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February 02021

Today marks 21 Years of Neilalien comic book/Doctor Strange/Steve Ditko/nerd weblog goodies! Excelsior!

Perhaps Neilalien will further withdraw himself from your world after Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is released next year.

[25 February 02021]

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DSitMOM Movie News:

Danny Elfman Confirms He's Scoring The Music Of Doctor Strange 2 [Inverse]

DSitMOM Movie Rumors:

Doctor Strange 2 Will Feature Namor, Professor X, And Mr. Fantastic Teamed Up [Giant Freakin Robot] [noted: this is the much of the Illuminati line-up]

Doctor Strange 2: Adam Hugill Joins Benedict Cumberbatch & Co. For Marvel Sequel [The Direct] [AS RINTRAH?!]

Chris Evans To Play Two Characters In Doctor Strange 2 [Giant Freakin Robot] [as both Captain America, and his Human Torch from the Fox Fantastic Four movies] [and Jessica Alba as Sue Storm?]

Bruce Campbell Is In Doctor Strange 2 [Giant Freakin Robot] [Raimi favorite is almost certainly in the movie] [Campbell tweeting from London where DSitMoM is being filmed] [but will it be as Snooty Usher, or as Nightmare?]

[23 February 02021]

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Updated: Out 24 Feb:

Amazing Spider-Man #60 (Doc demands Mephisto tell him what is wrong with Peter Parker's soul)

Black Cat #3 (Doc present)

Out 17 Feb:

Marvel #5 (Wong story by Gene Ha and Zander Cannon)

Doctor Strange, Asgardian God Vs Donald Blake- And Knull [Bleeding Cool]:

Thor #12 (Doc ass kicked by Donald Blake)
King In Black #4 (Doc looking good, but merely present)
Savage Avengers #18 (shows previous Sorcerer Supreme Mekri Ra with a symbiote, to be devoured by Kulan Gath)

[22 February 02021]

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Marvel Called Out For Anti-Semitic Imagery In 'Immortal Hulk' Comic

Marvel Artist Joe Bennett Responds After Immortal Hulk Anti-Semitism Accusations

In Immortal Hulk #43, Joe Fixit spends his ill-gotten funds at a Star-of-David'ed "Jewry" store. This is dumbassness deemed too easily avoidable to be just an "Oops!"- in a comics industry with too many "Oops!" to be just an "Oops!"

Update: September 02021: Marvel Fired Immortal Hulk Artist Joe Bennett After Allegations Of Anti-Semitic Cartoons [a 02017 political cartoon with anti-Semitic imagery came to light; was the last straw] [Bennett has worked at Marvel for nearly thirty years]

[13 February 02021]

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Marvel Action: Chillers #1-4 [out Nov-Feb]

Doctor Strange features prominently in this four-issue IDW-published title targeted to younger readers- along with Dracula, Capwolf, Shuma-Gorath (the book in the story is not the Darkhold, although some places online say it is); Clea is even mentioned as in the Dark Dimension leading a resistance against her uncle. It has its charms- but Neilalien is rarely into books that are directly for the kiddies. A good gift for a child, especially young girls, that you want to nudge into comic-book reading and/or a STEM field.

[11 February 02021]

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