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March 02019

MoCCA Fest 02019 is this upcoming weekend 6-7 April in NYC at Metropolitan West [Saturday schedule] [Saturday After-Party] [Sunday schedule; Sienkiewicz/Janson 3 PM] [31 March 02019]

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Out this past week 27 Mar: Doctor Strange #12

Earlier this month: Immortal Hulk #14 included a small statue consecrated to the entity Ikonn that blocks all psychics and remote viewers.

Dr. Strange uses the Images of Ikonn in #12, so it was a good month for Ikonn!

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[30 March 02019]

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Disney Shutting Down Marvel Comics? Unfounded Rumor Stirs Online Commotion

Who's To Blame For Falling Comics Sales? And What's To Be Done? Brian Hibbs 'State Of The Industry' Speech At ComicsPRO

[12 March 02019]

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