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December 02018

Stan Lee would have had his 96th birthday today! [Wikipedia]

Custom Funko Pop! Figure Equips Stan Lee With The Infinity Gauntlet

[28 December 02018]

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Scott Derrickson Returning To Direct 'Doctor Strange' Sequel

Update/January 02019: C. Robert Cargill returning to write the sequel ["Production on the untitled film is expected to begin in the spring of [0]2020 with the studio targeting a release date of May 7, [0]2021."]

Update/Rumor/August 02018: Benedict Cumberbatch Offered £7.5million Payday To Star In Doctor Strange Sequel ["He has already made £4.2million in total from his work on the first Doctor Strange, Thor Ragnarok and the last two Avengers movies."]

[12 December 02018]

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Big congratulations to Progressive Ruin for 15 years of comics blogging!

A current example of fun Progressive Ruin content: Discussion re: collectors preferring newsstand copies of a comic with UPC after 01988 in the belief they are rarer, and rarer in higher grades due to muggle rack-mangling, and other collectors preferring the DC logo or funky little art that Direct Market copies had instead of a UPC; or in other words: a discussion of the OCD that tortures all collectors.

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Out today 5 Dec:
Doctor Strange #9
Immortal Hulk: The Best Defense #1
Namor: The Best Defense #1

Update: Deathstroke #38 ends with an appearance by Hugo Strange, and the caption says, "Next: Doctor Strange: C'mon, you knew we had to say it..."

Out next week 12 Dec:
Doctor Strange: The Best Defense #1 [updated link] [update: Ditko variant cover $200!]
Silver Surfer: The Best Defense #1

Update: Out 19 Dec:
Defenders: The Best Defense #1 [update: Sal Buscema variant cover $200!]
Infinity Wars #6 (of 6)

Was out 21 Nov:
Doctor Strange #8

[5 December 02018]

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