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March 02021

Actress Jessica Walter has died at 80: her long career (Arrested Development, Archer) included playing villain Morgan Le Fay in the 01978 Dr. Strange TV movie

[28 March 02021]

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Did A [0]1997 Issue Of Archie Comics' 'Betty' Depict Remote School In [0]2021? ["video monitor must remain uncovered at all times"]

[22 March 02021]

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Ed Brubaker: "For the most part all Steve Epting and I have gotten for creating the Winter Soldier and his storyline is a 'thanks' here or there, and over the years that's become harder and harder to live with." [same exploitive work-for-hire comics industry, different century]

[21 March 02021]

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Zack Snyder's Justice League review [Mike Ryan at Uproxx] ["It's a vast improvement from the prior version... a pretty low bar... changed from disaster to misfire... just a really long, more coherent version... will most likely wind up being the version of this movie that's most accepted as the definitive version, kind of like how it's pretty hard to track down the version of Blade Runner that has Harrison Ford's narration."]

[20 March 02021]

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Out 17 Mar: Captain Marvel #27: Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange hook up

Carol Danvers Romances [Redacted] In Captain Marvel #27

Captain Marvel Comics Set Up A Romance Too Weird For The MCU

Captain Marvel attempts to learn the mystic arts in new story arc
[CBR; April solicitation for Captain Marvel #28]
[hope for Doc fans who don't want everyone else to have his abilities easily: "But of course, Marvel heroes suddenly trying to learn to be magical hasn't always gone well before, which means there's no guarantee it'll go well now. 'Oh. This will not go well,' [writer Kelly] Thompson said."]

Not a bad year for Doc: first Elektra in Savage Avengers, now Captain Marvel.

[19 March 02021]

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WandaVision closes to mostly positive reviews, but:

1. It's tough to be a Dr. Strange fan: Doc didn't appear!

2. It's tough to be a Dr. Strange fan: MCU Scarlet Witch set up with "more powerful than the Sorcerer Supreme" "chaos magic" crap [grudgingly acceptable (a) if she's going bad, and maybe she is, after the final reveal with the Darkhold learning magic fast astrally as Doc did- and (b) MCU Witch was amplified with an Infinity Stone]

3. It was lies and letdowns. Fakesilver was just gag casting- not a multiverse primer. The actor Paul Bettany was supposedly excited to work with was himself? The hype rumors and fan speculations were better than what we actually got.

'WandaVision' EP & Head Scribe Jac Schaeffer On Scarlet Witch's Grief & Who Didn't Show Up In "The Series Finale"- Q&A

Review: WandaVision Sticks The Landing With A Very Marvel-Esque Finale

Update: Benedict Cumberbatch Addresses WandaVision Cameo Disappointment

[18 March 02021]

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Legendary Punk Band Blondie Comes To Comics With Harley Quinn Writers

Blondie: Against The Odds Graphic Novel by writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Palmer and artists John McCrea and Paul Mounts, available for pre-order from Z2 Comics

[17 March 02021]

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