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January 02021

Comics out 27 Jan:

Savage Avengers #17
(so what happened to the Doctor Strange/Kulan Gath storyline?)

Strange Academy #7
(lots of Doc- and Hoggoth in tiger form!)

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Out 16 Dec: Black Cat #1
Out 20 Jan: Black Cat #2

Not much of a Dr. Strange appearance. Doc is the MacGuffin in the new Black Cat series, having been captured by Knull. There are some props here- Black Cat notes Doc's "power" and Captain America says the world needs Doc more than them. So now after being robbed twice recently by Black Cat, Doc has to be rescued by her? Not great for Doc fans. But lots of your favorite ghost-dog Bats in #2.

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No obvious Dr. Strange in Marvel's April 02021 solicits

Savage Avengers is about Conan, Rhino, and Spider-Man; no Strange Academy solicit.

[31 January 02021]

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WandaVision so far: MCU sitcom send-up charms fans, slow-plays them, spawns their theories

All The Marvel Easter Eggs In 'WandaVision' So Far ["Some reckon that the sitcom fantasia Wanda and Vision are in is really just a projected reality which Wanda has created to protect herself from all the trauma of Endgame."]

These Theories May Explain What's Going On In 'WandaVision'

WandaVision Theories: The Easter Egg That Unlocks Clue To Entire Show ('Maison du Mepris' wine, which translates as 'House of Misery', nodding to House of M)

'WandaVision' Theory: All The Clues So Far That Kathryn Hahn's Agnes Is A Key Marvel Villain (Agatha Harkness)

A New WandaVision Fan Theory Says Dottie Is Really A Classic Marvel Character (Mephisto, or Clea)

WandaVision Theory Reveals The Secret Involvement Of Mysterious Avenger (Doctor Strange)

Avengers: Endgame's Cut Post-Credit Scene That Could've Set Up WandaVision (Wanda was going to see Vision in a body bag)

'WandaVision' Star Paul Bettany On Why Sitcom Acting Was 'Frightening At Times' [Then we talked about two comic book stories that I really love: "House of M" and "The Visions," which is a story about Vision trying to build a family in suburbia, and it was sort a mash-up between them, and also with a sort of loving look at American sitcoms throughout the American century. I was like, "I'm in!"]

Review: A Unique And Wonderfully Mesmerizing Marvel Adventure; Elizabeth Olsen Is Phenomenal

'WandaVision' Review: The MCU's Most Daring Experiment Yet Could End Up Being Its Best

First Season Of Marvel's WandaVision Expanded To Nine Episodes On Disney+

Basic theory: Wanda's in an idealized House-of-M/Truman-Show-like bubble reality of her own crazy making (hurting from the loss of Vision- not her children as in the comics)- and/or being nudged by darker forces like Mephisto or Nightmare- that is threatening actual reality somehow. Doctor Strange ultimately helps snap her out of it, but can't completely stop the threat to reality yet, which fractures and sets up the Multiverse of Madness movie.

[20 January 02021]

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Steve Ditko Original Art From Doctor Strange, Hawk & Dove For Auction

Amazing Fantasy #15 Signed By Stan Lee And Steve Ditko At Auction

Frank Brunner's Doctor Strange #3 Cover Original Art At Auction ["Make Offer to Owner $93,600 or more"]

[16 January 02021]

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Jack Kirby's Son Condemns Rioters Using Captain America Symbols

SYFY Wire asks: What should Marvel do now that its Punisher skull logo IP has been hijacked by celebrators of political violence?

[15 January 02021]

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