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September 02017

Legendary comics creator Len Wein has died [co-creator of Wolverine and Swamp Thing] [NY Times] [CBR] [Deadline] [TCJ] [CNet] [21 September 02017]

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There was some fake news that Stan Lee got Jennifer Lawrence fired from her gig playing Mystique in the X-Men movies for disrespecting Trump [12 September 02017]

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In last week's Generations: Iron Man & Ironheart "Generationsverse", an aged future Tony Stark is nonsensically Sorcerer Supreme [because anyone can be SS, right?] [just please keep Bendis away from Dr. Strange canon]

Out 13 Sept: Doctor Strange And The Sorcerers Supreme #12 finale

Update: Out 20 Sept: Doctor Strange #25

Update: Out 27 Sept: Marvel Legacy #1; Infamous Iron Man #12

[11 September 02017]

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George R.R. Martin Reads His First Published Work: A Fan Letter To Marvel Comics About Fantastic Four #17 [from the History Channel documentary series Superheroes Decoded]

[3 September 02017]

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Yesterday was the first annual Letterer Appreciation Day

1 Sept was the birthday of the legendary letterer and logo designer Gaspar Saladino

Letterer Appreciation Day: An All-Star Lettering Roundtable

A Brief Appreciation of Comics Lettering ["the bass players of the comics world"]

The Invisible Artists Behind Your Favorite Comics [The Atlantic's props to letterers and colorists] [via LMG]

Nate Piekos Blambot better lettering infographics

What Is Music's Comic Book Superpower? ["This is the third in a short series of essays about how sound is inscribed."; includes sound sample from Michel Fiffe's Copra with Dr. Strange and Clea homage]

[2 September 02017]

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Longtime Master of the Mystic Arts: Doctor Strange Appreciation CBR Forums thread lively lately:


It has been a difficult trudge for an old Doctor Strange fan during Aaron's reign, and I hope to see some actual magic in the next writer's take. I can see a story being done on the destruction of magic, but too much time was spent in that aspect, and far, far too little on the recovery of magic. There should have been more repercussions shown in my opinion. Magic is like art, the absence of it in the world should have been noticeable to everyone. It should have been missed, not just by its users. Aaron just wanted to deconstruct Strange, forgetting the purpose of deconstructing is to rebuild.


I'm looking at the latest solicits "Dr. Strange de-powered for the umpteenth time" and the premise of the new arc "Strange replaced as Sorcerer Supreme yet again," and I just have to sigh




I wish the writers could write new stories dealing with dark creatures or unknown dimensions, like a Lovecraftian story arc or anything dealing with cosmic-horror entities instead of playing the "de-powering and out-of-shape" game.

matt levin:

they created a character so powerful, they didn't know what to do... honestly, that is hard to write, month after month.


The amazing thing is that they keep depowering Strange, but never "repower" him... There was a long period of time that Strange was written with power, but there was still tension and drama. Is that really so hard to do anymore?

Doctor Strange's endless series of depowerings, like a Zeno paradox.

[1 September 02017]

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