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March 02022

Disney corporate response to new Florida bill limiting and lawsuitizing public-school discussion of sexuality/gender issues deemed insufficiently against, even approving via campaign contributions; Disney facing backlash, boycotts, employee protests/possible full-day walkout Tuesday

Florida Parental Rights In Education Act PDF

Disney Do Better Walkout [Open Letter]

Disney Workers Walk Out Over Company's Silence On "Don't Say Gay" Bill

Marvel Studios Denounces "Don't Say Gay" Legislation As Disney Fallout Continues

Disney, Marvel, And What Can Be Done [Graeme McMillan's 'Comics, FYI' newsletter]
Sitrep; starving-artist Marvel Comics creators, working at Disney's rounding error, don't feel there's much they can do on a personal level.

[20 March 02022]

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The House of Shadows, originally from Strange Tales #120, returns! But instead of the usual banishment fate, it finds a home becoming Moon Knight's replacement Midnight Mission base of operations! In Moon Knight #9 [out 2 Mar], written by Jed MacKay, who thankfully seems to have enjoyed doing his historical research for his recent Doctor-Strange-related writing.

Devil's Reign: Superior Four #2 [out 16 Feb], includes a variant Doctor Octopus who is Sorcerer Supreme of his reality Earth-8968. Many Doctor Strange accoutrements here, including castings of Flames of the Faltine, Icy Tendrils of Ikthalon, and Mists of Morpheus.

The Vishanti summon Doctor Voodoo in Strange Academy #16 [out 23 Feb] to alert him that the cost of the school and the death of Dr. Strange have fractured the mystical balance. Tiger-appearing Hoggoth ain't looking too well.

Throg- that's the frog Thor- recruited Bats for a new Pet Avengers group in Thor #18 [out 20 Oct 2021] to help Thor find Mjolnir. They (with Doctor Strange) appear in the battle versus The God of Hammers/Mjolnir/God Tempest/Mangog (and Bats on the cover!) in Thor #22 [out 16 Feb].

Update: There was a charming kiddie Mighty Marvel Holiday Special: Year of the Wong Infinity Comic on the Marvel Unlimited app [out 1 Feb] by Amy Chu and E.J. Su. A sorcerous Wong saves the Lunar New Year parade from a Chinese-dragon-type thug of Dormammu.

[5 March 02022]

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Strange #1 out today!

Comic Book Round Up collected reviews

Massive variant cover regime

Establishes Clea as an alien badass in love--

This is not your Stephen-Strange Sorcerer Supreme--

The War of the Seven Spheres is mentioned! (It sounds like all 5,000 years happened in the completed past, right?)

[2 March 02022]

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