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September 02022

Strange #6 was out 21 September!

Comic Book Round Up collected reviews

A good month for Wong. He's getting "Everybody loves Wong!" props in the She-Hulk TV series this month (and possibly getting laid), and now this love-note solo story in Strange #6 where he gets help from Bats, Black Widow, Jean Grey, the Bar With No Doors, etc.

Wong's memory page includes:

It is revealed that the Blasphemy Cartel is a remnant of W.A.N.D. after S.H.I.E.L.D. fell. Who the fuck, right? You'll need to go deep into your Doctor Strange long boxes for this one: a Thunderbolts Annual with a Doc cover/appearance that wasn't even really Doc. The Fandom Wiki is a comicblogger's best friend, for both info discovery and not needing to write everything ourselves:

Jed MacKay is bringing it with both creative new ideas, and easter eggs for the long-time fans. Great stuff. But for Neilalien, there is still some meta-bummitude that this good stuff is being used in service of the 'Doc is dead' trope. The toys are being used without Doc present. When do we simply get a run of great Doc stories again, like Roger Stern's run, without Doc absent, dying, getting depowered, getting deconstructed, getting blasted into space, etc.?

[25 September 02022]

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New York Comic-Con is 6-9 October 02022!

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[Health & Safety: face coverings indoors required; vaccination/negative test proof not required]

[Reddit: NYCC]

[Reddit NYCC Party Thread] [Some NYCC parties via who is using Eventbrite for their tickets]

Update: Artist Alley Etiquette: "As long as you are not the guy with the rolling luggage case filled with comics to sign, you should be good."

Update: Manga Wins New York Comic Con [0]2022

The dominant presence of manga and anime-related exhibitors at this year's New York Comic Con, held October 6-9 at the Javits Center, was a big change from the years before the pandemic. Upon entering New York Comic Con [0]2022, the overall impression was that manga, anime and Japanese pop culture are now overwhelmingly embraced by American fans and have claimed their place in North American popular culture... The other notable trend at NYCC [0]2022 is the growth of webtoons, including comics content originally from Korea and China, and original comics created by a wave of international creators featured on such mobile comics platforms such as Webtoon, Tapas Media, Manta, Lezhin, and Tappytoon.

[24 September 02022]

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