot #15 - Avengers
> DOCTOR STRANGE TV Spot #14 - Be Careful
> DOCTOR STRANGE TV Spot #13 - Ego
> DOCTOR STRANGE TV Spot #12 - Reversed
> DOCTOR STRANGE TV Spot #11 - Time
> DOCTOR STRANGE TV Spot #10 - Hero
> DOCTOR STRANGE TV Spot #9 - Cloak of Levitation
> DOCTOR STRANGE Extended TV Spot #8 - Mystic Arts
> DOCTOR STRANGE TV Spot #7 - Advice
> DOCTOR STRANGE TV Spot #6 - Teach Me
> DOCTOR STRANGE TV Spot #5 - Question Reality
> DOCTOR STRANGE Extended TV Spot #4 - Path
> DOCTOR STRANGE TV Spot #3 - Save
> DOCTOR STRANGE TV Spot #2 - Force
> DOCTOR STRANGE TV Spot #1 - A New Reality

[16 October 02016]

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'Doctor Strange' Post-Credits Scenes Revealed! [Update: "Details removed at the request of Disney."]

Leaked Doctor Strange post credits scene description reveals a major spoiler

Doctor Strange Post-Credit Scenes Reveal A Shocking Marvel Twist

[15 October 02016]

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Before Scott Derrickson's 'Doctor Strange', There Was 'Doctor Mordrid'

Doctor Mordrid [Wikipedia]

[14 October 02016]

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Wonderful Doctor Strange fake movie poster with David Bowie as Doc and Alejandro Jodorowsky directing [via 'Dr. Strange Is Love' Tumblr; unknown creator] [13 October 02016]

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Doctor Strange IMAX 3D movie tickets are on sale now for 3-4 November [Fandango]

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Doctor Strange 15-Minute Preview Reactions Highly Positive, Hype Mind-Bending Visuals

'Doctor Strange': 4 Highlights from Watching 15 Minutes of Footage

Doctor Strange "could be the next Winter Soldier" according to the first spoiler-free reactions

Update: Sanctum's Preview Review

Doctor Strange Film Draws Huge Inspiration From Ditko Art, Says Feige

Doctor Strange IMAX Event Reveals Timeline, Teases Iconic Villain

We Finally Know How Doctor Strange Fits Into the MCU [IMAX preview event clues: While Doc was a surgeon, he may have gotten a referral for someone with a spine broken during Iron Man 2; car accident during Phase 1, trained with Ancient One during Phase 2? Hydra Winter Soldier mention meant they kept tabs on him while he was training?]

Doctor Strange IMAX Preview May Have Revealed A Big Bad [Spoiler]

Dan Harmon may have accidentally revealed a surprise villain from Doctor Strange [Community's Dan Harmon has contributed to the Doctor Strange script]

[11 October 02016]

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NYCC: Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell Animated Film Teams Up Hulk & Doctor Strange [Bleeding Cool] [ComicMix] [with The Howling Commandos vs. Nightmare] [shown at NYCC; Digital HD release on 21 October] [10 October 02016]

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Doctor Strange #12 is out!

Reviews as found: [Comicosity 10/10]

Update: Also out: The Mysterious World of Doctor Strange hardcover [nifty Doc encyclopedia with Alex Ross cover and Roger Stern foreword] [please consider purchasing from your local comic book shop]

Also out: Archie Meets Ramones

[6 October 02016]

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Jack Kirby's unpublished adaptation of 'The Prisoner' [Dangerous Minds] [Flashbak] [Redux: Once Upon A Time: Kirby's Prisoner (from Jack Kirby Collector #11)] [5 October 02016]

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New York Comic-Con this weekend in NYC! [Sold Out] [Parties] [Panels/Programming] [Exhibitors]

Update: Preview event with 15 minutes of Doctor Strange IMAX 3D footage happening in theaters 10 October! [Marvel Studios News] [SeeItFirst for tickets]

[3 October 02016]

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