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November 02018

Stan Lee, Marvel Comics' Real-Life Superhero, Dies At 95 [Hollywood Reporter]

Stan Lee Is Dead At 95; Superhero Of Marvel Comics [NYTimes obit]

Stan Lee, Legendary Comics Creator, Passes Away [CBR obit]

Stan Lee: 'The Man' Behind The Comic-Book Superhero Myths [Sean T. Collins/Rolling Stone]

Stan Lee Created Hollywood As It Exists Today

How Stan Lee Catapulted Superheroes Into The American Mainstream

Gerry Conway remembers Stan Lee ["The Marvel Bullpen of the 1960s was comicdoms first rock band. That was because of Stan."]

Peter David remembers Stan Lee

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[12 November 02018]

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Collecting Neilalien-approved positive reviews for What If Magik Became Sorcerer Supreme?:

AiPT!: 9/10
SciFiPulse: A
Rogues Portal
All-Comic: 9/10

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Out tomorrow 7 Nov:
Doctor Strange #7

[6 November 02018]

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A recent batch of essays defending Stan Lee:

Stan Lee In A Post-Fact World
[Marvel In The Silver Age] ["If you've never read the Jack Kirby interview in The Comics Journal #134 (Feb [0]1990), you really should. It's the basis for most of the unfounded vitriol heaped on Marvel Editor and architect Stan Lee over the last 28 years, and many Kirby supporters view it as the literal truth. But is it the literal truth? I really don't think so..."]

The Other Stan Lee: Not Giving Credit Where It's Due!
[Barry's Pearls Of Comic Book Wisdom] ["Fans need to accept a few realities. Concerned with ownership and copyright issues, Stan, then a publisher, and a true company man, was not about to suggest that a single creator was responsible for a character's creation. They all belonged to Marvel, so a creator's role was often downplayed, and even sometimes ignored. When an artist left Marvel he was never referred to again. This is common among all media companies... Reporters sent to get a story on the topic, didn't read comics, and in their ignorance, their questions and conclusions often lacked depth and ignored the contributions of others... Stan cannot be blamed for those headlines... Marvel and Lee listed the creators of every story at a time when most comics did not... Stan was aware that he spoke to two different audiences. To those who knew comics, he often included comments about the artists who worked for him. But to a more general audience he often just spoke about himself."; includes many interview excerpts of Lee that sound "as if he was working solo", and the infamous Quest 01977 "How I Invented Spider-Man" article in full; still plenty of Stan Lee's reputation-tarnishing is self-inflicted]

Stan, Jack, Or Steve- Or Was It All Three?
[Crivens! Comics & Stuff] ["[I]t must be hard [for Lee] to constantly be on the receiving end of concerted attempts to diminish or deny even the slightest bit of creative input from him... Notwithstanding all the redrawn Kirby pages which seem to suggest that Stan's involvement was far more than [edit the pages and dialogue them]... Stan Lee, in effect, was the vital factor that transformed many competent but ordinary comicbooks into the dynamic Marvel masterworks that so many people fondly remember today. Had Jack and Steve scripted their own strips, it's extremely doubtful, going by their few later limited achievements, that Marvel would have become as successful as it was in its glory years... Strange is nothing more than a reworked Droom figure (by Stan and Jack- and actually inked by Steve), so [Ditko] can hardly be said to have come up with anything new, merely regurgitating Stan's original concept... That's why it's simply much easier (and no less accurate) to say 'by Lee & Kirby', or 'by Lee & Ditko'... all three creative titans were never better than when working with their respective collaborators, their body of work providing a perfect example of something being greater than the sum of its parts."]

[4 November 02018]

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Steve Ditko would have had his 91st birthday today! [Wikipedia] [2 November 02018]

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