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April 02020

Collected COVID-19/coronavirus links as found; updating:

Alt Free Comic Day will be streaming live to Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube on Fri-Sat 1-2 May with panels and AMAs [CBR]

San Diego Comic-Con [0]2020 Is Canceled [io9 4/17/20]

Marvel Comics Halves Its Staff Due To COVID-19 [CBR 4/25/20]
Marvel Comics Furloughs Staff This Weekend [Bleeding Cool 4/24/20]
Disney Furloughs Reach 100,000 [Deadline 4/20/20]

Diamond Announces May 20th Return Of New Single-Issue Comics [Beat 4/28/20]

'This Is Beyond The Great Depression': Will Comic Books Survive Coronavirus? [Guardian UK 4/20/20]

Diamond's Steve Geppi Dishes: 'I Don't Think You Can Destroy The Industry In Two Months.' [Beat 4/29/20] [restaurants will never get back the meals, but a comic shop can still sell Batman #92 and its debut of new Joker-babe Punchline]

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DC had, no longer has, the option to buy Diamond [neat comics history item resolved; why newsstands don't work; the fateful decision, when paper prices went up, to reduce the number of comic-book pages rather than raise prices, turning magazines into floppies]

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Shocker: DC Announces Return To Shipping Comics For April 27th With Alternative Distributors [Beat 4/17/20]

Why DC Didn't Wait For Diamond To Begin Shipping New Comics [CBR 4/27/20]

Retailers Have Poor Reaction To DC's New Distribution Plan [Beat 4/20/20]

Initial Retailer Reaction To DC Distribution Plan Is Mixed [Newsarama 4/17/20]

Retailers, with stores under virus shutdown orders, and loyal to Diamond, mostly balk at DC plan to skirt Diamond's own virus shutdown and distribute "a tiny slate of garbage" comics via Midtown Comics and DCBS, "two already large mail order retailers who most brick and mortar stores see as direct competition"

Alan Gill Boycotts New DC Comics Distributors In Favour Of Diamond [Bleeding Cool 4/23/20]

Brian Hibbs Holds Jim Lee Responsible For DC Distribution Decision [Bleeding Cool 4/18/20]

Art In Quarantine: Gary Groth [Fantagraphics 4/28/20]

[29 April 02020]

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