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May 02020

'Doctor Strange 2' Pushed Back Four Months To March 2022

Covid-19-caused production delays have pushed the entire MCU Phase 4 release schedule back

Now 'Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness' will be released only six weeks apart from Thor: Love And Thunder

But still no projections when MCU filming/production can resume

But WandaVision has finished shooting- great! and Disney+ needs content- but unfortunately they can't show it too far ahead of 'Doctor Strange 2' since they're related

Rumors persist: With its "multiverse" premise (or at least title), 'Doctor Strange 2' is the perfect vehicle for introducing the Disney-acquired-from-Fox properties like X-Men and Fantastic Four into the MCU

"Roger Wardell" rumor tweets:

Doctor Strange 2 will lead to Midnight Sons. Nightmare IS NOT a villain of the movie.

Return of the Darkhold will be fundamental for upcoming WandaVision. Captain Britain and Ghost Rider in Doctor Strange 2. Events of both the show and movie will prepare the ground for Doctor Doom's debut.

MCU's Fantastic Four and X-Men will be primarily based on their Earth-1610 counterparts. John Krasinski and Giancarlo Esposito in talks to portray the leading roles. Ultimatum WILL NOT be adapted to the MCU.

[30 May 02020]

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Marvel Reveals Updated Release Schedule

July 8th: Doctor Strange #5 and Strange Academy #2

Update: Also July 8th: Ghost Rider #7 [Dr. Strange was in #6, out 11 March]

July 29th: Symbiote Spider-Man: Alien Reality #5

Doctor Strange #6, Savage Avengers #12 not yet rescheduled

[29 May 02020]

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Brian Hibbs: Tilting at Windmills #279: The Plague Diaries- How Comics Retailing Moves Forward [a retailer shares his current reality; how do we reopen?- with an unaffordable print-product "catch-up" dump? with print comics that have already been released digitally? with fans who have had the weekly habit nuked out of them due to the virus shutdown?; Marvel/DC tease "digital only" and "trade only" and play Russian roulette with the print Direct Market; the DM amortizes the production costs and lowers prices of digital and trades for viability in other book markets; no one outside of the DM can sell fragile expensive atomized singles- no more newsstand market; "one of the very first questions that was asked by AT&T when they had their first post-takeover meeting at DC, in the pre-plague past, was 'Why are we still printing these?'"]

Your latest "a single-issue-based brick-mortar Direct Market is not long for this world" essay, coronavirus-finally-making-it-a-reality edition [note: the two biggest Diamond accounts are mail order/online]

Haven't seen one of these in a while: Your latest "the anthology format will save comics" essay [but having the content available first digitally a-la-carte style kills it before it starts]

[28 May 02020]

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Doctor Strange: Five Story Retcons That Fans Liked (And Five That They Hated)

FANS LOVED: The Fate of Casey Kinmont
FANS HATED: Clea's Affair With Ben Franklin Was An Illusion
FANS LOVED: Doctor Druid Was The Ancient One's Placeholder For Doctor Strange
FANS HATED: Ghosts Have No Sense Of Human Morality
FANS LOVED: Agamotto Saved Strange's Magical Items
FANS HATED: Doctor Strange Has A Brother
FANS LOVED: Doctor Strange Secretly Saved The Fantastic Four From Rama-Tut
FANS HATED: Doctor Strange Crashed His Car On Purpose
FANS LOVED: The Tribunals Were A Hoax
FANS HATED: Chaos Magic Was Fake

[27 May 02020]

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