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November 02016

Doctor Strange Movie Braindump

Will live here. Neilalien doesn't control Time as well as Dr. Strange in the MCU does...

[30 November 02016]

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'Doctor Strange' Crosses $600M Worldwide; Now MCU's Biggest Single-Character Intro

'Doctor Strange' Breaks Marvel Box Office Record with $600M Worldwide

'Doctor Strange' Box Office Mojo- $205 million domestic and at $615 million total worldwide

(Damn, Neilalien is relieved it didn't flop... And that it was good- it's not just a crappy movie that made a lot of money...)

[27 November 02016]

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Howard Hallis is selling his massive Dr. Strange collection! One of the world's largest! $110,000!


The Howard Hallis Doctor Strange Collection

[26 November 02016]

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Doctor Strange: A Medical Review [Polite Dissent has been blogging again yay!] [25 November 02016]

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Doctor Strange And The Sorcerers Supreme #2 is out! [23 November 02016]

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Making A Splash: Colan And Palmer's (Dr.) Strange Days [21 November 02016]

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Doctor Strange #14 is out!

Reviews as found: [Comicbook Round Up]

We've lost Sanctum: "I'm sorry, but I just can't take it anymore! JasonAaron,Your "DoctorSTRANGE" SUCKS! It's just you trying 2Bweird, but it fails 2B even THAT."

[20 November 02016]

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Storage space for 'Doctor Strange' negative reviews and think pieces:

Negative 'Doctor Strange' review by Angelica Jade Bastien [] [White savior narrative; Strange proves too right and capable about far too much to grow as a character or feel tension; too little "interiority" to the characters]

Dr. Strange is box office gold, but also a big missed opportunity for Asian Americans and for Marvel [Quartz]

The Broken Hands of Doctor Strange [Christianity Today]

Update: 'Doctor Strange' and the Trump Presidency [Los Angeles Review of Books]

How The Doctor Strange Movie Compares To The Original Marvel Comics [Slashfilm]

[19 November 02016]

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How Doctor Strange Creator Steve Ditko Became the 'J.D. Salinger' of Comics

Blake Bell: "It's pretty appalling that lazy people still whip out JD Salinger/reclusive references 4 Steve Ditko. (Only validates his world view.) Just b/c Steve Ditko doesn't like to talk to YOU (or share your views on the cult of celebrity) doesn't make him "reclusive"."

[18 November 02016]

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The Creator of Doctor Strange Will Not See You Now [standard Ditko history piece; nothing new or insightful for the knowledgeable; another jerk pesters Ditko at his studio]

Update: Zack Soto: "Can you guys leave old Steve Ditko alone and stop trying to build your brand off telling the story of how you bothered him?"

Update: Mark Evanier: The Reclusive Mr. Ditko ["Still, he did some of the best work in comics that anyone's ever done in comics and I feel he has been undercredited and surely at times undercompensated. Some time ago, I decided that the best way to thank him for that is to accede to his wishes to leave him alone."]

[17 November 02016]

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'Doctor Strange' leads second US weekend with $43 million take; dropped 49%, but 49% second weekend drop is the best second weekend hold among the last ten Marvel Cinematic Universe titles; worldwide take approaches $500 million; non-US take is $339 million, blasting past many MCU titles; China take is $83.5 million in 10 days; IMAX take is $54 million [Box Office Mojo] [11-13 November 02016 Weekend Box Office] [Deadline] [Hollywood Reporter] [14 November 02016]

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The 15 Best 'Doctor Strange' Easter Eggs [CBR]

'Doctor Strange' revelations: Secrets and Easter eggs from the new Marvel movie [EW]

'Doctor Strange' Director Scott Derrickson on Calibrating Dickishness and How to Woo Marvel [and magic more about organic movements, gestures, and finger-tutting, rather than verbal spells] [Vulture]

[12 November 02016]

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'Doctor Strange' Reigns Supreme With $240M+ Overseas/$325M+ Global

'Doctor Strange' Ignites Box Office with $84.9 Million US Opening Weekend

'Doctor Strange' Resuscitates Fall Box Office With $85M Opening ["When you have 51% of the weekend driven by PLF, Imax and 3D, movie theaters exist for a movie like Doctor Strange. It's a testament to the real artistry here, as the movie uses every ounce of available technology to introduce something that hasn't been seen."]

[7 November 02016]

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Doctor Strange has opened in the US! [Wikipedia] [Rotten Tomatoes] [IMDb] [Box Office Mojo]

'Doctor Strange' Poised for Magical, $80+ Million Opening [the film has already made $140 million via last weekend's international take plus Thursday night previews in the US]

Update: Box Office: 'Doctor Strange' Opens to a Magical $86M Overseas

Update: 'Doctor Strange' Levitates To $87.7M In Overseas Bow; Squashes Comps, Sets Imax Records- Intl Box Office Update

[4 November 02016]

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Happy 89th Birthday to Steve Ditko! [Wikipedia] [2 November 02016]

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