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September 02022

Strange #6 was out 21 September!

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A good month for Wong. He's getting "Everybody loves Wong!" props in the She-Hulk TV series this month (and possibly getting laid), and now this love-note solo story in Strange #6 where he gets help from Bats, Black Widow, Jean Grey, the Bar With No Doors, etc.

Wong's memory page includes:

It is revealed that the Blasphemy Cartel is a remnant of W.A.N.D. after S.H.I.E.L.D. fell. Who the fuck, right? You'll need to go deep into your Doctor Strange long boxes for this one: a Thunderbolts Annual with a Doc cover/appearance that wasn't even really Doc. The Fandom Wiki is a comicblogger's best friend, for both info discovery and not needing to write everything ourselves:

Jed MacKay is bringing it with both creative new ideas, and easter eggs for the long-time fans. Great stuff. But for Neilalien, there is still some meta-bummitude that this good stuff is being used in service of the 'Doc is dead' trope. The toys are being used without Doc present. When do we simply get a run of great Doc stories again, like Roger Stern's run, without Doc absent, dying, getting depowered, getting deconstructed, getting blasted into space, etc.?

[25 September 02022]

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New York Comic-Con is 6-9 October 02022!

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[Health & Safety: face coverings indoors required; vaccination/negative test proof not required]

[Reddit: NYCC]

[Reddit NYCC Party Thread] [Some NYCC parties via who is using Eventbrite for their tickets]

Update: Artist Alley Etiquette: "As long as you are not the guy with the rolling luggage case filled with comics to sign, you should be good."

[24 September 02022]

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