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October 02020

Mark Evanier: A List Of Things I've Learned About The Comic Book Industry Since I Got Into It In [0]1970, Many But Not All Of Which Still Apply [via LMG]

[12 October 02020]

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Punisher Creator Gerry Conway: "Cancel Every Existing Superhero Comic"
[your latest "save comics from its aging-out hardcore-fan specialty-shop dead end by making them for kids again and putting them in supermarkets again"] [via Progressive Ruin]

Alan Moore Gives Rare Interview: 'Watchmen' Creator Talks New Project 'The Show', How Superhero Movies Have 'Blighted Culture' And Why He Wants Nothing To Do With Comics
[your latest Alan Moore interview, evidently not rare enough, or it's the same questions/answers: he understandably doesn't want to do comics again after 40 years and crappy treatment by the industry; superheroes went from being for working-class-child escapism to grotesque middle-class-adult escapism; they now blight the culture and meaningfully coincide with things like white supremacy, Trump, and Brexit; his own grotesque adult-oriented supercomics were supposed to inspire better, but he had to quickly disown them, because superheroes were created 50 years ago to entertain 12-year-old boys and can never be anything more]

[11 October 02020]

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Benedict Cumberbatch Joins 'Spider-Man 3' As Doctor Strange [Hollywood Reporter] [Doc in Tom-Holland-Spidey mentor role Part 3 after Stark and Fury?]

It's sounding like all of the fun multiverse cameo whispers for DSitMOM [Pre-Disney Marvel Movie Cameos Reportedly In Play For Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness] are being moved to 'Spider-Man 3' for a bigger Sony payday and so DSitMOM isn't bogged down with 'cameos for the sake of cameos' (but how multiversy can DSitMOM be now without that?) [Spider-Man 3 Reportedly Features Lots Of Cameos]. And DC's 'The Flash', coming out within months of DSitMOM, may also be very alternateversy [if attempting to adapt the Flashpoint story] with Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck Batmen!?

[10 October 02020]

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New York Comic-Con 02020 is an online/virtual affair this year!
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[9 October 02020]

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