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August 02018

Battle Of The Bulge: Why We're So Fascinated By Superhero Codpieces ["A history of costume designers, directors and actors obsessing over how big is too big"]

A Heroic History Of Dudes Wearing Their Underpants Over Their Trousers ["Even 80 years ago, Superman's super-fashion was actually super old fashioned"]

The Top 10 Codpieces In Art
Codpiece [Wikipedia]

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[25 August 02018]

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Out this week 15 Aug: Doctor Strange #4 [A.V. Club preview and positive review of Waid/Saiz series so far]

Out 4 Jul: Doctor Strange #3

Doctor Strange Didn't Learn Anything From His Illuminati Mistakes [abuses the Time Stone, erases a friend's memory; "a disappointing move for a couple of reasons"]

Doctor Strange Enters The Infinity Wars (With Some Help From Mark Waid) [CBR Waid interview]

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Marvel's Summer 02018 event is the cosmic Infinity Wars

Out this week 15 Aug: Infinity Wars #2 (of 6)
Out 1 Aug: Infinity Wars #1 (of 6) [Wikia]
Out 25 Jul: Infinity Wars Prime #1

Dr. Strange wasn't in the Infinity Countdown prelude event #1-4 so Neilalien was ignoring it; Doc got the Time Stone from the Super-Skrull in Doctor Strange #3, and summons an Infinity Watch in Infinity Countdown #5

Out 18 Jul: Infinity Countdown #5 (of 5)
Out 6 Jun: Infinity Countdown #4 (of 5)
Out 2 May: Infinity Countdown #3 (of 5)
Out 18 Apr: Infinity Countdown #2 (of 5)
Out 7 Mar: Infinity Countdown #1 (of 5)
["Infinity Countdown #1 opens with a fascinating explanation of just how the Infinity Stones work"]

Marvel Comics Announces Infinity Wars Event [event fatigue (Marvel suggested at last year's retailer summit there would be no events for the next 18 months- oops) and trying to cash in comics-wise on the Avengers: Infinity War movie success]

Marvel's New Infinity Wars Series Is Building Towards A Major Villain Reveal [good intro; "Marvel has started calling them [the Infinity Gems] 'Stones' rather than 'Gems' for movie synergy"]

Marvel's Infinity Wars Event Will Have Major Ramifications, Donny Cates (who is not the writer) Promises

Marvel's New Infinity Warps Miniseries Mashes Up Your Favorite Heroes [Captain America and Dr. Strange into Soldier Supreme]

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Jason Aaron, fresh off his Doctor Strange run, has included Doc minimally in his new Avengers Dark Celestials/Final Host story arc:

Out next week 23 Aug: Avengers #6 [Dark Celestials/Final Host story arc conclusion]
Out 18 Jul: Avengers #5
Out 4 Jul: Avengers #4

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Out 27 Jun: Marvel 2-In-One #7 [alterverse Doctor Strange shown wearing the Eye of Agamotto as an eyepatch; ended Civil War by killing Iron Man and imprisoning Captain America; punked by Doom magickly, sigh]

[13 August 02018]

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