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August 02023

Longtime Marvel X-Men Artist Dan Green Passes Away

Worked at Marvel for over 25 years, primarily as an inker. Re: Doctor Strange, Green inked/finished many Gene Colan books, drew Roger Stern's run vs. Dracula, and beautifully painted the Doctor Strange: Into Shamballa graphic novel.

Dan Green [Wikipedia]

Daniel Green [Penciler] [Inker] [Fandom Marvel Database/Wiki]

[26 August 02023]

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"It Could Be Better, But It Could Be Worse": Shops Discuss The Often Difficult Year So Far In Comics Retail [by David Harper at SKTCHD]

[via Comics Retailers See Uncertain Future [The Beat]]

"70% of the publishers could disappear tomorrow, and 90% of the customers wouldn't even notice... My wish for this year is that the chasm between what publishers put out and what we can actually sell gets smaller... pump out more and more variant covers in the vain hopes to find more buyers..."

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Can Anything Cure Marvel's Malaise? [The Beat]

Marvel Needs New Imprints If The Company Wants To Take Bigger Risks [CBR]

Marvel Might Be In Need Of A Fresh Start [SKTCHD (paywall)]
["Marvel benefits from inertia more than any other publisher."]

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Update: CBLDF Calls for Collective Action [Publishers Weekly]
["Jeff Trexler, interim director of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, told PW that the book bans happening across the country were a topic of much conversation at San Diego Comic-Con."]

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To Mr. MacKay, With Apologies [SKTCHD (paywall)]
[praise for MacKay, among other things, the current writer of Doctor Strange]

[22 August 02023]

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Overworked And Underpaid, VFX Workers Vote To Unionize At Marvel [Vulture]

Marvel VFX Artists Vote To Unionize [Variety]

Marvel Studios VFX Workers File To Join IATSE Union [Hollywood Reporter]

Marvel VFX Workers Vote To Unionize Under IATSE [Vanity Fair]

I'm A VFX Artist, And I'm Tired Of Getting 'Pixel-Fked' By Marvel [Vulture 7/02022]

Marvel VFX Workers On 'Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania' [Vulture 2/02023]

Inside The VFX Union Brewing In Hollywood [Vulture 1/02023]

IATSE = International Alliance Of Theatrical Stage Employees [Wikipedia]

VFX = Visual Effects [Wikipedia]

[8 August 02023]

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Doctor Strange #6 is out! [2 Aug]

Preview at Comics Continuum

Collected reviews at Comic Book Round Up

Variant cover regime at Midtown Comics


[6 August 02023]

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